Your Steampunk DIY Costume Guide

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Why is this one the best steampunk DIY guide? Well, because we’ve gathered each and every one project that is about steampunk DIY and we’ve synthesized it for our audience. Now you will see what it takes to build your own steampunk DIY costumes and decor.

Hope you’re excited as we are. Let’s go.

How to create your own steampunk costumes?

Steampunk DIY hat tutorial

Steampunk hats are our first DIY because we know how much they mean for our steampunk costume, for that, we will need. Contact glue, epoxy, a couple of scissors, craft foam, a sharp knife, hairdryer, a pattern, black acrylic paint, wax paste, and a foam mat.

OKIMG_6382 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Build the scaffold

For this, you will want to grab some paper sheet model from any webpage. Or you can even build one yourself. The idea is that you place the model over the mat foam. If you have a scalpel, cut your models into the foam. In this way, you’ll get the pieces that are necessary to create a long hat.

Now with your contact glue, you must attach the borders. By doing so, you’ll end up with a nicely built foam hat. This is the scaffold we were looking for.

Add up some Victorian style

Now with the hairdryer, you must point at the edge of the hat. This will soften the foam and allow us to have some curvature on the design. Beware. If you point at the intersection between pieces with the hairdryer, there are chances that your hat will unglue and fall apart.

Place your craft foam

You will want now to start cutting your craft foam in random squares. You will distribute unevenly this craft foam over the foam hat.  Continue until there is no more base foam visible on the hat.

Trim the overlapping if needed with your scalpel.

Create the steampunk decoration

With the epoxy resin, place little ribbons on the edge of our foam squares. This will give the industrial look at the end of our project.  You will need to use epoxy several times. Besides, you will need to open up its container a couple of times, because you will find that epoxy dries surprisingly fast.

It’s time for black

When you’re done and the epoxy is dry, start coloring your hat in black acrylic. You must ensure that every inch of the hat is covered in black. This is going to be our base color. If you’d like it to be other than black, we suggest you go for dark brown.

We believe that plated and gold are not good ideas in this particular case since this will mean that the hat will look extremely artificial

Steampunk decorations

Apply gently, preferably with your fingers, an amount of gold or copper coloring to your hat. This must be done gently, in order to keep the black as a base color.

The result will be a spectacular black copper DIY steampunk hat. If you follow the rules but you are uncertain about any of the steps, you can check the YouTube video by LostWax. He explains it in a simple manner.

If you felt that this is way too much, and you’d rather skip the “creating the hat” step, then you can check out our steampunk fashion spot. At the end of the post,  you’ll find a selection of neat hats for your costume! Check the link here.

Steampunk DIY goggles tutorial

There are many categorical items that make someone much more steampunk than anyone else. And steampunk goggles are one of those main items. This part of the post is intended for you to create your own steampunk DIY goggles in no time.


For this project you will need: Some glasses to work out as a scaffold, foam sheet, a scalpel, acrylic paint (brown and black), contact glue, epoxy, liquid latex, and some yarn.

The beginning

You must think about some google pattern, and translate to a white paper. Once you have that, start cutting your pattern into the foam sheet. You need two pieces that will be the “width” of your goggles. You’ll see this happens when you glue their ends together.  This piece will be the “monocle” of your goggles. It is important that you choose not a cylindrical form, but something that has a goggle shape.

Once you have this, we suggest you place another foam to reinforce your google “width” piece.  This reinforces “width” piece will have enough place for you to stick the front goggles piece in place.

Steampunk DIY trinkets

You need to get some tiny foam round circles. In order to do that, you can harvest a couple with a hole puncher from a spare foam sheet. Glue them to your “front” piece, and cut right through them to make them look like screws.

Work on the nose and the strap pieces

Now you have to bond your two monocles into a one piece. In order to do that, we recommend you to create two foam pieces. You must glue your lower and upper piece into one.

Symmetry is a virtue during this step. You must be extremely careful because asymmetry won’t look good on your design.

Once you’re done, you must glue your strap to both sides. Add some epoxy dots on the strap sides. The industrial feeling comes up here again.

Buckle time

If you’re into creating a buckle, then you must follow these steps.

You must create some sort of inverted T type plastic model that must poke one end of the strap. This plastic model must be thin enough so that it can be covered by another foam strip.

This foam strip will be glued to the plastic model and go straight up, without touching the T spike, and once again glued to itself. The inverted T will be sandwiched between foam. The result will be a buckle with the little T spike that will allow us to catch the other strap.

Once you’re done, create little holes on the other strap.

There you go, we have our buckle now.

Base painting

Now its time for foam paint. We recommend you to paint with a mix of acrylic black paint and latex. This will give some sturdiness to your design because it will be embedded in rubber.  But it’s up to you.

Steampunk DIY details

It’s time to apply metallic acrylic paint. Once again, apply gently your acrylic paint on your goggles.  We recommend you to use acrylic gold or copper for your overall design and use some plated paint for your screws in the front part.

If you think that your goggles are quite simple, you can always add up some gears to the side.

DIY Goggles: Lenses

Take out the lenses from those sunglasses we talked about before. Make sure that these are round, like John Lennon’s glasses. These will be way much better than any other design because they will allow you to fit them in place with no major issues.

Another technical note: If these lenses are black, then better.  Try not to wear transparent goggles. At least not in this project.

If you feel that there is some step that is untidy, you can check out this Youtube video where it is better explained.  Once again, the original creator of this idea is Lost Wax. And it’s pretty cool because it features similar materials and a similar steampunk design.

