Steampunk games: Top 10 Fallout 76 Mistakes and Failures

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Whenever a new video game from the Fallout saga is released, we are all eager to try it out.  Well, this might not be that time.

Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s flagship product for Q4 2018. There is an obvious amount of hype when this kind of AAA games are released.

These several changes that Fallout 76 intend to propose in this new game are game changers compared to the previous ones. Now you’ll find yourself in post-apocalyptic West Virginia loaded up with Ghouls. But is it that enough in order to release a new full priced tagged game?

People don’t feel the same way. And they are quite disappointed indeed.

What happened with the steampunk style, the plot, and even the in-game physics?

In this post, you will find out the most annoying mistakes Bethesda must fix for this game to even survive.

Fallout 76 Steampunk Game

Fallout 76 by steamXO. Licenced under CC.

Top 12 Fallout 76 Failures

1- Combat Physics

This is the first point we want to make clear out of this game. The combat engine is horrible. It is not only outdated, but it also runs like hell.

We have seen throughout the game that, despite there are several factors that add up for a terrible combat experience, that there’s even lag between the time the bullet hits the foul and the death response is activated.

This is unacceptable for triple-A game titles like this one on 2018. We don’t know if its the game coding or what, but if we have to choose one main pitfall in this game, this could be the one.

2- Story Plot: What happened?

The whole game doesn’t even have a straightforward plot. But the most interesting part of it is that there is no actual relationship between this game and the previous generations. Yes, it can be considered a spinoff as such, but there are no linking points whatsoever.

So our recommendation is that if you were eager to dive into the fallout universe, you should try to avoid this game by all means because it will leave you nowhere.

3 – Outdated Engine

We know that Bethesda is using the previous fallout gen physics engine. That is not cool at all. This means two things. Nº1: Bethesda is not making much effort on improving the Fallout gamer experience. Nº2: It’s been three years from now. The game feels a little bit outdated, primarily when you come across AI mechanics.

Steampunk fallout beta

Fallout beta by steamXO. Licensed under CC.

4- Lack of proper goal set

This comes together with the lack of plot. There is not a goal set throughout the game. This means that players tend to loose it after playing it for a while. I mean, after all, if objectives are not properly set, wandering around on the vast landscapes of West Virginia combined with Minecraft properties just won’t do the trick.

5 – Absence of adequate AI

This has also a lot of connection with the combat physics. The combination of a disappointing physics engine and a mild AI translates into several issues primarily on combat scenes.

After all, everyone who buys fallout wants to have great encounters. The result of this annoying combination is that players tend to prefer hit and run strategies rather than confrontation.

I believe Bethesda should rethink completely their combat philosophy. They must reconsider what does combat mean to the player, what does he expect from the combat, what is an appropriate reward, and how is toughness perceived according to the crowd you’re selling the game too.

I mean, this is not Candy Crush. People have been playing Fallout games for ages. You won’t encounter casual gamers around the block ( especially with the price, which we’ll talk about later).

6 – Looting dynamics are awful

If you are willing to take down your enemies, you expect something from that. That something must be useful, but appropriate. This means that it must be rewarding up to the point that a certain perception of scalability can be achieved by the player.

Placed in other terms, the player must feel that going after the enemies is worth it. If this doesn’t happen, then don’t expect them to go down for a fight. And this is even more notorious when the physical engine looks broken.

But what happens with this game? First, guns have durability. This means that if you use them in a disproportionate manner, you’ll end up without them.

For that reason, IF you try to go down for a ghoul, it MUST be REWARDING. If not, then better run and go for whatever you’re looking for.

If these common ghouls will leave you just a couple o plain shotgun shells, then they are no dealbreaker.

Long story short: Players will keep running down the streets of West Virginia with no apparent reasons and not killing your ghouls.

Fallout steampunk

Fallout by Instacodez. Licensed under CC.

7 – Glitches are not fun anymore

We have seen throughout the fallout saga that this particular engine has had several issues. At first, you could even feel it as something particular, interesting, or even acceptable, as long as this was compensated with other factors.

The game plot, the steampunk aesthetics, and other in-game mechanics were the game’s soul.

Well, now the soul is lost. And there is nothing to compensate for that. And also, we’re in 2018 buddies. The bar is pretty damn high.

So there is no apparent reason to justify in-game crashes, glitches, frame drops on PC or consoles. There is absolutely no way that we can defend this.

I think this is the main reason for which many Fallout lovers are terribly annoyed with the game.

8 – Server Issues

This is funny in some way. Well, it’s funny like every glitch at first, because it’s rather new, and its intriguing. There is a Youtube video out there that shows that the server crashes when three nukes are deployed at the same time. You can check it out here.

We know, perhaps this is not THE main issue related to this game. It’s something more like a test that players went for in an online Fallout 76 server. But it’s something more that adds up to the bunch of things that must be considered before buying this game.

9 – Multiplayer: Why should I care?

Multiplayer games are fascinating due to the number of interactions that happen between players. But in this case, is it really interesting?

If you have been following our post so far, you will notice that there is not an adequate story plot and looting system in Fallout 76. This accounts for two main results.

First, everything you can loot is probably not valuable at all. This means that any type of fear for death is basically diminished. If I die, and lose a couple of shotgun shells, who cares?

If there is this lack of attachment with your Fallout player, then PvP is done.

On the other side, there is no apparent reason to go on Co OP either. You won’t receive anything useful out of going down West Virginia with another player.

For those two reasons, players can’t find any sense to it.

10 – Pricing and microtransactions

This is not an issue per se, but the combination of the whole other elements transform this point into an issue as well. This is a triple a game title with its corresponding 59.99$ price tag. At higher price tag, higher expectations.

If you know you can but latest COD IV for the same price, you can’t be less than that. We know they are different games, but some things just don’t change.

As regards microtransactions, they are also not a major issue, but the truth is that, after all that we’ve talked about, I find them pointless. I mean, what’s the point, after all, to buy you a special armor when the game is running like this?

Conclusion: Changes are expected

After all, we know that there will be major patch updates. But there is much to improve to get a fluid and easy gameplay. We hope Bethesda takes notice of this cornerstone problems. Otherwise, we don’t feel that Fallout 76 will survive much long.