These are the Steampunk Costumes for your next Halloween Party

Halloween is ringing at our door in no time, and we haven’t had a single thought about what our costume will be.

Shall I wear a mask?

Is it gonna be the usual mummy costume we are all used to?

Grab to your seats while you take a look at our steampunk costumes.

It’s time for a Victorian spin-off.

In here, you will find exquisite clothes with touches of fashion embedded in copper and brass, and tiny gears and coils will lead the way.

OKIMG_8619 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Victorian Halloween costumes with a sparkle of brass glam

In this section, it time for you to get creative.

Think about mixing one flowered corset, one coat, some leather pouches and boots and a long hat for the perfect Halloween costume.

Or maybe, you’d rather wear something more distinctive.

Are you a stylish gentleman who would wear a Victorian Halloween costume in black boots and a phantom opera steampunk themed mask?

The decision is up to you.

In here, we will show you the disguises we have found are the best quality out there in the market.

It is all about the combinations!

Also, check out plus size steampunk attire picks.

Why do we choose Steampunk costumes?

Steampunk costumes have a unique sense of simplicity and style at the same time.

They reflect a sense of epic that hides deep in our stories. They are the perfect combination between distinct and original.

With steampunk costumes, we can disguise our puppies and pets.

Also, its a perfect theme for events from Halloween up to marriages.

Four steampunk costumes for women, Our Collection


If you fancy a female steampunk costume for your next Halloween, then this is the right place for you.

These steampunk costumes for women come as a full steampunk outfit bundle.

You won’t have to worry about purchasing additional items to complement your steampunk disguise.

We’ll talk about our first pick.

California Costumes:  Women’s Steampunk Girl Costume

First of all, this woman steampunk costume is amazing for one main reason.

It comes with all the accessories.

If you get it, you’re going to obtain the steampunk hat, goggles and wrist cuffs as well.

It’s a pretty smart way to solve Halloween’s costume in one shot.

Besides, several reviewers have claimed cleavage is not inappropriate at all.

Feel free to take a look at it right here.

Steampunk Girl Tween Costume: California Costumes did it again

Our second pick is much more colorful than what steampunk tends to be.

But isn’t that the idea?

Brought to you by California Costumes, this woman steampunk costume for Halloween is a little bit less goth than our previous one.

And you can see the details in the skirt and hair.

Once again, California Costumes delights us with the whole set of steampunk accessories: gloves, goggles, choker, and buttons.

It’s an exceptional alternative for a female steampunk cosplay. Find it here.

Steampunk Babe Sexy costume

Why did we pick our third vest?

We went into the sexy steampunk costume here.

This third attire is brought to you by Roma Costumes.

his marvelous copper corset has been combined with the skirt and the top for a perfect combination. It also comes with gadgets.

Take note: you will need to hand wash this steampunk dress in order to clean it.

Vintage Gothic Overbust Corset and Skirt

Once again, in our fourth pick, we chose something different. Hybrid.

This steampunk goth skirt + corset has that dualism in itself.

You will be able to wear it in Halloween.

But if you mix it with a proper steampunk jacket and high boots, then you got your steampunk style.

It has wonderful woven victorian details in the corset and in the floral lace.

Don’t forget to check out the zipper when you receive your package.

It comes in sizes 2XL for plus size steampunk lovers.

Top 4 women steampunk jackets

We know you are looking for the best steampunk jacket for women.

That is the reason for our special collection.


Steampunk Floral Jacket Coat

Take a look at our first pick.

Once again, you will notice a floral theme over the black long coat and you will notice something: Design.

Steampunk has a lot of brass and tin in the details.

Our steampunk coat needs to be sober, but not dull, in order to combine with other accessories and impress.

Reviewers love it because this correctness in style allows them to use it in everyday life.

Check out this Floral Steampunk Jacket Coat right here.

Burgundy Steampunk Tail Jackets

Our second choice is all about Burgundy Velvet.

As our previous jacket, this is brought to you by Pretty Attitude.

Expect high quality.

