Thirteen Rules to Create a Unique Steampunk Bathroom

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Wanna create a steampunk bathroom and don’t know where to start from? Haven’t found on the web what you’re looking for?

We created this post for the sake of steampunk lovers. We have seen on the internet that there is not a single thorough post that can accurately describe what is a steampunk bathroom, or what it does even mean.

You can see that overall there is quite a confusion between certain modern designs and steampunk.

We find that not everything that is industrial in design is, indeed, steampunk in its essence.

In this post, you’ll find our thirteen rules to accomplish a steampunk bathroom style.  These rules are divided into three sections: materials, bathroom essentials and accesories.

Keep reading our post and find out more!

Three Ideas for your steampunk bathroom design

Steampunk Materials

There will be certain material that will appear throughout every element that composes a steampunk bathroom. In fact, these are those which bring up the steampunk design to your bathroom.


Wood will always play a key role in your steampunk bathroom fashion. You can place it on your bathroom floor and drawers in order to make more of a nautical steampunk style. Or you can just add it up in certain bathroom accessories.

Remember that wood will always be on the steampunk road only if you use dark colored types. A dark mahogany will do the trick just fine. do not try going out for light wood, because the industrial and light colored style will carry your bathroom to a more Nordic like interior design.

If you are going to a full steampunk nautical bathroom interior design, you must take into consideration that the room air flow must be properly designed. If not, the humidity will tend to rot your dark wood planks on your floor.

Besides, you must be cautious with your steampunk shower design. You will see that throughout our post we will talk about those big steampunk copper showers. While they are great, if you don’t design it properly you will find yourself wetting your floor every day.

This is one of the main reasons why these type of copper showers fit well with tile floors.


Copper is one of the key materials that will compose your fashion steampunk bathroom. Copper can be easily used to create every object that your bathroom needs. Showers, faucets, mirrors, sinks, towel racks, taps, and more.

Your copper items will get along amazingly well with the wood in your steampunk bathroom. The main idea behind this technical note is that you need to place as little as copper as its necessary to create a steampunk environment.

Here is where there is a certain balance that comes into play. If you place lots of copper stuff, then you’ll go down a more nautical/ Victorian style. If you place too much copper, then it’ll be ridiculous.

If you use little to none, you will go down towards a more modern or industrial style.

So how much copper should I use then? The answer is just the right amount. Place some stuff and try it out with your friends. Ask them what they think about. You’ll get to that point.

Tin and bronze

Tin and bronze add up a little more of steampunk style to your bathroom interior design. We also love the way that particularly tin interacts with wood. They create a great steam-themed atmosphere.

Despite this, we believe that they are accessory. Tin’s plated color does not always give that fresh post victorian look. In fact, what would you think if you create a whole slab and tin bathroom interior design? That would not be by any chance something that we’d call steampunk.

For this reason, we believe that tin is complimentary in the creation of a steampunk bathroom style.

Use it in a couple of accessories. They can be some decoration or art as well. But do not abuse. Or else, you’ll be exposed to blurring away your steampunk bathroom design.

Now without further adue, we’ll talk about some key items your bathroom needs to fit a steampunk style.

Steampunk Bathroom Essentials

Steampunk Vanity

Your steampunk vanity will not only contain the basin but also your cabinets for all of your everyday gadgets.  Therefore, we believe that is should have an appropriate size and amount of drawers.

We’ve seen all around these type of vanities that are only a support table for your basin, and all of the plumbing can be seen. We know that this can be an easy trick to show off your copper pipes and give it, even more, a steampunk look, but we recommend you to avoid that.

Why? Well, because we believe that you will be using those elements in other parts. It’s not only unnecessary, but you must also feel comfortable with your vanity for your everyday life.

We have two main recommendations. You can go for a white marble steampunk vanity with dark wood cabinets or just for a plain dark wood one.

If you go for the first one, then you are more oriented towards a Victorian steampunk style. If you go for the second one, think that you’re gonna go for something more industrial.

Steampunk Faucets and Taps

There are two main ideas behind this section. The first one, go after steampunk copper faucets and taps. If you’ve chosen a white marble of a wooden vanity as we’ve talked before, they will fit great with your steampunk style.

You can always try out something with bronze in some way. But if you want to keep it plain simple and not miss the path, then go for copper faucets.

You can also try out some iron faucets. But, you will need to apply some copper at some point to give that steampunk design and drift away from the industrial style.

Steampunk Mirror

There is not a single line to follow on steampunk mirror. What we can say here, is there are certain mirrors that are not steampunk at all.

You can think of a more Victorian styled or an industrial mirror. Either way, they will not add up to the steampunk experience as well as other stuff.

We recommend you to keep it simple at this point. Place a rectangular frameless mirror on top of your copper faucets. And if you are more into a post victorian style, then you can place a wood framed round mirror.

If you are into the steampunk design that is more retro-styled, then you could combine this type of mirror with some brass taps and faucets. They can recreate a submarine-like experience, just as if you were riding along the Nautilus.

But be careful, because of the line between bad taste and fashion style is very thin in these cases.

Don’t wanna miss? Go for the more modern steampunk design. Squared frameless mirror and end of story.

Steampunk Sink

When trying to choose between steampunk sinks, you have two choices as well. You can either go for a full copper steampunk basin or a white ceramic one.

In both cases, you can choose to have it embedded to your steampunk vanity or just lying over the top. Both will fit very well.

If you’ve already chosen a couple of copper accessories, we think this might be the last before oversaturating your steampunk bathroom in metallic burgundy.

