Top Steampunk Cities in the World

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In this post, we’ll talk not only about the most steampunk cities in the real world, but we’ll also take a look at those steampunk city names, those Minecraft steampunk cities and even a little bit more. Hope you enjoy our post.

If you’ve been around the web for a while, you’ll see that there is not much info about this topic as you might have thought of. First off, let’s starts with the steampunk cities topic.

Most steampunk cities in 2018

If you go and find out, you’ll find at least two personal articles from Movado and Steampunk Explorer. I’ll leave you the links at the end of this post, but let me make a quick summary first.

These two pieces of data all well written as a matter of fact, but they are short of info. Steampunk cities are scattered around the globe in a fascinating way. In fact, the average traffic that flows into a steampunk page comes in a 60% from North America.

Being this said, we can state that if we only make a top 10 list that contains American cities will be short of 40% of the steampunk that can be found in the world.

For that reason, we will go deeper into steampunk cities from other countries too.

But let’s start with our own cities first.

Steampunk in San Francisco 2018

San Francisco has been the host of multiple steampunk events throughout time. This might be due to several reasons, but we will always think that the main one is related to a wide aperture in steampunker’s minds.

Clockwork Alchemy 2018

During this year, San Francisco has hosted the Clockwork Alchemy 2018. This event took place between March 23 and 25th.

This event is amazing because it’s not only focused on steampunk cosplay. It also has plenty of DIY workshops, shows, and poetry. It is also a great place to present your own steampunk gadget creation.

This event is getting bigger as years go by. San Francisco will be once again host for this meeting on March 22-24 in 2019. If you want to take a look, you can check out their twitter account here.

San Francisco Edwardian Ball

The San Francisco Edwardian Ball started as a tiny celebration for Victorian times in the original 1909 Regency Ballroom.  What started as a tiny ode to steampunk aesthetics, it has grown in 2018.

Nowadays, this “Con” format has spread in SF Ball into two particular events. You’ll find the Edwardian World’s Faire, Ball, and Vendor Faire, which was hosted during 26 a 27 of June. And there is also another event that is the Edwardian Halloween.

If you haven’t been to any type of steampunk events before, this might be the one. They are two-day gatherings that consist mainly of shows. There is a lot of effort placed on all the steampunk details in every prop and every costume that is worth the ticket.

If you wanna take a look at what we are talking about, we suggest you check this link.

The fitting by Tom Hilton. Licensed under CC.

San Francisco Steampunk Community

As you might have guessed, San Francisco has a great Steampunk community that gathers in online Facebook groups.  We find the most representative group in this one. If you don’t wanna miss out on any opportunity in SF bay area, then we recommend you to follow their group.

San Francisco Steampunk Bar

This is not pretty usual to find throughout the world. In SF, you’ll find the most steampunk bar there is out there: The Alchemist’s Lounge Bar.

This bar is located at 679 3rd St2nd Floor. It’s a great place for cocktails and the ambiance is well achieved. Wooden floors, dim Newtonian lights, and leather couches make up for a pretty well-understood concept of the steampunk life.

If you wanna have an interesting night with a couple of friends and have some spirit drinks, then this place is a must. Check their webpage here.

Atlanta, Steampunk in 2018

If you take a look into the previous articles we told you before, you will see that Atlanta has the nº1 place for steampunk cities in the United States. Though these type of lists are mainly subjective, we can not emphasize this idea. But we’ll show you why Atlanta belongs to our selection of steampunk cities in the world.

Atlanta Steampunk Exposition

This is one of the main reasons why Atlanta belongs to this post. Atlanta steampunk exposition is a massive two-day convention where you can find unique demonstrations, costumes, shows, and stores. Pretty much everything you wish for ( in steampunk terms)

This year, Atlanta Steampunk Exposition will be held in  200 Interstate North Parkway SE, during 26 a 28 of this month.

If you wanna take a look and grab some tickets, then follow their link. 


AnachroCon has turned 10 years old by now. This convention is also quite fascinating. It’s not only about steampunk. In these Con, you’ll find everything related to steampunk, Victorian, retrofuturism, science, music and sci-fi novels.

As a 10-year-old convention, anachroCon has turned into a whole brand by now. If you check out their webpage, you’ll even see they have even a merchandise store.

Next AnachroCon will be held on Feb 15-17 of 2019. If you want to take a look, here is the link for you.

Steampunk Related conventions

This is a special paragraph set aside because there are at least three more conventions that take place in Atlanta but are Steampunk-related. These are:

  • 221B Con: A Sherlock Holmes convention for Arthur Conan Doyle fans. As we talked in previous posts, you will find lots of steampunk trinkets in the Sherlock Holmes world.

  • WHOlanta: Originally named TimeGate, this convention is for Dr. Who lovers. Dr. Who must be one of the main tv shows that ignited the sparkle of steampunk in people’s minds.

  • Dragon Con: This convention is not exclusive to steampunk. Nevertheless, you will find lots of Victorian and steampunk themed disguises out there.

Atlanta steampunk community

There is a pretty big steampunk community that goes under the name of “Atlanta Steampunk Gun Club and Sewing Circle”. This is an active community that’s always present in their city conventions. Check their FB link here.

Orlando is great for Steampunk and kids

Orlando city has two magnificent things. First, it has DisneyWorld. And if you’ve been reading our previous posts, you will find out that Disney has at least two steampunk-themed movies.

Second, Orlando is a great place for steampunk cosplay. Why? Just because the Orlando steampunk community is huge compared to the others. But we’ll talk about these later.

Steampunk conventions: Steampunk industrial show.

This event is gonna be held in 20 and 21 of October in 2018. It’s mainly an entertainment event. This means that there’s gonna be lots of steampunk shows and live music.

