Steampunk Art: Our “In Depth” Review

“The industrial stomach cannot live without coal; industry is a carbonivorous animal and must have its proper food” J. Verne.

It is an art where you will find joy. Rejoice upon the majesty our steampunk artists have to offer. In this section, you will entangle with our top-notch visual eye Candy, and fulfillment of your needs is the only thing that lies ahead.

Steampunk art ideas are what you will find in our canvas, drawings, decor, and design collections. Suit yourself with a piece of our retrofuturistic victorian style

Dig in yourself in order to find that part of you that demands a unique sense of style nowadays!

¿When is steampunk artwork born?

One could just state that Verne and Wells are our godfathers of steampunk culture. Indeed, no one can deny that this single phrase, in fact, is steampunk artwork in its purest form.

If we move up to our contemporary age, you will see that new steampunk artists appear constantly in every community, in an intent to fully express the essence of the movement.

You will find tin, brass, and copper in canvas, steam pipelines hanging around Victorian mansions in posters, coils, and gears adding up to form exclusive airships in drawings. You can even find some stylish endings to everyday objects such as a bed lamp. These are the main elements that add up for the steampunk art style.

That is the awesomeness of our movement. It’s stained in magic everything it touches!

Each piece you can find here, from a single poster to a massive sculpture, will spray upon those who surround it an essence of a retrofuturistic Victorian era. An era of modernization upon other tecchie rules. An era where epicness oozed from the walls.

All of this, together with a refined style of renaissance clothing and lines, combine to offer a sense of contemporary yet delicate sturdiness.

Our steampunk art sculpture selection

Why did we choose these steampunk sculptures? Well, because they are built in cold cast bronze, which is our favorite metal. These statues are mid-sized. This means you can place them in any spot of your living room. Also, they would look distinctive on a studio. Some can replace your everyday bedlamp. Others were created just for contemplation.


Steampunk Art Animals

The steampunk art bird that highly reflects the steampunk art standard is the owl. Winged animals are a symbol in steampunk culture because they are related to the development of aircraft. Steampunk birds symbolize air flight. Besides, those steampunk goggles fit really well.  Its details in copper and that steampunk bag are also a cool detail.

On the other hand, we can find steampunk octopuses. Octopuses reflect life underwater. With the development of the Nautilus, this is a fact in Steampunk novels. However, this steampunk octopus has been immortalized in brass for mere contemplation purposes. Also crafted in cold cast bronze, with copper details and steampunk goggles, steampunk octopuses is the counterpart of our steampunk owls.

Up to here, you can see there is a trend towards steampunk art animals in steampunk artists. Yes, this is true. There are certain steampunk animals that play several roles in fantastic steampunk novels.

But steampunk art does not end in animals. For example, take a look at our next two picks. Steampunk art and airships are another association that is commonly created by steampunk artists. And, for artists that come from the underground goth world, steampunk skulls and ghouls are other elements that can be combined.

Steampunk Art Airships

On the third place, we can find balloon-air steampunk clock. This piece is dimmer overall but can replace your everyday smartwatch clock. Inspired on the same concept of the owl, this steampunk air balloon is a perfect gift to modernize your grandpa’s old Ding Dong.

Steampunk Art Skulls

Last, but not least, we handpicked a steampunk skull. Why? Because this skull has a modern fashion style. It looks like it’s been taken from a steampunk movie. And we recommend to place it in your kids’ playroom. Boy, that’s gonna be cool.

Steampunk sculptures pick links

Steampunk Owl –

Steampunk Octopus –

Steampunk Hot air Balloon –

Steampunk Skull –

Four great steampunk art canvas for your living room

The steampunk canvas you are about to see just look amazing! Their authors made a wonderful job in merging all the essential concepts in a single piece of steampunk art. Also, they have performed these paintings with such a passion that this is a new experience. For example, take a look a the steampunk eye. It looks fantastic. Though it may be a bit intimidating for some, it definitely expresses the steampunk movement as a whole.  It’s retro-futuristic, modern, and full of coils, gears, and springs. Definitively awesome.


But why did we pick two steampunk canvas before this one? Because we think that these other two can blend better with the living room aesthetics of every person. We are fascinated by the steampunk eye canvas, but the other two are awesome as well. And maybe, they are a little bit more placeable than the third one.

