Five Types of Steampunk Boots You Didn’t Know

Who wouldn’t love to have a pair of steampunk boots? They are Retro-styled in a Victorian fashion, but there are certain details that account for modernization. In fact, that is the keystone of the steampunk culture: it’s retro-futurism. That is why this type of boots are a must for steampunk style.

In this post, we are gonna review five type of steampunk boots you probably weren’t aware of. Keep reading to find out more!

Steampunk Boots: High boots are our Gold Standard

Why are we being so straight with our position? Because high boots enable the user to have a full leather leg experience. There is and will always be room for some steampunk shoes, with some decor on. But what you get when you try some high boots on is not only the style but sturdiness in design.

This kind of leathery high boots has two main features: durability and design. And of course, you will find those tiny steampunk details around.

From High heels to ebony boots: Your choice

In boots, you will express steampunk fashion as a whole. There will be no need for further explanation. Combine it with a steampunk flowered victorian corset and you will find yourself having the best Halloween costume party ever.

Now put back on your boots and go for a ride on your horse, or just take a walk down the mall: you will see what these boots were made for.

The finest Steampunk boots for Women

We know every steampunk girl needs a pair of steampunk women boots. That is why we picked four models. They represent the true nature of steampunk boots for ladies.


In this case, you will see that all of this steampunk women shoes belong to Ellies Shoes. Our first pick is the 420 Quinley Boot. High boots have a couple of advantages over steampunk ankle shoes. They have a lot more of leather that comes from below to bring style to your attire. Besides, the high heel will bring you a couple of inches of height, which are always appreciated.

People love them but take note: You need to strap on them tight to your calf. Otherwise, they will slip down.

Our second pick is 253-Stella Steampunk ankle boot. These boots are a must for girl fans. With a handcrafted premium design, this steampunk woman’s ankle boot is comfortable for everyday use. It has a wide shaft, so we could consider it a steampunk boot for wide calf.

Another note: Do not take off all of the laces cause they are attached to the metal tip in the end.

Our third pick is 414- Mary  Boot. The design is amazing. These are the kind of boots that you get compliments for. Crafted in textile and synthetic on a Victorian theme fashion, these woman boots are an amazing compliment for a steampunk cosplay or they can easily be used in everyday life.

Watch out for those with wide feet and calves over 13” cause the laces cannot be adjusted. The zipper is on one side.

Our fourth pick is a wonderful choice for steampunk cosplay. Why? Because it has these steampunk pouches at the sides. Not only they look incredible, but also they are original. Have you seen anything like that before? The 181 Silas Steampunk Combat boot is the right choice for your next Comic Con.

Reviewers gave their thumbs up for this boots! You might want to check the calf length because wide calves can be an issue with these boots once again.

Steampunk Boots for Men in 2019


Yes yes and yes! This collection rules! In this occasion, we bring to you as our first pick the Funtasma’s Men Gotham Steampunk Engineer boots. These steampunk black boots are a great acquisition for your steampunk attire. They will always combine with any type of steampunk costume.

It doesn’t matter whether you are disguising as a post-apocalyptic or a goth steampunk character. With this type of boots, you’ve got your shoes covered.

Our second pick is brought to you by SummitFashions. Here, we can find a great design that makes up for this sturdy boots. Steampunk is found in the hardware details. Build quality is excellent. These boots are not waterproof because of the side zipper.

That one thing to consider if you wanna use them other than for steampunk cosplay. They can be perfectly worn as steampunk biker boots. Nevertheless, they are very comfortable and can be used in everyday life.

We chose our third pair of boots because we feel that sober styles can be advantageous in certain opportunities. In cases when you’re carrying lots of steampunk hardware hanging from your coat or torso, you might wanna carry something more simple in your feet. In this case, Summitfashion’s men’s black steampunk button boots with lacing details give you this choice.

With a mild gothic style and  Victorian signs in their buttons, this is an alternative for a more sober steampunk style.

And our fourth pick is gorgeous. We are definitely into black leather boots in our steampunk store. But in this case, these steampunk buckle boots have included excellent accessories. Once again, the premium quality is brought by SummitFashions.

