Five Tips for your Steampunk Cake

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So you wanna make a steampunk cake but you’re out of ideas? In this post, we will give you a couple of tips for your ideal steampunk pie. Would you use cream rather than marzipan? What it is gonna be about? Chocolate with strawberries or toffee cake?

First of all, you will need to schedule your steampunk cake project. In here, we will talk about cake color, design, type, cake toppers, and decorative accessories. Keep reading to find out more.

Steampunk Cake by Garry Knight. Licensed under CC.

Cake color and design

The first thing you might guess is which color is steampunk? Maybe you are not as into steampunk as your boy is, and that is natural. So in order to be in line with the steampunk philosophy, we would recommend you to pick four main colors: Gold, Silver, Brown, and Ocre. These fours colors can be mashed up in any way and they will be a solid base for any steampunk cake.

Where you can find these colors? Well, brown and Ocre you will find them in chocolate and caramel. In order to create some silver, or gray, we suggest you crush a couple of Oreo cookies into a jar and mix it with whipped cream. This will give you a slight greyish tone that will be helpful for certain decoration details. The same advice goes for gold. Try with golden Oreos!

Avoid colors such as ruby red, green and blue. At least in the spongy part. Please: Do not try to recreate a rainbow. It’s definitely not steampunk.

Which type of cake should I bake?

Basically, we’d say you go for a wet cake or a Chocolate Volcano cake. Why? Primarily, because wet cakes have some of this steam related cooking thing. Though this won’t be easily recognized by your guests, they will feel an overall experience that includes humidity. And we believe that humidity has a key role in the development of steampunk technology.

The same advice goes for the Chocolate Volcano. It is not that you can’t have other recipes. In fact, we would also recommend trying out some hard dough as a base. But there are certain things you have to bear in mind. For example, try not to use fruits on your cake, because, in a way, steampunk is way far from nature in many things. This doesn’t mean that you can’t. It means that if you do so, your cake will lose some personality.

Chow time! by Mary and Andrew. Licensed under CC.

Covering my cake

There are a couple of elements that are traditionally used to cover your cake. The first one, Marzipan. You will find that this element is great for covering due to its thickness. It gives you many possibilities for coloring and decoration. Besides, it has a neat opaque finish. But we warn you. Marzipan can make your cake way too sweet. You have to be careful with that because you will probably be using chocolate and milk caramel on the inside. Our suggestion is that if you are using marzipan, then you should go for a really thin layer. And color it in any way you like. We’ll talk about this later.

The same goes for sugar paste. Try to avoid it if you are using chocolate and milk caramel. The thing can get so sweet that kids will end up throwing half of the paste. Our recommendation is to try out whipped cream. Yes, you have to be millimetric when placing it, as whipped cream cakes can get a little messy. But the thing is that with whipped cream you will be able to place some gold and silver on your cake. Besides, it blends really well with chocolate and hot fudge. And you can sprinkle on it some color too!

Steampunk accessories: should I place some?

If you are strictly following our rules, by now you should have a marzipan or whipped cream covered cake. In either way, you can easily place steampunk artifacts all over the cake. You can choose the sides and the top part. For the side part, we would recommend you to have some solid gears. Be sure they are big enough so that everyone understands they were not built to be eaten. Having said these, we recommend you to grab some fantasy gears from the store. I’ll make the job easier. You could also craft your own gears with marzipan, but the opaque color that it has will not look as great.

If you went for the whipped cream cover, then the same concepts apply. You will be able to place any kind of gears and trinkets all over the cake. As we said before, just take into account that they may be big enough so nobody thinks they can be munched.

If you wanna create something more eatable, then you should try out a  steampunk cake mold. There are plenty of them out there. We believe that when bigger, better. Simply because you will be able to bake more gears in one shot and you will save some time. Here is a link to our suggestion.

Steampunk figurines

We encourage you to recreate some steampunk scene over your cake. For this, we would recommend you the following checklist:

  • Gears and coils
  • Pipes and springs
  • Robots
  • Airship and birds
  • Submarine and octopuses
  • Owls
  • Cats with steampunk goggles on

With these ideas, all you have to do next is to mix them into a great scene. Something that calls your attention. Or something that makes you remember some film. But it has to be something that has meaning. We believe that there is something about steampunk that is epic in itself. Therefore, the idea behind this is to recreate some static picture of an epic story. Get creative and try your best!

P1030076 by Bill Glover. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk cake toppers

If you are not into recreating with figurines, then I’d suggest you go for a cake topper. Though there are some pretty standard cake toppers out there, there are many specialized cakebakers that have created true works of art throughout the years. You should check the ones that were baked by The Cake Box, Sugarplum Cake Shop, and BlackCherry Cake Company.

But if you are in a hurry and you wanna have some steampunk cake topper but you don’t have much time, we suggest you get this one from FunLaugh. You gotta get in contact with them in order to customize your design. But it will take you from the rush in no time. Here is the link.

Cake size

If this is your first time, then it’s logical to start with a one-floor cake. Why? Because you want to succeed. And your head will be in many things at once, so the idea is to get to the end line with no major issues. Two or three-floor cakes can get hectic, especially when trying to build one over another. Additionally, there are certain type of cakes which will make it even harder.

Imagine yourself with a volcano cake base. How would you place another floor on top of it? In this case, the project is even hard for us to imagine. But maybe you feel ambitious and you wanna bake a three-floor wet cake. Humidity between layers will cause bonding between them. There is a chance that the whole structure crumbles. I mean, you won’t see your three-store cake implode. But there are chances that it partially sinks. The result: A crooked “Pisa tower” like cake. Not cool!

Where do I try harder? On taste or design?

Even though you may feel like your steampunk cake is a total wreckage, always focus on the flavors. In the end, the cake topping and decorations will end up at the side. And the important fact is that everyone enjoys your cake. That is why our main recommendations are related to the cake content. You will see lots of decorative themes out there. But the main issue is that everyone must love your cake.

So when you try your first steampunk cake, think about chocolate, hot fudge, milk caramel, and whipped cream. This combination will never fail!

I hope you enjoyed our post. Hang on to that steampunk cake idea. We know you’re gonna do great!

If you feel like placing in some gadget over your cake, or you wanna buy some prebuilt gears, we suggest you check our steampunk homepage. Find that great idea you were looking for your steampunk cake!