The Greatest Steampunk Characters of All time

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There are certain steampunk characters that are the cornerstone in the development of films, books, anime, and movies. Besides, they are great models for cosplay. Keep reading to find out more.

These type of people are actors and actresses, leaders in their novels. And there are some which have to do with the history of steampunk. These are the creators of high-end technologies at a time around the Victorian period. If you think about them, you will recognize them soon. Anyways, we’ll talk about them later.

OKIMG_7767-BWS by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Who is a steampunk character? Steampunk archetypes

There are certain qualities that account for every steampunk character that you can find. Mainly, in this category, you will find a certain type of archetypes that are a common theme in literature and movies. First, we’ll start talking about the air-pirate.

Steampunk character types:

1- Air pirate

This steampunk character type exists because there is an outburst of ship-like hovering aircrafts in steampunks worlds due to the fantastic development of steam-powered technologies. A great example for that you can see it in Guns Of Icarus Online. steampunk air-pirates have a base attire that consists of a classic Victorian outfit. You will find in them some high boots, cloth or leather pants, white shirt, rolled up sleeves. And a bellpull. Now that you have your pirate, it usually includes some crafty geared up steampunk tech. A steampunk monocular, a cane and a satchel are usually hanging around there. Steampunk air-pirates are not always the bad character in the movie. You must take this into account because there is not always a straight plot line in steampunk literature.

2- Mad scientist

Our second steampunk archetype is the mad scientist. As the development of technology advances in a post-industrial world, so it does science in a way. Mad scientist aesthetics are highly wrapped in steampunk devices. The most minimalistic style you can find out there has a plain white coat, a couple of steampunk goggles, whirled up hair, and maybe a couple of steampunk gauntlets. It’s a pretty neat design for a cosplay, because, you will get there easily with a couple of goggles and a white lab coat. If you’d add up more to the costume, we would recommend you some steampunk boots and some props. And that’s it.

3- Time Walker

Our third steampunk character type is the classic time-walker. Time walkers have a couple of trinkets that the others do not have. First, they always tend to appear in future worlds. Authors rely on creating a contrast between these characters and the background to point out its features. That is why. steampunk time-walkers are loaded of satchels, purses, backpacks, and tiny pockets to carry things. Overall fashion includes leather. Steampunk goggles are a must. Brass sleeves and bracelets are also a thing. This overall fashion reflects the previous time period from which this type of people come from.

4- Nobleman

Our fourth steampunk archetype is the steampunk nobleman. This stereotype is a classic. Why? Well, because practically all of the movies and film that are centered on a Victorian period will have some kind of nobleman out there. Noble hierarchy in steampunk is still an issue, and it gives lots of ideas for the development of story plots. Nobleman’s fashion includes a basic victorian attire. It is common to see victorian leggings, shirts, and neat ties. These type of characters will always have a suit. The steampunk details can be found in three things: pocket watches, canes, and long hats. So if you’re planning on going for cosplay on one of these characters, we’d say that with a steampunk long hat and a cane you’re done for the day.

5- Genius kid

Our fifth archetype is the genius kid. This one comes up straight from the books and novels. It’s gonna get tough to reproduce this kind of archetype in the steampunk world. Steampunk genius kids always have to do with handcrafting devices. They are usually wearing short-sleeved white shirts, bell pulls, short trousers, and a couple of bulky shoes. These kids are usually playing around with steampunk gadgets. If this is gonna be your kids’ cosplay, get him a steampunk prop gun and a pair of goggles. And that’s it.

Top 5 steampunk female characters

There are a couple of personas in several steampunk books that are noteworthy. In here, we will tell you which ones are the most significant.

Steampunk female characters in books

1- Carnival

This character is recognized as “the fallen angel” in the saga “Deepgate Codex” written by Alan Campbell. Carnival is one of the main characters. She features vampiristic attributes. She needs human blood to live, and she haunts Deep Gate city every night in order to get what she needs.  It plays a key role in this saga, and as long as you keep on reading, you will find out that despite this malignant qualities, her intentions are not as bad as you might have guessed.

2-  Alexia Tarabotti

She is one of the main characters in the series “Soulless” written by Gail Carriger. She belongs to a fictional steampunk era where there are supernatural beings capable of creating damage to humanity. This half Italian and British character has one main superpower: She is able to eliminate the supernatural qualities of these creatures. By naturalizing them, these are way less harmful. This steampunk character will make use of these conditions throughout the novel during various combat scenes.