Bear in mind that these boots are composed mainly of black leather. This means that they might take some use time in order to stretch them a little bit. Consider using moleskin in the meantime.

Steampunk Heels for women: What is out there?

First of all, let’s say that steampunk heels for women are not easy to find out there. Or at least quality steampunk heels. Or even heels that have anything related to steampunk fashion. That’s the challenge. Here, we have gathered the most unique and representative steampunk heels for women in 2019!


Our first pick is a good starting point for steampunk heels. The Chunky Heel Black Steampunk boots by SummitFashion provide a black tone for your overall costume that can be easily blended with any other piece. You can place a two-tone skirt over these boots. Or you could go goth-steampunk with some black jeans and a coat. A pretty solid first pick.

Our second pick is Elli’s 414 steam boot. You might see that this type of steampunk heel takes another fashion road. In this pair of shoes, what you will find is the essence of steampunk in its colors. Much more discrete than previous models, these shoes have a proportionate combination of dark and light brown together with the golden brass buttons that truly englobes the steampunk spirit.

In our third pick what you’ll see it’s our classic steampunk gothic hybrid designs. Because we think there is room for combinations. The Mina 4 closed toe Mary Jane heels have that classic Victorian punk design that is easily transferred to the steampunk territory. Besides, they can be used in other opportunities too. These type of shoes provide us opportunities: cosplays in the goth or steampunk theme, or you can even use them for everyday activities.

Our last pick responds to the same principles. The Cambridge select heels are neat in design. These women’s steampunk ankle boot is crafted in dark brown leather, and the steampunk details are in the brass-worn buttons. Great for your everyday life activities. Usable for any steampunk costume.

We believe in this kind of items because we feel that carrying around a bit of steampunk air in your boots throughout your life is fascinating!

Steampunk boots with Pockets

You will find crazy designs that include steel toe boots, or high boots with small pockets attached. Designs are classy and original. And yes, they will be the perfect detail of your cosplay. Scroll through our website to find the pair of boots that will suit you best.

One of the choices that you can find right out here is the Steampunk Silas Combat Boot. Remember, this type of boots are meant for aesthetic purposes. We cannot state that these pockets will be, in fact, useful for different purposes.

Nevertheless, they look quite astonishing on the sides. They are a great attachment that fits well in an overall steampunk outfit.

But there are other steampunk pocket boots as well.

Ellie’s shoes has a design that is meant for men. Pockets are attached to the boot’s side with a leather strap. You can just unbutton them and save them if you feel they are not just the right type for you. In this case, pockets are crafted in dark leather. Overall, the style is simply outstanding as well. The brass endings add up for a marvelous aesthetic design too.

Third, we bring you a different type of steampunk boot. In here, you’ll find a zipper rather than pockets. And they do the trick as well. The steampunk style that lies behind this steampunk ankle boots relies on the color gamut. It is imperative to choose between an array of brown colors in order to keep it steampunk.

The zipper is quite comfortable. You’ll be able to store money or cards in a place where nobody is looking for!

Steampunk biker boots

Though this is a spot not everyone is in for, there are at least a couple of steampunk boots that can be found out here.

If we had to place one on the podium, we could say that the Leather Chuhkka boots are our nº1 recommendation. They are built in authentic genuine leather, their style is unique and it represents what we’ve been talking about the steampunk nature in itself.

Quick note: Order a pair that’s half an inch your actual size for an appropriate fit.

On the other hand, there are a couple more of steampunk biker boots you can find out there. The Demonia Steam-12 steel toe boots are another alternative. They are much more sober in their design than the one’s we’ve been talking about. Nevertheless, they are a great quality product that will fit your cosplay’s and everyday purposes.

Last but not least, there is an entrepreneur called Hot Head Fan that will design specific Taylormade steampunk shoes according to your needs. They are a great alternative for people who are looking to buy some steampunk gears for their beloved! Apply a great steampunk design to your boots and you’re done!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post! Whether you chose high boots or a couple of restyled shoes, steampunk has a place for you!

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