A Quick Guide to Steampunk Clothing for Men and Women in 2019

Steampunk Clothing is not an easy topic to dive into.

There are lots of caveats you must take into account before even trying to get into the thing.

Why is that? Basically, there are a couple of ideas that must be considered in each and every steampunk attire in order to keep it up with the proper style.

There are different fashion ideas that must be taken into account for men and women.

The idea behind our post is to shed you some light with a quick guide for your steampunk clothing.

We will try to keep it simple, but we’ll need to split our post for men and women.

Nevertheless, you’ll find that there are many ideas that are universal and can be applied to both sides.

We’ll start from the head and we’ll go all the way down to the feet.

Steampunk fashion

OKIMG_0571 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Clothing for Women

Steampunk Head and Neck


Can Hats and Hairstyle be Combined?

We’ve made a whole topic about steampunk hats. Girls, you’ll need to choose between a couple of ideas in this particular section.

If you’re looking to wear some particular steampunk hairstyle, then we recommend you to go for some steampunk hairpin or a fascinator hat.

Fascinator Hats are an alternative

The whole concept behind here is that anything that you want to place on your head must not fully cover your steampunk hairstyle.

In this way, fascinator hats are a pretty nice detail, because they tend to be perfectly placed on one side of your head.

Steampunk goggles are another way to go

Another alternative you can choose from is to go for something similar to the Steampunk Kato look. Comb your hair any way you wish for, and place some steampunk goggles on.

This will do the trick as well.

You can place them on as if they were a band.

This, combined with a couple of ponytails, make up for a quite distinctive look.

Steampunk Goggles and Masks

Try not to go down for all of the accessories we will review here.

The idea behind a steampunk clothing is that you achieve a certain balance between the parts.

In this sense, you’ll need to balance your steampunk accessories in your head in order to achieve a neat style.

If you are using a steampunk hairpin or a long top hat, you can also try out and combine it with a steampunk pair of goggles or a mask.

Now, in this case, you’ll need to choose between one of both. Using both will be just too much.

Also, steampunk masks can be a bit anonymous. Try not to wear them if you’re thinking to go out for some party with friends.

Masks will also cover any type of steampunk makeup you would have thought of.

In this sense, we recommend you steampunk masks especially for Halloween or specific costume parties.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a steampunk top hat, the combination with a monocle, a pair of goggles, or even sunglasses will do the trick.

The thing about sunglasses is that they will leave much more of your face exposed compared to goggles. They will even be more fit for some properly placed steampunk makeup designs.

Steampunk jewelry

Steampunk necklaces

In this case, this will be directly related to what you will wear on your torso.

If you’re thinking about leaving your chest uncovered, then a steampunk necklace is just perfect. This can be combined in a beautiful way with steampunk corsets.

Now, imagine this scenario. A steampunk necklace, a corset, and a Victorian white unbuttoned shirt over.

That is a blend between Victorian and steampunk that you won’t get anywhere else.

Steampunk earrings

The same thing goes for earrings. Watch out for other steampunk accessories before thinking about placing some earrings on.

If you’re already wearing a steampunk mask or a couple of thick goggles, there’s no point about going over with a couple of steampunk earrings on. No one will notice.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about wearing some hairstyle, a proper hairpin, some steampunk makeup, and a necklace, then earrings can be a wonderful add-on that will be completely suitable.

Steampunk Clothing for Females

Steampunk clothing is dresses, corsets, shirts, and skirts.

There are two main ways you can go from here. You can choose a steampunk dress. Or, you can combine a shirt, a skirt and even a torso for a proper steampunk design.

Both of them are valid alternatives.

You must know that if you choose to go down for a steampunk dress, things will be much more Victorian styled.

Shirt-skirt-corset variants are much more modern like. They will generate a pretty nice feeling of empowerment.

It all depends on what is your main idea about your attire.

If you’re looking for something fancier, I mean, you’re going to a Ballroom-like costume party, then my recommendation is you go for a steampunk long hat, some makeup, steampunk jewelry, and a dress.