Steampunk female characters in video games

2- Emily Kaldwin

Emily is the main character of the video game series “Dishonored”. She is the daughter of Jessamine Kaldwin. As a daughter of the royalty, her fate is to inherit the crown of Gristol. But everything changes when her mother is slaughtered by Lord Regente. This evil character blames Corvo, Emily’s personal guardian, about the assassination. Emily is kidnapped. The girl’s fate relies on Corvo’s hands, who will do everything he can to restore her as the queen of Gristol. Emily’s attire relies basically on victorian dark blue suits and short hair.

Emily Kaldwin by BagoGames. Licensed under CC.

4- Elizabeth

She is one of the principal characters in “Bioshock Infinite”. Therefore, one of our most valuable steampunk females. She is a 19-year-old steampunk woman practically born and raised in prison. She is, indeed, the main reason why Bioshock’s main character Booker travels to rescue her to the Lutece island. She has a particular relationship with her watchman, Songbird. Songbird is a steampunk creature that was built by The Founders (the bad guys) to keep her locked down. Elizabeth has superpowers related to tissue regeneration. That is the main reason why she is kept locked away from the world.

Steampunk historical female characters

5 – Marie Curie

Here is where we get historical. She is the first Woman to receive a Nobel prize because of her studies on radioactivity. Marie Curie is our nº1 steampunk female character. Our MVP of the day. She is our steampunk woman role model. Marie Curie was half polish and half French. She was one of the propulsors of the theory of radioactivity. She discovered the Polonium and the Radium. She was also the precursor of the use of radiation for the treatment of neoplasm. 10/10 in our steampunk girls scale.

Our podium of Steampunk Disney Characters

Since Atlantis, Disney took a dive into steampunk with some particular characters. In this section, you will be able to recognize those featured Disney steampunk characters that can be found in their films.

1- Milo Thatch

This young blonde tall guy is the main character in Atlantis, the lost empire. Milo is specialized in linguistics as a profession. He was raised by his grandpa, who introduced him into the idea of a lost city in the sea. Milo’s mission is to find this city, to finish his grandpa’s mission. This movie is about Milo’s voyage throughout the seas and the difficulties he has to overpass (including a fight with a giant lobster) in order to get to Atlantis.

2- Vicenzo Santorini

Vinny is also a character from the “Atlantis” series. He was born and raised in Italy. After a certain event that happened in his life, he turns into an expert in bombs and demolitions. This condition transforms it into a unique character that will accompany Milo throughout his adventures. He has a peculiar Victorian old fashion style.

3 – Gaetan Moliere

Mole is also a Disney steampunk character from Milo’s Squad. Born and raised in France, Mole is specialist in soils. He has this inner ability to recognize different kind of soils, and he can work them out appropriately.  He is a bit temperamental, and you will find him in these movies using heavy machinery in order to create tunnels and to open up the road. He has also several steampunk features, especially in his goggles and steampunk hat.

4- Jim Hawkins

He is the main steampunk character in the movie ” Treasure Planet”, a recreation based on the novel “treasure island”, by R.L. Stevenson. This young lad is actually in a crusade throughout the space with his flying airship with only one goal: to find the Treasure Planet. To do so, he will sail escorted by John Silver, of whom we will talk later. The plot will have a twist based on the relationship between these two characters.

5- John Long Silver

As you might know already, this steampunk cyborg is the cook of the flying airship in which Jim will try to find Treasure Planet. John is a pirate in mind and soul, and he has way much more experience than Jim does. As we previously stated, it is throughout the plot that you will see friction between these two main characters that will end up in certain key circumstances.

Top 4 steampunk characters in movies

1- Sherlock

As you probably know, featured by Robert Downey JR, Sherlock is the main character of the 2009 film produced by Guy Ritchie. In a post-industrial revolution era, we will find in this version a Robert Downey Jr. that must unravel the mystery behind the revival of Lord Blackwood from the grave. In this fantastical Victorian world, this steampunk characters is loaded with gadgets and trinkets that will be present throughout the entire movie.

2- Van Helsing

He is the main character of the 2004 movie produced by Stephen Sommers. This steampunk character has only one purpose, to eliminate count Dracula. On his journey, he meets Anna Valerious. They share this common goal.  You will recognize multiple steampunk devices and accessories, especially weapons, throughout this movie.

3- Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

This old steampunk book fiction character is now present in “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, from 2003. In this steampunk movie, you will find other steampunk characters scattered around the plot. The main topic: An epic. The goal is to unite each and every man in this post-victorian period to defeat “the Fantom”. Rejoice yourself as you watch Captain Nemo, Mina Harker, Rodney Skinner, Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer, and Cpt. Nemo trying to accomplish this goal.

