10 Best Steampunk Furniture Ideas for your Home Decor

If you want to add some steampunk furniture to your home but don’t know which decor items you should pick then this is the perfect post for you.

In here, you will find those resources you need to turn upside down your kitchen, bathroom or even living room with some of the most unique steampunk furniture items there are out there.

But where does all of this steampunk interior design style come from?

Keep reading to find out more!

What do I place in my steampunk living room?

Steampunk historical context

First of all, you will need to take into account that steampunk culture emerges from a post-industrial victorian age.

Once you accept this initial concept, you might have a glance at what this is all about.

In steampunk furniture design and style, you will find lots of pipelines and gears, coated in brass tin and copper.

Now the second idea that must come to mind is about energy. The main source of energy in steampunk is steam related.

There are just a few electric items hanging around. Electricity has been recently not long ago by that time.

For this reason, if you add up functionality to your items, you will get steam everywhere.

Now when these two concepts are applied to everyday home decor items such as furniture, a dim yet sophisticated effect can be achieved.

This, in essence, is what we want to find when we look around at steampunk furniture

Steampunk Home Decor Ideas

Triumph Steampunk By Chris Huggins. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk furniture for Home equals to art

Art in steampunk is the result of a strict balance between parts combined with design.

This inspiration originally comes from the Victorian era.

Retrofuturism of an alter era is the creative key to unlock wonderful pieces of art.

You will find art in transparent clocks, where the brass gear will have a certain fashion in its core. You will also find it in Newtonian lightbulbs.

They create a sense of alter technological development.

These two items are a great example of what certain steampunk details can bring to your living room or kitchen.

Art can also be pursued through steampunk handcrafting. There are lots of DIY crafts that can be found spread on the internet.

I think that the steampunk art pieces we will show you are going to feed you decorative steampunk needs.

In DIY projects, additional degrees of freedom will be seen. The coils, springs, and gears can add up in such exciting ways that unique artwork will be found.

Find that tin man statue to place in the middle of your living room. Or just hang some steampunk painting on your kitchen wall. Find that steampunk furniture item that will suit you best.

Steampunk room: design ideas of a Victorian-Industrial fusion

Whether you choose one type of steampunk home decor or the other, you must know you will bring a distinct industrial style to your place. Therefore, this is the right place for new ideas to come into your mind.

It might strike you that your living room couch could be colored copper with brass endings. Or your lightbulbs just a little dimmer this time.

All of these steampunk furniture design ideas are valid only if you follow a simple rule: Combine victorian and industrial in one single piece. Get creative!

Steampunk furniture and interior design

DSC02611 by ume-y. Licensed under CC.

Five Steampunk Furniture Ideas

Steampunk Home Furniture Style: Retrofuturistic and Industrial in one piece.

Followed by our previous principles, there are certain standards when talking about steampunk furniture that cannot be left apart.

The steampunk furniture style must always include combinations between metal and wood.

Why? As we’ve talked long before, wood is one of the main elements that compose most of the items that could have ever been created during the Victorian period.

If we add up the idea that metal is the key component that allowed evolution during this period, well, then you have the answer you were looking for.

A cool way to bring this concept to life is to recover an antique furniture and steampunk it!

You need to be completely sure that this piece of furniture has a certain Victorian style within. If not, you won’t have that effect you were looking for.

What we talked about before could be an easy way to create your own steampunk furniture DIY project.

But perhaps you are not that type of steampunk lover, and would just rather buy the steampunk furniture. And that is ok!

We have found incredibly talented artists that have crafted lots of steampunk furniture for living rooms, bathrooms, bars, and even chairs!

Steampunk Chairs and Seats

Are you looking to create your own steampunk bar but have no time to spend crafting your own items?

Take a look at this steampunk round seat. It’s simply perfect. It’s a 100% metallic steampunk chair with subtle vintage details.

There is nothing out there that is similar to this item. Take a look at it in the link right here. You will find the inspiration you need.

There is also another kind of steampunk chairs that can be found. These tend to be a little bit more rustic than what we’ve seen before.