On the other hand, if you’re pointing towards a Halloween party, then pick up a skirt, a shirt, and a corset.

I feel that this is a better combination for these circumstances. It’s a more suitable modern look for a fun night!

Steampunk Leather: Satchels, Backpacks, and Bracelets

There is a clear space for this kind of steampunk attachments, especially for the shirt-skirt outfit.

Leather sided backpacks and belts are a good way to go if you wanna point out the differences between your torso and your legs.

Take as an example this case. Imagine you’re wearing a steampunk corset and skirt.

If you find that the end of the corset and the waist straps of your skirt don’t match accordingly, an easy way out for this issue is to place a leather belt around your waist.

Brown belts are a pretty neat alternative too because they comply with the steampunk color rule that is usually applied.

If you don’t know what this is, it’s just simply the idea that steampunk always fluctuates between four or five colors: brown, gold, plated, black and copper. And that’s it.

From there on you can choose something more goth with darker colors or something more modern with lighter ones.

And you are able to choose other colors as well, but you must take into account that you might just fall into another style rather than the steampunk one.

Steampunk Boots

There are many types of steampunk shoes you can wear.

If you’re into the modern look we’ve been talking about, we recommend you to go for something more combat-like for the boot scenario.

This has also something to do with this empowerment feeling that we’ve been talking about.

Steampunk skirts and combat boots tend to create an impact on the viewer’s eyes. It’s a great opportunity to show off with some high quality handcrafted leather boots.

In this case, it’s not neccesary to look up for many steampunk details.

Yes, there are certain boots that are filled with pockets and stuff, but I believe it is not neccesary. A pair of leather calf boots will be good enough.

Steampunk Props

Are they necessary? Not at all, but if you’re looking for something more, you could try out a steampunk cane or a pocket watch.

But, as I’ve said before, if you are straight down following our guide steps, you won’t need them at all.

Steampunk Clothing for Men

Steampunk Head and Neck

Hats and caps

Steampunk hats are a great deal for men who are looking to compliment their steampunk suit.

There are many typs of steampunk hats that you can find out there, but basically, anything from long top hats to derby hats or even aviator caps can be worn.

Steampunk hats can be easily combined with some steampunk goggles. You don’t need to wear this on, just simply place them on top or around your hat topper to give this feeling of steampunk style.

If you’re looking for something more universal, then check out steampunk long top hats.

If you want something more unique, you can look for a leather aviator hat.

These are our two main recommendations for this particular case.

You can even go straight out with no hat at all. In this case, we strictly recommend you obtain a steampunk pair of goggles, monocle, or mask.

Can I combine my steampunk clothing with hats and masks?

Of course, you can, but you need to take into account that perhaps you won’t be left with much of you to show your real identity, as you’ll be covered up in steampunk stuff.

Steampunk Clothing and Makeup

Though we have seen pretty cool steampunk makeup designs out there, we don’t particularly suggest you to go for some makeup design for your steampunk party.

Why? Well, as a matter of fact, if you’re kind of into the topic and wanna try it out, you can take some ideas and take them into practice.

But the truth is that all of that wonderful steampunk makeup designs we’ve seen throughout the years are usually created by skilled professionals.

So unless you wanna spend some bucks on trying to reproduce a particular design with a pro, I recommend you to stay out of it.

Steampunk male and female outfit.

OKIMG_0423 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Clothing Designs for Men: Winter and Summer Style

This is where steampunk clothes get pretty interesting. There are quite a few steampunk suits that are really cool out there.

But I feel more comfortable just by splitting the subject into two main steampunk attire types.

Winter style: Steampunk Coats

I feel that it’s gonna be easier for you if we place it this way.

There are several reasons for this, and this doesn’t mean that you cannot combine this two styles together.

But the fact is that there are quite a few differences between one and the other.

In this case, the steampunk coat style will be more suitable for cold temperatures.

The best Steampunk coats you can find ouy there are crafted in leather.

Color combinations can vary between black, gold, copper and brown.

You will find even some styles that combine other colors as details as well, as you can see here.