Anyways, The dress code is steampunk. These days are great to place on your favorite steampunk costume and hop into the steampunk world for a couple of days.

Plus, there are lots of stores out there. This event is quite big, and it’s one of the most impressive around the area. If you wanna take a look then here is the link.

Steampunk Day: Disney Springs.

Steampunk Disney springs will be held on Nov 4, 2018. Its a great day for steampunk cosplaying too. In fact, in here there is also a relative strict steampunk dress code in order to get in.

This Spring day is about charades, photo shoots, fashion, games and live events. Its a 7-hour immersive experience into the steampunk culture. It’s a great opportunity to take your kids and have lots of fun.

Check the link for tickets here.

Steampunk bars: The courtesy

Another great place for a short steampunk experience at night. Dim lights. Newtonian style. Industrial deco. Vintage furniture. Victorian arrangements. Bam! There you have a steampunk bar.

Even the logo is quite steampunk in a way. Located in 114 N Orange Ave in Downtown Orlando, this place is a must if you are in Disney and are a steampunk lover.

Steampunk community in Orlando

Last but not least, we’ve talked about how big the steampunk community in Orlando is. The Central Florida Steampunk Association is a huge community that is quite active and can be found scattered around these places.

We leave you the link if you want to check them out. They have always the latest info, so it’s a good resource if you’re around and wanna participate in some kind of steampunk activity

Steampunk World: Oamaru, New Zealand

This is where we dive deep into steampunk. Yes, we had to go abroad. But keep reading, because this is one of the most interesting steampunk places on the planet.


Oamaru is a town in New Zealand that has about 14.000. It has an overall Victorian fashion and their main economic activity is farming. How come this little town became one of the world’s record Guinness for attracting the most huge number of steampunk lovers into one convention?

This can be credited to Iain Clark. This veteran steampunk fan came up with the idea of starting his own steampunk crafting in 2010 with the Weta Workshop.

Originally, this workshop was created to craft props and accessories for the movie Lord Of The Rings. As time went by, and throughout numerous exhibitions performed by Iain, people started to get interested in the matter.

But when farmers from Oamaru started to build their own DIY steampunk sculptures is when things started growing faster.  As the steampunk ideas kept on spreading, the community started to incorporate as its own.

It is when Steampunk HQ was built in Nov 2011 that steampunk settled to live forever in Oamaru.

Steampunk HQ – One of the finest Steampunk museums in the world

Steampunk HQ is the most exclusive museum about the steampunk culture that can be found. As soon as you get there, you’ll be welcomed by The Steampunk Engine sculpture, a steampunk train wreckage that has been insignia for the steampunk art during the last couple of years.

Once inside, this museum has interactive features. In there, you will find several collections of sci-fi, art, movies, and music. Actually, there are two well-recognized works of art: “The Portal” and “Chris Meder Exhibit”. Some new projects are: ” Dress up booth”, “Gadgetorium” and “Pedal Punk Bikes”.

It’s a 60 min trip that is a definite must if you’re around. Check the link here for more info.

Steampunk HQ, by itravelNZ. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk NZ festival

Oamaru is also the host for the NZ steampunk festival. This will be held in June 2019. Tickets will be able only after Feb 1, 2019.

Once again, you’ll find lots of steampunk cosplay, live events, performances, and shows. Oamaru is one of the most active steampunk cities in the world. It is highly recommended for any steampunk fan that is traveling through the southern hemisphere.

In order to claim your tickets, check the link here.

Steampunk cities in Europe: UK

Lincoln, UK – Home of the Weekend at The Asylum

Lincoln city is one of the most known steampunk cities in the world for this main reason. It hosts the Weekend at the Asylum steampunk convention. This is one of the biggest conventions that can be found in Europe.

Traditionally hosted in Bishop Grosseteste University – Cathedral Quarter, in The Weekend at the Asylum Steampunk festival you’ll find music, art, cosplay and lots of fun. This festival is traditionally known for their competitions, such as Wacky Racers, Tea Duelling, and Jet Pack Race.

Besides, you will be able to experience true steampunk banquets, original costumes, and unique stores.

This festival has been held in August, so if you don’t want to miss out next year, we recommend you to check their website.

Stick Em Up
Shot at Steampunk Asylum, Lincoln, UK, September 2013, by Martin SoulStealer. Licensed under CC.

Crewe, UK – Steampunk Convival

Crewe is, as they state, a Victorian Steam Central. It is plagued with steampunk locomotive and machinery of the Victorian period. This makes it a perfect place for a steampunk gathering, doesn’t it?

It is in Crewe where the steampunk Convival fest takes place. Crewe’s steampunk community is quite active also, and you’ll find that there are multiple celebrations on behalf of steampunk culture throughout the year.

Though this one is the most important one, we recommend you to check their site to find one that suits you better.

Feria Steampunk Barcelona – Spain

Held in September, the steampunk festival in Barcelona accounts for one of the biggest steampunk gatherings for Spanish people. Traditionally held in Carrer de Sants, 79, this event has everything a steampunk festival needs.

In here, you’ll find art performances, literary demonstrations, cosplay, and fashion. In the end, the festival ends up with some contests too.

This is not a festival to miss if you’re around in Barcelona during that time. If you want to check it out, then here is the link.

To conclude, we must say that there are plenty more of steampunk cities out there in the world. We picked this pack from the crowd because we believe they are the most representative for steampunk lovers and beginners.

If you think that maybe we missed a spot, then let us know in the comments below!

Are you planning on a trip to any of these steampunk cities? Then think about an appropriate attire for the occasion. Check our steampunk store homepage and learn more about fashion and art for your next steampunk trip!



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