That Burgundy Velvet color is just fascinating.

The Victorian design allows multiple combinations with steampunk accessories for a great costume.

For those who asked, the waist can be adjusted to your needs.

The amount of detail placed on the buttons is overwhelming.

For those who are looking for the link, you can have it right here.

Gothic – Steampunk Tail Jackets

Our third pick follows our previous idea.

This Victorian tail jacket that we are presenting to you has a chiclet rose vivid color that I’ve never seen before.

If you are running on a tight schedule, and won’t get to have your Halloween costume ready, then get this coat, some light leather high boots, and a white trouser.

Add a pair of steampunk goggles and you are done!

We’ve never seen a Gothic Steampunk Tail Jacket Coat like this one before!

Victorian Goth Steampunk Jackets

Once again, our fourth pick has to do with the alternative steampunk.

In here, what you see is a gorgeous black goth steampunk jacket.

You can find the differences in the black leather color of its attachments and buttons.

We love this jacket because it can be easily combined with everyday clothes, such as blue jeans and black boots.

If you wanna go full steampunk, then you can.

But if you wanna have some steampunk details, this will do just fine.

Black goth victorian Steampunk Jackets are always a solution for a fast and sleek costume design.

Steampunk male costumes in 2019

When we talk about costumes for men, we have to basically narrow to steampunk vests and more.

Why is this? Because in those vests, you will find the perfect scaffold for your steampunk costume.

This is why we bring you here three steampunk vests and one full costume.


Double breasted Steampunk vest with waistcoat

We chose this product first because you can see from a mile away we are recommending quality.

Take a look at this fascinating double breasted goth vest.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, that is way more goth than steampunk.

As a matter of fact, it is.

But, as we said earlier, this will be the scaffold for your steampunk costume.

Add a plated mask, a long hat and a pair of goggles. There you go.

Victorian has gone the steampunk way with this Double Breasted Gothic Steampunk Waistcoat.

Spiral Steel Boned Waistcoat Vest

Our second vest chose by Charmian is truly a steampunk item.

Why? Because it displays this brownish gamma and details are in gold.

This is the classic combination that steampunk has to offer.

Place this over your white shirt, put one some steampunk makeup and you are ready to go.

Be warned, too much leather on your pants and boots will make look more Western than Steampunk.

Charmian Spiral Steel boned victorian waistcoat vest are another pretty amazing way to go for your costume party!

Gentlemen Costume

Our third pick is brought to you by Forum Novelties.

This steampunk cosplay costume has a couple of advantages.

Our reviewers have ranked it as a high-quality product.

Well, perhaps it’s not the best out there, but good enough for the price.

The pants and jacket are the only products you’ll receive. The rest is not included.

A couple of steampunk accessories is what it needs in order to get the steampunk spirit.

This Men Steampunk Gentlemen Costume is great for steampunk initiation.

Steampunk Tailcoat Vest

Our fourth pick is about long-tailed vests.

What about them? They just transpire the Victorian style and design.

And that is why we love them. Again, a couple of white trousers with a brown belt and boots will fit into the steampunk style.

These long-tailed coats are just amazing. In this case, remember that what you are paying for is a costume.

Nevertheless,  the build quality in this Gothic Tailcoat Costume is great!

Our steampunk hats collection

What you will find in this collection is premium crafted hats only.

We know this is the costumes corner. But if you are here is because you’ve seen a lot of low budget creations out there.

What we bring here, is a piece of fearlessness for the steampunk fan.


Medallion Steampunk Top Hat

Our first steampunk leather hat is created by American Hat Makers.

There is an exquisite style in this marble brown leather hat.

The surrounding red medallion hart wrap is fundamental.

It contains the essence of the Post-Victorian era.

Now you would need to complement this beautiful hat with some retrofuturistic goggles.

Marlow-Malfoy Band Steampunk Hat

On our second place, we find another hat by American Hat Makers.

What we love about these guys is that everything they craft is robust, durable, solid.

So when we take a look at this steampunk hats, we know we are gonna have something for the rest of our lives.

