All there is to Know about Steampunk Bedrooms

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If you want to bring some steampunk to your everyday bedroom, then you are in the right place. In this post, we won’t talk about what steampunk is, or where does it come from. If you wanna have that info, we recommend you to go straight ahead to our previous posts. We’ve explained it in a fascinating manner.

In our post, we will bring you our vision of steampunk bedrooms. We will review everything. Materials, colors, type of design, and attachments. Our post will be an exclusive guide of how to steampunk a bedroom and not fail in the process.

If you feel that something is just not quite as you expected, then let us know in the comments below.

Let’s start.

Steampunk bedroom ideas


We won’t go up into much about this topic. We’ve reviewed it several times in our previous posts. You’ve seen that throughout our home-decor design page and our steampunk bathroom guide, that there are certain materials that are unique to the steampunk universe.

These would be wood, copper, iron, tin, brass, and leather. Maybe we could even add up the glass. Steampunk designs appear when you use just the right amount of each and every one of them. It’s not a 60-40 formula or so. That is the beauty of the design. You have to work upon each project to find out which is the perfect combination.

Regarding materials, our main recommendation is to go for two main steampunk materials: wood and leather. Accessory materials will be metals this time. But you will find that when we talk about steampunk bedrooms, the formula is the inverse of what we talked about in steampunk bathrooms.

Why is this? Well, the difference is quite simple. There are many items in the steampunk furniture that won’t need to be made out of straight metal in order to keep the style. For example, your bedroom floor and bedside table. This is because you won’t be spilling drinks on materials in this particular room.

For this reason, you can go without further trouble with some steampunk wooden designs.


Our preference for wood types is mahogany. There is a certain feeling of darkness or despair in many steampunk novels. Mahogany is not only elegant but also reflects certain soberness in the atmosphere. Do not go for light wood such as oak or maple, because you will turn out drifting into non-steampunk styles.

Try imagining a steampunk mahogany floor and bed frame. Now that is what we are talking about.

Mahogany will infuse a Victorian pattern into your steampunk bedroom. Now you’ll be missing those little steampunk accessories and designs.


Leather will perfectly combine with your wooden furniture. Dark leather can be used as straps for your bed frame, your chest, or even your couch. In fact, you could even try out imagining a single dark brown leather couch on your bedroom corner. That would be true Victorian.

And in order to start with the steampunkization of your bedroom, now you need to add up some metal. Brass will be the right thing to go for.

Metals: Tin, brass, copper, and iron.

Our main recommendation for this section is to go for tin and brass for your steampunk accessories. We believe that this is the right way to go for many reasons.

First, if you’ve already started with your steampunk bathroom project, then this will be a great way to split apart designs between rooms. I mean, after all, nobody would be pleased to find copper in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. As we’ve said before, everything is about proportions here.

Second, copper is a metal that has been used throughout time to create cooking cutlery. If you place copper in your bedroom, your guests can easily associate it with the idea of a kitchen design. This is also something you don’t wanna go for.

We’ve seen pretty amazing steampunk bedframes crafted in tin and brass. You must take care of the amount and distribution of metal. But if you want to, then it’s a definite go for.

Steampunk design

There are basically two types of steampunk designs you can go for. Or at least, that is what we believe. Steampunk is held up prisoner between the Edwardian Victorian styles and the industrial modern design. The exact spot on which you place your steampunk bedroom will give it its uniqueness.

Victorian style

Our suggestion is to go up for a more Victorian rather than an industrial style for your steampunk bedroom. This goes the other way around for kitchens and bathrooms. But in bedrooms, you need to find a space of comforts that can be easily pursued with Victorian wood and leather furniture.

Start thinking about a victorian bedframe, a couch, and even a Victorian window frame and vitro design. Steampunk design will come off from the accessories we will talk about next.

Industrial design

You can choose to go for an industrial design. But you must be warned because little industrial details are just enough to end up in a design that is not steampunk at all. For that reason, we will always recommend you what will assure your results.

Nevertheless, there are some peculiar industrial ideas that will go well with the whole steampunk bedroom concept.

One of these is the iron pipe bookshelves. They can easily be blended in into the steampunk design. Take note, you will need to match the type of wood from your bookshelf with the one you are using in your floor and bed frame in order to work it out correctly. If not, it won’t be stylish at all.

The other is Newtonian lightbulbs. And in this case, we definitely recommend it. Because it will give a dim atmosphere that will be great with your Victorian furniture. Remember, in a steampunk world, there are no LED lights. It derives from the XIX century, lightning has just been discovered.

Bedroom accessories

We will develop this section in order according to the importance of each subject. In this sense, you will find that our first picks will be embedded in steampunk in its nature, whilst the last ones can be more industrial and or victorian in a way.

Nevertheless, and as we’ve said before, it’s all about proportions. Always ask with some friend or anybody else to keep an eye on your project. In this way, you will find the balance from an objective perspective when you’re gone way to far with any type of material or design.

Steampunk bedroom pics

Steampunk interior design by groveskye. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Bedroom Wallpaper

If you have an industrial modern bedroom, and you wanna turn it into something more steampunk, then you could try out with a wallpaper. You can even do so with a kids bedroom. Maybe you don’t wanna go for the full victorian spectrum, but rather to have something fancy with a bit of steampunk style. If this is the case, bedroom wallpapers are the right thing for you.