In fourth place, we chose a single canvas steampunk painting. This is because we feel that this flying airship can also be a nice decor for a bedroom. Besides, not everyone has that chunk of space to place a four canvas steampunk piece of art.

Check out the links we will leave you below.  They contain Canvas that we find that resume all of the steampunk art Amazon has.

Steampunk Art Pick Links

Steampunk Metallic Canvas –

Steampunk Three-piece wall art –

Steampunk Eye Canvas –

Steampunk Hot air Balloon Canvas –

Our handpicked steampunk art prints collection

We chose these steampunk art prints for several reasons.  They all share a common feature: steampunk lifestyle. As you might have guessed, these four posters show that post-industrial lifestyle in the steampunk universe includes lots of trains and ships. Steam power is the main technology for this to happen.


Our first steampunk metal tin poster is a reflection of a modern – post-industrial victorian city. What we love about this piece of art is that it shows a world in which hot air balloons are the main air transportation method. That is, in fact, awesome! We recommend placing this tin plate on your workshop. And when you’re tired of carving that piece of wood, take a glance at this and dream. Dream about that amazing world that could have been.

Our second choice is big. Well, compared to our previous choice. This 45x60cm HQ steampunk print is also incredible. This poster shows the classical post-apocalyptic fantastic steampunk atmosphere. The steampunk train that is being haunted by hordes of people. People that are running from this enormous giant that is crushing the station! Great poster for a play-room.

Our third choice is another amazing steampunk tin poster. We suggest you place it together with our first selection. This steampunk poster has wonderful details. We can see the steam engine embedded on our steampunk ship. The rain is a little bit dim for my taste. But, together with our last plate, you have a portrait of both steampunk worlds.

Why did we choose our last pick? Because we find that this kind of steampunk art is hybrid. And we also love hybrid art. Take a look at those buildings on top of the steampunk rail train. The idea behind this poster is stunning. This is the concepts that conclude from a post-industrial overpopulation mixed with the development of massive steampunk-powered structures. Fantastic!

Steampunk Art Prints Pick Links

Steampunk City Metal Tin Poster –

Steampunk Art Rail Road Train –

Steampunk Ship Metal Tin Poster-

Steampunk Train Metal Tin Poster –

Steampunk Artifacts

Throughout our steampunk journey, we have seen there are a lot of steampunk artifacts that can be used as sculptures as well. They are fancy, but stylish in a sense.

There are some that can be used as decorative elements. Others, we believe that might actually have a place in your steampunk showcase.

Basically, you can find two type of steampunk artifacts. In our steampunk gears and gadgets section, you will find devices that actually can be useful during your everyday activities.

If you want some more steampunk artifacts for contemplation purposes, we recommend you to check out the steampunk guns at our steampunk toys section. There are some that are quite astonishing.

Steampunk Art Books

If you wanna check out some steampunk art books, we definitely recommend you two which we reviewed in our steampunk books page. The first one is Steampunk: The art of retrofuturism.

The second one is Steampunk, gothic Dreams. Both reviews can be found on our steampunk books page.

But also, there are a couple more of titles that can be found.

Steampunk: The art of Victorian Retrofuturism, by Jay Strongman, is an astonishing review of the steampunk artistic movement. This book is highly rated by peer reviewers. It has amazing high-quality pictures and a neat description of the steampunk culture from its origins to contemporary authors. We recommend you to check out the books and its reviews through this link.

Another steampunk art book that you will find interesting is Art of Steampunk, by Art Donovan. This is a slightly smaller book, intended for casual readers. It’s not loaded up with the most impressive steampunk photographies, but it is a complete review of the topic of steampunk. It is a good steampunk art book to start.

We believe that these collections are the most representative of the steampunk art movement.

Steampunk Art Deco

In here we will be as short as we can. There are lots of steampunk art deco elements, that include steampunk DIY projects, steampunk lamps, steampunk furniture, steampunk lighting, and the list goes on. We have covered this topic in our steampunk home decor section and in our steampunk lamps post. Check them out.

You can also check out how steampunk artists have imprinted their signature on other forms such as games, fashion, and costumes. Go back to our steampunk store homepage to find out more!