The Best Steampunk Armor DIY, Tattoos, and Games

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Steampunk armor in games, tattoos, and cosplay tutorials

The Steampunk armor is an insignia of the steampunk culture. You can find them in many steampunk theme. For example, take steampunk games and cosplay. In steampunk games, the fantastic theme can include a broad spectrum of eras. In this way, the mixture between medieval ages and steampunk design can be possible.

And if you take these concepts to cosplay, you will find steampunk armor costumes as well.

We’ll start talking about steampunk armors in games.

Steampunk Armor in games

Steampunk Armor in Skyrim

In Skyrim, there is a couple of specific steampunk mod which will grant you several new gears and weapons that were specifically designed with steampunk aesthetics.

These are the dwarven mechanical dragons, dwarven mechanical equipment, Windhelm industrialized, Dwemerification of Whiteland, mechanos dwemer steam punkish stuff weapons.

If you are looking in particular for a steampunk armor, there is nothing like it included in a Skyrim mod. But, in this one, which we believe that contains an armor that is much more steampunk than many of those we talked about before.

The steampunk Skyrim armor mod is called Aetherium. You can find the link here.

If you want to take a look at there other mods we talked about, you can find them in

Steampunk full body mech armor

OKIMG_6774 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC. Full body mech armor.

Steampunk armor in ARK

There are a couple of steampunk mods which can be used in ARK: Survival Evolved. But here we will talk about the Pugnacia mod pack. This mod pack includes every steampunk modification for ARK that you were looking for.

In Pugnacia mod pack you will be able to hold a steampunk plated medieval armor that fits really well with the overall design. There are lots of other steampunk items that you can check out. See them by yourself in this Youtube video.

Take note:  there are other steampunk ARK mods you can check out. We can state that the most famous up to date is Ark steampunk mod v1.5.0. Check it out at our link here. This mod contains steampunk armor for ankylos as well!

Steampunk in armor games

Maybe you were looking for something different and you run into our site. There are at least 20 games in armor games that are related to steampunk. The most common, as you might just know, are steampunk tower I and II.

Nevertheless, there are also some great titles like steam rocket,  hunters for dismantlers, and J. Tubeus – A steam adventure. Check them out at this link.

Steampunk Armor in Terraria

There is a steampunk armor that can be obtained in Terraria.  You have a 20% chance of getting it when beating the Cog Lord. It is a hardcore armor set.

Some of their effects are defense 34, increased health by 50, and a 15% speed increase in movement. If you acquire the whole set, as a bonus a friendly steampunk drone summons to fight next to you.

If you go and sell it at the store, you will receive 4 silver and 60 copper coins.

Steampunk armor 5th edition (D&D)

With the steampunk adventurers for the 5th edition, a whole bunch of steampunk elements were included into the scene. Now you have the chance to play a full steampunk campaign, or just to add a couple of steampunk trinkets to your players.

When it comes to steampunk armors, there are certain modifications that were brought to the core 5th edition for a steampunk feel. You can check out the steampunk armor list at

Basically, you will find two type of steampunk armors. There are items that were crafted to enhance our character’s speed. But others, are oriented towards mech crafting.

So, some steampunk light body armor you will find are masterwork coat, studded leather, combat robe, and assassin outfit. In the medium armor, you will find the classic chain shirt, breastplate and scrap plate.

In the heavy armor section, you will find those types of metal suits, such as the steampunk mech armor, gear plate, and chainmail.

The steampunk adventurers set can be found here.


Steampunk armor tattoo

There are lots of steampunk armor tattoos that can be found in the web. One of the most interesting places to find tattoo ideas is Pinterest. In Pinterest, you will see there is basically two type of tattoos: tattoo arm sleeves and shoulder tattoos.

If you want to check out some steampunk arm, leg and shoulder tattoo ideas check out the links here and here.

Steampunk armor DIY project

If you are looking into starting your DIY armor project, but you’ve run out of ideas, we will give you a couple. For your information, making a steampunk armor is not as easy as it sounds. It will take lots of time, effort and supplies in order to achieve your goal.

We recommend you to plan your project and divide it into several steps to be accomplished throughout the days. We don’t want you to get frustrated with the idea of making your own DIY steampunk project.

Steampunk shoulder armor cosplay

OKIMG_1801 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Basics: Steampunk foam armor

First, we recommend you to check out this foam armor tutorial by Kixkily. This is the basis for what’s gonna be your next tutorials. And, if you loved the design, it’s only a matter of color to turn it into steampunk.

If you place silver, gold, and copper into your steampunk shoulder armor, and you add up a couple of bolts and gears, you have done your own DIY costume!.

Check out the link we talked about here.

Intermediate: Steampunk body armor

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you and add up even more steampunk armor gears. For example, you can place a leather strap around, or even brass decorations.

In this next video, you will see what we were talking about just before. If you have your basic foam shoulder, then you can easily turn it into steampunk just by altering some details. For example, take a look at the steampunk shoulder body armor Major Q has created in this link.

Pro: Steampunk leather shoulder armor

Now if you wanna dive into some pro-DIY tutorials, you can check out this steampunk leather shoulder armor. It is an extensive 33-minute tutorial that covers everything you need to know in order to create your steampunk DIY armor.

It needs not only perseverance and skill but you will also need several supplies. You will find yourself knitting, sowing, nailing and much more.

It is crucial for you to follow the patterns that are left in the video description below. The link to this tutorial is here.

Steampunk armor arm cosplay.

Steampunk Arm Armor by osseous. Licenced under CC. Design by LostWax.

Pro: Steampunk arm armor

This is the last steampunk tutorial that we are gonna recommend. But is also amazing.

We’ve been following Chris trajectory in steampunk DIY costume tutorials and props. His projects are outstanding. We have found no one in the industry that creates better steampunk cosplay items than him.

This tutorial is a little bit shorter, but he goes fast with explanations. So you’ll probably need to stop from time to time to get the whole idea.  As we talked before, you must follow the patterns that are found in the description link.

Chris supplies include foam sheets, glue gun, vinyl tubes, and acrylic paint.

This arm cosplay has a pivot hinge in the elbow you can also learn to create in another tutorial created by Chris. This is the most complete steampunk armor you can create yourself. We recommend you to go for this project if you are passionate about steampunk and wanna test your limits.

This is a two video tutorial. You can check out the links here and here.

Steampunk armors for sale

Steampunk shoulder armor

If you are not into creating your own costume and want to buy your steampunk shoulder armor, we suggest you check out this one from Amscan.

This armor design is made up for cosplay in its nature, so don’t expect high-end details on its design. But overall, it will do the trick for any costume party.

Besides, you will find it way cheaper than other options.

Take a look at our link from Amazon.

Steampunk wristband

If you wanna add up some steampunk gears to your cosplay, then you can get a wristband. Forum Novelties brings us a highly crafted steampunk wristband that will combine with every other steampunk costume you’re wearing.

A great product at a reasonable price. Check it out here.

Steampunk leather armor

If you wanna go for something a little bit more expensive, but more colorful and stylish in design, we suggest you look at this design from FangjunxianST. From $70 you will get a dual shoulder steampunk leather armor that it’s neatly crafted.

It comes with adjustable straps. Now it’s up to you to find what steampunk outfit will suit this leather suit. Check out the link from Amazon here.

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