There are several types of steampunk wallpapers. We’ve found there are two main styles. The fantastic and the bolts and cogs design.

Fantastic Designs

In this case, we bring you a steampunk wallpaper that will fit amazingly great in your kid’s bedroom. The antique world map and hot air balloons design leave a XIX century infantile sensation as soon as you see it.  Besides, it’s pretty clean and light-colored, so you won’t be having lighting issues in this room.

Check out the link right here.

Bolts and cogs

In this case, you can add up the main item of the steampunk culture simply by placing up this type of wallpapers. Cogs and gears are mainstream in steampunk. They are everywhere. It’s a pretty neat way to make a steampunk bedroom in no time. Check it out and show it to your kid. Ask him what he thinks about. I bet you he will definitely ask it for his bedroom wall!

Check out his mural by wall26 in this link here.


Steampunk couch

We won’t go deep on this topic as well. There are lots of steampunk furniture that can be added up. We will leave you here with an exact example of what we are talking about.

This leather couch is crafted by Coaster Home Furnishings. We leave you this link because we find that this is the type of furniture were are expecting you to place in your steampunk bedroom. It has the dark leather, the Victorian style, and the brass bolts and attachments.

Of course, this couch won’t be the whole thing by itself. You will need to compliment it with much more accessories.

Steampunk clothing rack

Here, you will find a much more industrial than steampunk item you’d wished for. But, as we’ve said earlier, the key to success is the perfect combination between those two styles.

In this case, we find that this clothing rack not only has the basics for a steampunk bedroom but also can play a part in industrial design bedrooms. It is up to you to deliberate whether it will fit in your room or not.

But, in any case, it is a perfect accessory for people who are tight on space and do not have a wardrobe due to their bedroom configuration.

Check out the link below.


In this section, we will go for two main recommendations.

Number one: Go for full-length floor mirrors. This will be a great accessory to place right next to your clothing rack. In this way, you will find yourself having a complete dressing room embedded in your bedroom.

Number two: Pick victorian styled mirrors. You won’t fail with this one. This is the case that if you go for something more industrial, you will find your steampunk design being blurred away in modernism.

Our recommendation is a full metal Cheval Bronze mirror crafted by design Toscano. With stunning Victorian details, you’ll find no match in steampunk full-length floor mirrors. Check it out here. 

Steampunk bedroom cover set

These steampunk bedroom sets will be a great way to deals with your kids’ steampunk desires. They are plotted with colorful images that include metallic whales, airships and other figures. These are all crafted by Ambesonne. You can find them in this link here.

If you find that these do not fit your wishes, then we recommend you to check out these design by Wild Star Home as well.


Ceiling lamps

We won’t make many considerations about this topic, but we have found some pretty unique items that we want to share with you.

It has been a while since I find a creative steampunk ceiling light. Well, in this case, you will find it much more industrial than steampunk in some ways, but the trick here relies on the Edwardian lightbulbs. Copper coils inside of big bulbs in a unique fixture are essential to creating retro-futurism for your room.

Take a look at this item from Lingkai. Eight lightbulbs in an octopus-like ceiling light fixture. We find it incredible for any steampunk bedroom design.

Table lamps

There are quite a few steampunk table lamp designs that can be found on the web. As we’ve said on our steampunk interior design post, we will always go for the same: a wooden base, pipes, a red valve, and an Edwardian lightbulb will make up for any steampunk desk lamp.

In this case, we recommend you to check out this design by Y-Nut. It has certain features that are quite distinct from the rest of the ideas. The cage brings up a type of style that is quite specific.   You can check out the link here.


There are many steampunk decor accessories you can add up to your steampunk bedroom.  Though you can find lots of stuff in our steampunk home decor section, we will leave you here with two main items that we find you can easily place in your room for a steampunk feel.

Art Prints

Art prints can be pretty interesting to craft neat pieces of art. Find the one that you feel more comfortable with, frame it, and place it in your wall.

Perhaps art prints are the easiest way to steampunkize your bedroom. And, if you don’t like them, just throw them away. Or even change them.

We will leave you here what we believe it the finest steampunk art print for your steampunk bedroom. We love how the artist has blended a vintage newspaper background with a funny steampunk cat.  Place a neat mahogany frame on your art piece and you are ready to go. Check out the link below.


We’ve seen lots of steampunk sculptures out there. We’ve even reviewed some of them at our home decor page. Do not go crazy for sculptures in your bedroom. Remember, one thing is to offer a sparkle of steampunk to the place, and other is to turn it into the Steampunk Louvre. That is not the idea.

Go for some bedside or hanging sculptures in this way. For example, check out this steampunk wall clock sculpture by Design Toscano. This is what we are talking about.

For the rest of the sculptures, we suggest you check out our home decor section.

Cautionary note: Steampunk bedroom pics

We are creating our steampunk Pinterest account. In no time, we will hand you over our finest selection of steampunk bedroom images on our boards. Stay close for more details. We’ll be updating our blog post soon!

Conclusion: You’re set for your steampunk bedroom

We’ve covered each and every aspect of a steampunk bedroom. By now, you must be loaded up of ideas for turning your room into a true steampunk place.  It’s time for you to start your project right now!

We hope you loved our post. If you want to find more unique posts like this one, then check out our steampunk homepage.