4 – Captain Nemo

This steampunk character is found twice throughout the entire steampunk movie reliquary. In 20.000 leagues under the sea, Captain Nemo is about to find out what is going on with a couple of boats that are being sunk by an unknown force. Because of this, he is destined on a mission that he will accomplish with the famous submarine “the Nautilus”. But beware, because as you follow on with this movie you’ll see that there can be monsters ahead.

Three great steampunk characters in anime.

There are not so many steampunk anime movies out there. Nevertheless, here we present you our top three steampunk characters in anime.

1-Ray Steam

Our main steampunk character from the movie: Steamboy, produced by Katsuhiro Otomo ( you’ll recognize him because of Akira). Ray Steam is a textile fabric worker that will change his life after he receives a package meant for someone else. In it, he finds a Steamball. This fantastic device has certain properties that are desired by some powerful people. And that is where the story begins.

2- Edward Elric

This is one of the two main brothers that are featured in Full Metal Alchemist. This is a steampunk anime of the manga type. It tells the story of two brothers who have had serious injuries by trying to use alchemy to bring their mother back to life. Because of this, these steampunk character has certain steampunk cyborg features. The plot develops as Edward gets into military school to develop his alchemy skills until he finds out the deep secrets about the development of this tool.

3 – Sophie

She is the principal character of the steampunk anime movie: Howl’s Moving Castle. The movie is based on a Victorian fantasy world and loaded of steampunk technological advancements. Sophie is a girl that has been transformed into an old lady by a witch she encounters at some point of the movie. She gets involved in a war between kingdoms and certain decisions she makes are related to his relationship with another principal character: Howl. This movie has steampunk in every corner you see. Embedded in the fantastic theme that englobes this movie, you will also see the time-traveling concept around.

Five tips for drawing steampunk characters

1 – Draw your scaffold

The best way to accomplish this is by trying to fit geometric figures into your steampunk character. What it is gonna be? Does it have a circular head? Is the torso rectangular? In this way, you can start creating with a pencil your initial scaffold for your steampunk character.

2- Add roundness

Now that you have your initial model, then you must start giving him some refinement. For example, you have created your character’s eyes. Now its time to give them some content. Maybe they are not so circular as you’ve initially stated. This is the time. Your eraser will be a great tool during this process. You’ll need some resizing from time to time.

3- Refine the body.

Now that you have your appropriate sized model, you can start with the details. Go to the body first. Concentrate on the body content. Does it have an armor made of tin plates? Does it have screws and buttons? Focus on the inside details. Once you’ve finished with the inner part, you can proceed to the decorative trinkets in the outer content. Add a satchel or a bracelet. If your character has a scaled armor, it is now time to recreate those scales over his shoulder.

4- Concentrate on the face

The face is one of the most important parts in your draft. People usually tend to focus their attention on the drawing’s nose or eyes. It is paramount that you try to place some steampunk lens and hat on your guy if you are not yet a drawing pro. Steampunk masks are also a good resource for this. We find that it is easier to replicate a steampunk masquerade rather than trying to catch every single detail in a human face.

5- Final details: Background

Once you’ve finished, we’d recommend you to create a steam background with charcoal. Take this piece of advice: leave a blank space between your steampunk character and the foggy background. This will enhance your character in the middle of the scene. Our suggestion is not to waste effort and resources on a background if the object in interest is our steampunk character. If you have spare energy, take a little more time in your character’s details rather than in the background.

Steampunk character design ideas

Once you’ve read this article you will notice that there is a common theme on the steampunk character design.

Victorian outfits are a must

We will not get much into this, but practically each and every one of our steampunk characters is wearing victorian steampunk suits. Whether is an epic story in a post-industrial world, a horror movie or an anime, you’ll find that each and every one of them is using a Victorian suit, high boots and white rolled up sleeve shirts, a steampunk long tail hat, and a monocle or some steampunk goggles. This theme is common between them

Steampunk trinkets

In here you will find that certain steampunk characters have only one or two steampunk gadgets and that’s it. There are times when the steampunk design can only be seen in a gun or a walking cane, and the whole steampunk theme is really in the movie atmosphere.

Steampunk cyborg features

There is much more confluence between steampunk and cyborgs than what we would have thought. This especially goes for modern films and novels. Steampunk cyborg legs and arms will be found in a couple of characters. These make up for amazing steampunk characters that can be seen especially in anime movies.

If you liked our post but wanna know more about these steampunk characters, then check out our steampunk homepage. In there, the steampunk culture will give you the answers about where do these characters come from.





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