Besides, this model has an amazing dragon wrap design.

In the Marlow Malfow Band Hat you’ll find a spin-off to your steampunk adventure!

Steampunk Top Hats For Beginners

Our third pick is oriented to our beginners in steampunk.

Not so sure what to wear? This long hat will give you some steampunk identity, but you must accessorize it in order to improve your post-industrial – victorian style.

Some steampunk glasses will do the trick.

High quality crafted, reviewers tend to describe the Steampunk Top Hat as “the real thing”.

Go for it!

Burning Man Victorian Top Hat

On our last spot, we chose this steampunk cap because we believe that many of you will buy these items for Halloween and that’s it.

In this case, this long hat brought to you by Arsimus, includes goggles and gears.

It’s fancy, it comes with the whole thing.

We think The Burning Man Victorian Top Hat is the perfect combo for a once in a lifetime steampunk Halloween theme.


OKIMG_0587 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk animal costumes

The main item that will turn your traditional attire into a true steampunk costume will be your steampunk mask.

Basically, there are four main steampunk masks that will truly reflect the animal nature of your steampunk outfit.

These are the cat, the wolf, the goat, and the deer masks.

But, we believe that if you add up any other type of animal mask that is treated with similar steampunk aesthetics, then they will do the trick as well.

They might not have the bolts and gears that you need, but as long as they fit well into the whole attire, you won’t need much more accessories on your mask to prove your steampunk attire.

Check out the links above to see what steampunk animal mask fits your steampunk costume in the best way.

You can also check out our steampunk masks section for more models and ideas.

Steampunk costumes for couples

There are a couple of items to consider when buying a steampunk costume cosplay for couples.

First, you need to find steampunk costumes that were built by the same manufacturer.

Why? Because there has to be a certain coincidence between types of clothes and attachments.

Also, there must be certain confluence regarding the topic.

You don’t want your fiancee to go to Halloween with a steampunk goth costume while you are wearing a West Wild Steampunk attire. This has to be considered as well.

And the last thing you might want to take into account it the array of colors.

Although there is not much difference between steampunk costumes, we recommend you to grab a couple of costumes that are in the same color line.

We recommend you to check out these steampunk costumes by California costumes: The steampunk male adventurer costume and the women’s steampunk girl costume

These costumes both comply with our previous statements.

Besides, the steampunk attire bundle is an easy solution for any costume party.

The only thing that you might want is an additional steampunk prop.

But this will be complimentary for your steampunk outfit.

We bring you an additional steampunk couple costumes from Forum Novelties. You will find them also built in great quality materials. A quite fine Steampunk Gentlemen and Madame Costume for the couple.

This bundle is another great option for your Halloween.


OKIMG_3386 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk costumes for adults

When we talk about steampunk costumes for adults, you know what we mean.

You will find some steampunk sexy collections in here.

They are not mean for Halloween parties. Or at least, that is what we believe, but it’s up to you!

There is a blend between steampunk sexy costumes, steampunk costumes for adults and steampunk burlesque costumes in this category.

Steampunk burlesque costumes ignite people’s fantasies in our intimate world.

Choose from an overbust burlesque corset, a hat, or an outfit to fulfill your fantasy.

Think about your own Steampunk Moulin Rouge at home.

Otherwise, you can choose from a steampunk sexy leather corset, a dress or a pirate costume to reproduce a whole different scene!

Steampunk costumes ideas and DIY projects

If you are looking for some steampunk DIY ideas for your next project, then we recommend you to go straight to our blog section.

In there, we have created a whole blog that is full of steampunk costume ideas for four DIY projects.

There are even a couple of Youtube links which you can follow and will lead you to different attire ideas.

If you are into creating your own steampunk hat, skirt or even corset, then we suggest you check it out.

Here is the link: Steampunk costume DIY project guide

 Victorian steampunk will always live forever in our retrofuturistic world.

Cause steampunk rules!

If you bought your steampunk costume, but you feel you need a couple of gadgets or some props, check out our steampunk store homepage for the leisure time section!