Crafted in tin and copper, these type of chairs can be used as steampunk home decor for living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

The real deal behind steampunk metallic chairs it that they are practical in any way. Due to their crafting materials, these chairs won’t bend easily to weight and will withstand filth with ease.

They are a great way to add up some steampunk color to your room without compromising much of the style.

There are a couple from Amazon that I found that represent what I am talking about. You can find them here.

I think that for steampunk, gunmetal is the color to go for. You won’t miss with this one.

Steampunk Tables

Though this is a hard one to find out there, there are a couple of designs that share the steampunk aesthetics. After all, any type of furniture designer who creates a chair or a seat will want his coffee table to correlate.

For this reason, there are a couple of steampunk tables that are quite acceptable.

For example, Coaster Home Furnishings has a three-piece set that includes a steampunk coffee table, sofa table, and end table and they sell it as a bundle. Everything is crafted in rustic brown and dark metal colors.

The color gamut they chose is pretty impressive because it perfectly fits our steampunk color rules.

Though I feel this is what will fit exactly into your steampunk living or dining room, it is up to you to check it out and see it by yourself. You can see what we are talking about here.

You need to understand that this will be one more piece of the puzzle. Don’t expect to impress your guests with your new steampunk table if you don’t have at least one more steampunk piece.

All in all, these type of steampunk tables are what everyone looks for when trying to prop up a modern steampunk home decor style.

Steampunk Wardrobe

What would you expect from a steampunk wardrobe to be? If you come to think about it, it must have at least some victorian wood crafts on their doors. Or it could even be made out of all plain tin.

If you look deeper into these concepts, you’ll realize that there is a clash between the classic romantic and modern futuristic styles.

In this case, we would say that if you are pimping up your bedroom with steampunk furniture, then you might just think about the direction where you’re heading to.

Are you going for something more classic? Then think on steampunk victorian and steampunk gothic furniture.

This would mean you go for lots of dark wood, black colors, refined details and borders, and style.

If you feel you are going more into the industrial design, then go for modern steampunk items. Think about upcycled, vintage and pipe-crafted steampunk furniture.

Now it’s the time to rethink about something out of the box. Perhaps it’s a steampunk metalized wardrobe. Who knows.

This is the place where you want to get creative.

Start building your steampunk furniture. Download 3d models and gather around with a carpenter. You’ll get the job done in no time.

Steampunk Garden Furniture

In this particular subsection, you will find much more upcycled and vintage antiquities than before? Why?

The reason is simple, recycling discarded stuff is the prettiest way to achieve a certain look.

And when we talk about steampunk garden furniture, it must be crafted to last long.

Therefore, what you will find is that there are lots of upcycled furniture that are steampunk styled in some or other way.

Every piece of furniture that is crafted in recycled pipes will have a steampunk soul in some way or another.

And the whole idea behind this steampunk outdoor furniture section is that there is much more freedom in the steampunk furniture for your patio than what there is for your living room.

And this is true in many ways. Take for example a recycled table. If its plain out made of pipes, there is steampunk in it. If its wood, not necessarily. Plain simple.

If you still can’t figure it out I recommend you to check out this steampunk table.

As we’ve said before, you can see in these handmade types of furniture that you can feel some steampunk style on them.

Steampunk Office Furniture

This is a tough one. There is not pretty much straightforward steampunk office furniture out there.

Yes, you can eventually find some office chairs and seats, but I feel they are not probably the most suitable steampunk elements out there.

There is a reason for this. There is something playful in steampunk.

It’s not that it can’t be combined with work. As a matter of fact, I bet you will find lots of creative studios that have included steampunk elements into their design.

But the truth is, there is not that amount of stuff as you can find for other places at home.

I feel that those items pretty much close to steampunk you’ll find will include dark brown leather and chrome eventually.

Take as an example this steampunk office seat.

Yes, it might apply as a steampunk office chair. But, as I’ve said, it MIGHT.


Steampunk lighting

Steampunk’d By Christophe Goessen. Licensed under CC.

Five Steampunk Furniture and Lighting Ideas

What are the main steampunk lighting parts?

This proposal is conceptual rather than concrete.