Either way, both will fit in design with the rest of the items we’ve talked before.

Steampunk Lightning

There are quite a few steampunk bathroom light fixtures that can be found out there.  The main idea behind your steampunk lights in your bathroom is that they must contain Newtonian lightbulbs.

But why Newtonian lightbulbs? Can’t I place my regular LED bulb on my lamp? Of course, you can, but Newtonian lightbulbs offer a dim lightning that recreates the post-Edwardian scenery.

Just imagine what your bathroom would have been in the XIX century. That is right. With the birth of the lightbulb just around the corner, don’t expect to have a incandescent lighting in your steampunk bathroom. That is the idea.

Your Edwardian lights can be created based on brass, iron or copper pipes. There are plenty of these type of light fixtures that can be found on the web. Check out at the end of our post for some suggestions.

Well, up to now we’ve covered everything that is essential to your steampunk bathroom. Now we’re gonna dive into other stuff, complimentary items that will enhance your steampunk bathroom fashion in case you’ve didn’t reach it until now.


Steampunk bath and shower

As we’ve told you before, you can choose to place a steampunk bath or shower. You have to be meticulous with your design, or else, you’ll end up splashing your floor every day. And this can hurt your floor and accessories, especially if they are made out of wood.

If you are into a steampunk bathtub, then we suggest you to go for a full metal design. There are amazing bathtubs out there, and we feel that a copper or even a brass bathtub will recreate the sensation of that post-victorian steampunk retrofuturism you’re looking for.

Or else, you can choose a white ceramic bath. And compliment your steampunk fashion with other items. It’s another great choice, especially if you’ve overused the metallic elements in your bathroom already.

If you’ve chosen to place a steampunk shower instead, we recommend you to go for a whole copper plumbing with red velvet switches and a big copper head shower. These can be out of brass as well.

White tiles on the floor and half down the walls will also play great with your steampunk shower design.

Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk Furniture

Bathroom storage

Where are you gonna place all your bathroom items? You must find a place for your hand cream, your body cream, your cleaning stuff and much more. For that reason, if you didn’t pick a steampunk vanity with wide cabinets, you’ll be in need of some sort of bathroom furniture for storage.

In here we leave you no choice but to go for a dark wood style cabinet. This will be the most steampunk you’ll be able to find for your bathroom. It will fit well with a tiled or a wooden floor. It will also combine well with copper bassinets and Newtonian lights.

In this sense, our recommendation is to go straight victorian. You can choose something a little bit more modern instead too, but take into account that bathroom furniture can occupy lots of space you maybe even don’t actually have.

Hampers and baskets

This section is tricky because there is always a need for place to place your used towels.

We love bathroom baskets because they tend to fit great in the bathroom corners. In this case, according to the amount of copper you’ve placed on your bathroom, you can go for a full copper basket. Or tin maybe.

If you think that there is way too much metallic stuff on your bathroom you can go for a short one.

What we recommend is to avoid wicker baskets by any means. Yes, we know they are the easiest to find out there. But there is absolutely nothing in the steampunk world that contains wicker. So it’s a definite element to avoid.

Towel rack

Towel racks are perhaps one of the most steampunk accessories you can have. They have something in their design in wood an iron that is not only industrial in some way, but also that accompanies the whole steampunk aesthetic flow.

There are many designs that can be found out in the web. At the end of our post, we will recommend you some. You can choose basically from two types: You can go full metallic of metal and wood.

In the first case, they will blend well with tiled walls and they are an easy accessory that can be placed in any bathroom to offer a steampunk touch of style.

Steampunk bathroom decor and art

We left this section for the last part of the post because we believe that not everyone should place steampunk art or decor on their bathrooms. If you’ve followed our guide until now, then you will find yourself having accomplished a steampunk bathroom in time and form.

But maybe, you’re not into revamping the whole interior design, but rather just adding a couple of steampunk details into the matter. If this is the case, then you should try a couple of steampunk decor items.

Our first recommendation is to go the easy way. Pick up a Victorian wall print, frame it and place it in a wall. This is a great way to add up some detail to your room without having to rebuild everything from scratch.

Your steampunk art prints can be about hot air balloons, Kraken octopuses, submarines, or anything you feel that relates to the XIX century. You can even go a bit further and ask your artist bud to recreate some steampunk picture for your bathroom.

Do not go into deep details with your steampunk art print. Remember, it is a bathroom, not a showcase. You don’t wanna have your guests stuck on your bathroom contemplating at your steampunk Mona Lisa.

Where can I buy my steampunk bathroom items?

We will leave you here a couple of our Amazon picks for your steampunk bathroom. We will only leave you a steampunk bathroom classic set. It’s up to you to dive deeper into the boundaries between industrial and Victorian to find out more!

Steampunk bathroom Items and Accessories Buy Picks

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Conclusion: Steampunk bathrooms are unique in their style

To conclude, we can say that not everything is steampunk. You can add up some industrial or Victorian style to your bathroom, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re creating a steampunk bathroom.

There is a balance between Victorian and industrial, metal and wood, too much and too little. That balance is what will take you down the steampunk fashion road.

We gave our recommendations for your next steampunk bathroom. These are our steampunk rules. Obey, and you will find joy in your design. Fail to comply at your own risk. We won’t be there for you when your old friend comments you how victorian your toilette is, despite your efforts to turn it into a steampunk bathroom.

We think that if you’ve read the whole post, you’ve learned what is a steampunk bathroom, what is not, and what does it mean to create one at home.

We hope you felt inspired by our post. Feel free to comment us what you think below!

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