There is quite a blend of goth, steampunk, and modernism in this area.

And we are cool with that. As long as it keeps ups with certain parameters, boundaries can be blurred from time to time.

Steampunk long coats can be easily combined with a pair of black jeans or brown trousers.

Remember to combine your boots in a similar fashion afterward.

Summer Style: Steampunk White Victorian Shirt, Bellpulls and Brown Trousers

This is another type of style you might wanna choose too. It’s way easier to reproduce than the one we talked before.

You just need a white shirt, some bellpulls and a brown trouser.

Roll up your sleeves, and you’re done with it.

As we’ve talked before, there is no major issue when combining this type of steampunk attire with a steampunk coat.

In fact, I find it that is a quite fascinating alternative for spring and autumn.

In this particular case, your steampunk style will be purely reflected in your complimentary steampunk hat and goggles.

This base attire is plain Victorian, after all.

Steampunk Boots

In this case, combat boots are a definite must. They are sturdy and have all of the steampunk attachments you need.

Steampunk combat boots will offer you once again some steampunk style in an overall classic victorian steampunk outfit.

If you combine a couple of steampunk combat boots with your hat and goggles, you’ll have your own steampunk clothing well accompanied.

The whole idea behind this steampunk man fashion guide is that when people look at you, they find an aesthetically pleasing balance between steampunk stuff and a Victorian style.

And in this case, if you combine appropriately your costume as we talked before, you’ll get them to the point.

There, you’ll find a balance. And that’s what we are looking for, after all.

Because it’s not about recommending just everything that is steampunk, but rather trying to give you the tools for you to find the perfect balance in your steampunk fashion design.

Steampunk Clothing and Fashion Design Ideas

What is it about steampunk fashion that gets us so excited about?

Is it a weird yet stylish combination of metal and leather artwork together with style wrapped up and placed in a post-apocalyptic suit?

Is it the Kato steampunk influence, which has penetrated into our mind as soon as we got to know her?

How would have said that those Victorian flowered corsets would have overshot to perforate even the most exquisite brands in the planet?

You’ll find some truth in all of these that we said before.

Steampunk fashion is, indeed, exciting.

It is difficult to find people around the globe that are not, at least, impressed by this kind of postindustrial style.

Details in jackets, bodices, boots, and necklaces are astonishing.

Like everything in this world, there is a key concept behind all of this: Success can only be achieved with precise combinations between elements.

 You’ll need to think about other accessories to combine with your steampunk clothing, such as long tail hats, goggles or watches.

Get a feel of this type of alternative history through steampunk fashion.

In our next section, we leave you with a couple of picks you’ll find useful if you’ve been reading our steampunk guide.

Steampunk Skirts

Sexy Skirt. For the bold girl

The first pick of our steampunk fashion section is this Steampunk mini skirt crafted by Haolin.

Well, we can say these people have mastered the steampunk skirt fashion business.

Why is that? Because the accomplished to include all that matters for steampunk in this tiny piece.

It has the light brown leather pouch at the side, some gears out there, and an elegant Victorian finish.

Watch out, it might be a little bit cheek revealer.

Check out Haolins new steampunk sexy skirt right here.

Long Skirt. A little more privacy, please.

For those who want a bit more of intimacy, we bring you our second choice.

Again, Haolin impresses us with the MasterCraft of this design.

This steampunk long dress has that uniqueness in its victorian layered clothing that when compiled with soft black leather pouches and belt at the waist completes the idea.

Ideal for waists around 70-90cm, but you can rip the elastic off in case it fits you tight.

Check it out on their link here.

Mid Size Skirt. In between.

Our third choice is in between our last two.

In this skirt, what Haolin brings us is the same features our previous design has.

Layered victorian steampunk clothing in an oblique fashion, so that knees can be barely seen.

This skirt is compliant with any waist size.

Pouches on the side well built and have plenty of space if you don’t wanna carry your purse.

We feel this skirt is a great choice!

Hi-Low Brown Skirt

Our last pick is brought to you by Largemouth. Once again, we chose a high low steampunk skirt.