To answer these, we must assume there are certain concepts that must be included in steampunk lighting that must be considered together with any type of steampunk furniture of your choice.

Our first rule about the steampunk lightbulbs.

They must contain copper wires inside. Classically, these light bulbs are called Newtonian, or Edwardian.

This rememorates the time when they were created. Back in that time, big lightbulbs with copper strands were the state of the art technology regarding lighting.

This type of light bulb offers a warm but shallow light to your room. It can get comfy but mysterious at the same time.

We recommend you to place them in living rooms or bathrooms. But try not to use them in places where you need lots of light because you won’t be able to get this from them.

What we’ve exposed previously adds up to form our nº2 rule: Lighting must provide a dim atmosphere.

There is something epic and mysterious in steampunk. There are even times when it comes in a combined format with goth in movies and interior design.

We state this as a separate concept because you must consider in a strict manner if you are going to go for steampunk lighting or not.

There will be some rooms in your home that won’t be suitable for this type of lighting.

Lighting DIY and supplies

There are a couple of lighting DIY tutorials, specially oriented to create lamps. You can check them out at our steampunk lamps post.

Anyway, there are a couple of steampunk DIY lighting kits that are sold out there.

My recommendation is to inform yourself a little bit before buying these kits because they are basically a bundle that contains pipes, wires, and Newtonian light bulbs.

Perhaps you can get a cheaper deal if you take note from one of the tutorials we’ve to talk about in our lamps post and go buy separately each part from a hardware store.

Steampunk Art Lighting

This is the most wanted combination that each and every steampunk lover is looking for. Everybody wants a perfect balance between an artistic expression and lights.

And though the answer to this riddle is quite wide, we will try to make a point out of this one.

What do we mean with wide? Well, we would need to think what do we mean by lighting.

Not art, because we all know what we want from the artistic point of view. But when we talk about lighting, do we mean lamps?

And by lamps, we can go even deeper: Ceiling lamps, Wall lamps, Floor lamps.

Though we have talked in previous posts about steampunk lighting in interior design, we will cover some basic aspects of steampunk lighting at different rooms.

Steampunk Furniture for Bathroom and Lighting

This is probably one of the easiest lighting riddles to solve. There are plenty of choices to pick from and place in the bathroom.

The whole idea behind steampunk bathroom lighting is that copper tubes and Newtonian lightbulbs will work just fine.

Many people tend to mix some steampunk copper bassinets or vanities with the rest of the home decor to craft a neat steampunk style.

The only thing you must take into account is that you must respect the metal you have previously used.

For example, do not even try out placing bathroom tin lamps if you’ve previously placed steampunk brass bassinets or towel racks.

If you try this out, you won’t have any trouble at all to achieve your steampunk bathroom design.

Steampunk Kitchen Furniture and Lighting

In this case, the rule we talked before does not strictly apply. Why? Well, you must be picky in this situation because there are lots of copper items in a steampunk kitchen.

Traditionally, people tend to get oversaturated with copper if you even have your lighting fixture crafted in copper pipes.

For this reason, I encourage you to try something else. In this case, you can try out some iron fixture, or even a ceiling lamp.

In both of these cases, what you wanna have is design over color.

These two steampunk lighting types can be easily blended into industrial designs as well. You can check both links right above.

Steampunk Outdoor Lighting

This is our last section. And probably the most underestimated throughout the steampunk design history.

It’s not easy to create something that can withstand the wind and rain, but also have some style as well.

When talking about steampunk designs, there are a couple that tends to be more rustic and are meant for outdoor lighting. These are the classical steampunk farmhouse lighting lamps.

We found that this design respects the true steampunk soul with its giant gear, and also it’s the only one that’s meant to be for outdoor lighting.

I find that this might give you some ideas for your own DIY project, or even wanna try these particular model out.

The idea behind this model is pretty straightforward: keep it simple.

Rustic brown or rusty metals combined with an Edwardian bulb will just be enough.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post. If you feel that you need more information, we recommend you to check out our lamps, interior designbathroom and bedroom post.

In there, there are detailed explanations of much more ideas related to the steampunk interior design in those rooms.