But if you feel that this is too much, and you’d rather skip this step, we recommend you to check our goggles spot. In there you will find amazing yet cheap steampunk google crafts. And there is another tutorial of other goggles crafted with things you can find at home depot store. Check the link here.

DIY steampunk gas-mask

Well, what we can say about steampunk DIY masks is that they can be really hard to achieve, or we can find simpler ways to create them. In our case, we believe that is better of starting with simple projects and afterward advancing to more complex ones.

OKIMG_1001 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

In this case, we believe that a steampunk gasmask is easier to create. But we will leave you a link if you wanna check out other steampunk masks, such as a DIY for the plague doctor.

But if you ask us, once after you went well with this one, we’d suggest you go for the other one.


For this steampunk mask, you will need an air cleaner mask with a dual cartridge. We leave you the link for this, and take a close look because whatever mask you choose is the one that will be your main theme. There are certain masks that are not fit for this purpose. Check the mask in the link that we leave you here.

Other materials: Silver and gold spray paint. Coffee. Gold nail varnish. Gears and cogs. Marker spitzer tool and marker. Metallic acrylic is optional.

Basic painting

You will start first by disassembling the air filter cartridges and pieces from the mask. Separate the air filters from the rest. These structural parts from the mask that are left will be colored with spray paint. We recommend you to mix copper and gold for a Victorian effect.

Air filters must be stained

In order to do this, you will make a cup of coffee for yourself. And one for the mask. With a little bit of coffee, just stain the interior of the air filter cartridges. This will give a post-apocalyptic look to your face.

Add up the steampunk part by contouring the cartridge borders with gold nail varnish.  Let dry.

Mask assembly

Once you’re done, assemble the parts. You can now start contouring the rest of the mask’s borders with gold. You must take care not to load up all of the mask with gold coating.

Steampunk decor

Now its time to place some cogs and gears. We recommend you to place some at the air filters and around. Take into account that you will need to create some sort of postapocalyptic pattern. It is not only just placing gears all around.

Glue them to the places where you feel they will fit in a more steampunk way.

Final touches

Once you’re done with that, you can rub some metallic acrylic over your mask for a vintage effect. Also, these masks come up with a cloth that separates your face from the rest. You might apply some brown paint with the spitzer tool at this time.

If you are putting on some metallic acrylic, you must place it gently and little amounts must be used.  Let everything dry and you are ready to go.

We will leave you a YouTube link in which KlairedelysArt describes this process clearly. This idea is really cool, but there are also some other pretty amazing steampunk masks, like the plague doctor. You can find a steampunk DIY tutorial for this here, but we thought this might be just a little bit hard to achieve. But if you wanna take a shot then be our guest!

Take a look at our steampunk masks page for more ideas!

OKIMG_3168 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk DIY costume

In here we will talk about the rest of the steampunk costume that has to come for a perfect steampunk DIY disguise. Because you still need a jacket, a shirt, some trousers, and some boots. Keep reading to find out more.

Steampunk jacket

The steampunk jacket must not necessarily be steampunk at all. We suggest you get some long sleeved brown or gray shirt. If it has some gold buttons or golden dotted decoration, even better.

You should get some studded black leather from another shirt and cut off a piece that is big enough to place it over your shoulders and that covers the upper third of your back.  Glue it into place.

You can do the same thing for the front pocket on the jacket.

Add up some coke can ring pulls to the buttons. They are a creative way to metalize up your jacket. You can even place a chain that goes from one side pocket to the other.

We even recommend you to attach some pendant on this chain. Another way can be just by using a steampunk necklace around your neck.

Steampunk shirt

You need to grab some victorian styled shirt from an outfit store. They usually tend to have ruffled cuffs. Remember that this will be secondary because you will have your jacket on top.

Steampunk skirt

Your steampunk skirt can be black, cream, or brown colored. We prefer two layered skirts because they bring a lot more color to the costume. But it’s logical to have only one main color. If this is gonna be the way. then we recommend you a black skirt.

If you feel that the black skirt is not enough, then buy cream or plated underskirt and it will do the trick. The skirt and the underskirt can be sown to adjust for the waist.

From the skirt to the shirt: Straps

For this part of the DIY tutorial, we suggest you to grab some old military double buckle belt from a shop. Cut it in half and sew them into the waistband of the skirt.

Place a little of the skirt up and tighten it up to the holes in the belt.

Steampunk corset

You can create an easy DIY corset by picking up a skirt and getting crafty with your hands. Make sure that the skirt fits your ribcage. Corsets are around 35 cm in height, so that is where you should start cutting. Make a fold on both ends and sew it on top of each other.

You must take into account that the skirt you choose must have holes on both sides. For this, you must punch holes on both sides with an Eyelet Punch. Now thread some ribbon in a cross pattern and tie it up at the top.

Steampunk Gloves

While this is purely optional, you can grab some bike gloves from a shop. With a little spraypainting in black and gold and some studded leather decoratives placed, they are ready to go!.

Steampunk belt

This one is not so optional. We recommend you to get this at the shop. A studded black leather belt will be great.

If you want to have a graphical idea about what we are talking about, we suggest you check out this video by LiveitLikeLisa.

If you got to this part of the post, you must have lots of ideas in your head by now.

If you feel that it will be easier to grab some things from the store rather than DIY’s, or if you need a couple more of ideas, then we recommend you to look into our steampunk costumes and fashion page.

Maybe you can grab a fancy corset or a skirt and skip up some steps in your DIY project! You can find these resources on our steampunk homepage. Check it out!






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