We recommend this type of skirts because they are more friendly to everyone.

Layered brown and cream colors are a characteristic of Victorian fashion.

This, combined with some brass belt or some other gadgets, makes it up for the steampunk fashion hallway.

Check it out! Note that accessories are not included.

Steampunk satchels and bags that will leave you breathless

These section of our steampunk fashion webpage is nuts. If you take a quick look at these items, you will see that they are simply amazing!


Waist Belt Messenger Bag

HaoLin, you did it again. This light leather waist belt with a messenger bag is simply outstanding.

Does it have steampunk details in brass? Check.

Does it include steampunk gamut of colors? Check.

These type of satchels are what every steampunk skirt deserves.

We recommend you to avoid combinations with steampunk corsets and coats because there will be quite a superposition there.

This waist belt messenger bag is a must for leather lovers.

Motorcycle Bag

Our second pick is brought to you by SteelMaster. This kind of bag is exceptional.

Traditionally, they’ve been called “motorcycle” bags.

This bag can be easily used in the waist or shoulder.

It is built entirely from pure leather, destined to last long.

The belt is adjustable. Thumbs up. We believe it can be combined easily with some steampunk long coat. Check it out here.

Steampunk Backpack

Our third pick is a steampunk backpack crafted by Steelsir.

This backpack is fascinating. There is a lot of detail and effort placed in the design.

The gears and chains are precisely placed. The amount of accessories is just right. The perfect companion for your steampunk clothing.

The little pockets on the side come in handy. It has another big pocket in the back part.

People who bought this item are in love with it.

Travel Bag

Our last pick is for daredevils only. This last backpack is crafted by Steel master.

Outstanding design.

It a one of a kind steampunk bag. It will catch everyone’s eye when they see it.

Steelmaster is a guarantee of high-quality fashion.

This backpack is perfect for a steampunk costume.

We recommend you to combine it with a Victorian shirt and a steampunk hat for proper cosplay. Steel Master’s work of art can be found here.

Victorian Corsets are the Cornerstone of Steampunk Clothing for Women


Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Corset

We think our first pick is the best overall in what steampunk corset matters.

Why? Because Alivila.Y brings us here a versatile corset.

It comes in a vast array of colors. It’s been crafted in an 82% spandex matrix, with 12 steel bones.

This makes it stiff enough to be a corset, but also flexible and comfortable to use.

The front zipper is also a great feature that facilitates its use.

Besides, the Victorian style is well recreated in the jacquard. A great alternative you can check out here.

Stripe Boned Bustier Corset

Charmian has a tradition for high-quality steampunk fashion.

In the case of steampunk corsets, we can see that clearly with this model.

The retro brocade Victorian stripe boned bustier corset is an example of a high-quality steampunk item.

Flawlessly crafted, Victorian details and steampunk array of colors can be seen at first sight.

We recommend you to combine this bustier corset with some steampunk skirt we talked about earlier and you’ re ready to go.

Underbust Waist Corset

Our third pick is kind of different than the others.

The thing that waist corsets have is that they offer steampunk fashion with a reasonable quote.

If you combine this waist corset by Camellias with a white top shirt and a steampunk long hat with goggles, you have your style.

This is why we recommend this product. Besides, you can get this corset in plus sizes.

Steampunk Victorian Corset

Our last corset is classic Victorian styled with steampunk hardware.

Though you won’t find gears on this one, the Victorian fashion is truly developed in this model.

You will recognize the outstanding Victorian theme on the jacquard, and the brass details in the chains and buttons.

People love the quality of this corset.

That is why we placed it in our collections.

Steampunk Clothing Designs and Ideas on Pinterest

Yes! We’ve opened our own steampunk Fashion Pinterest boards! You can check them out regularly for new steampunk designs and ideas.

You’ll find lots of fascinating designs from people from all over the world.

Check them out at our Pinterest Board here. https://pin.it/7xd4pw5c2knhem

If you liked our fashion collections, check our steampunk goggles section. In there you will find the most creative steampunk inventions for cosplay and everyday use you’ll ever find!