Three Steampunk Gadgets you need Right Now!

You won’t be able to find many steampunk gadgets stores out on the web. This happens because it’s not easy to find steampunk gadgets on the web. I mean, you will find several steampunk handmade items and stuff, but perhaps they do not exactly fit into the definition of a steampunk gadget.

Gadgets must solve a certain everyday need you have. Whether it’s a lighter or a USB drive, gadgets must have a meaning and must be useful.

In this post, we will present you our top-notch steampunk gadgets and gizmos you can buy on the web. They are pretty amazing artifacts, so we encourage to go throughout the whole post!

Steampunk Rifle by .dh. Licensed under CC.

What is exactly a steampunk gadget?

Springs, steam, coils, and metal are combined in Steampunk gadgets. Basically, they are everyday objects that comply with certain cultural rules. This means that they are useful items with a particular aesthetic fashion. Steampunk gadgets leave a feeling of what technology could have been in a retrofuturistic alternative world.

For these reasons, steampunk gadgets offer us this particular possibility: To carry around a little art piece in our pockets that can be used for everyday tasks.

Steampunk gadgets are tempting with their unique aesthetic style. I mean, it’s not the same to plug your classical USB drive to your PC than these types of vintage Newtonian lightbulb pen drives we’ll show you next. There is something appealing to steampunk elements that cannot be denied.

Are steampunk gadgets functional?

As a matter of fact, these gadgets are crafted in high-quality materials. This means that these type of accessories we meant to last long. And that is one of the main reasons why these type of objects are so interesting.

This could even mean that these gadgets will survive for generations. Can you imagine passing on your steampunk lighter to your sons? Who knows. Of course, this is not a unique quality to be found on each and every gadget. But as long as you take a look at items crafted by renowned companies, this could potentially happen.

Best steampunk gadget ideas

Steampunk USB flash drives

This sub-section is amazing. Take a look at those steampunk USB drives. Don’t you find them fascinating? That’s what I’d call retrofuturistic style.


Brass USB drives

We believe in steampunk DIY items from our community. That is why we feel that the first place belongs to this little guy. Slavatech has done a great job with the design in this USB drive. With brass incrustations into a cuboid design, this USB drive contains the elements necessary to consider it a steampunk gadget. Robust with a low profile, the metal coating will keep your info safe from crashes. That is why it’s the n#1 on our list. You can take a look at it here.

USB drives with precious stones

Our second spot belongs to this steampunk USB drive with a white amethyst inside. If you look closely, you’ll start to wonder how on earth did they manage to place the storage chip out there. This USB drive mixes the steampunk post-industrial style with fantasy. And as we know, there is a part of that in steampunk. This is why this charming USB drive is in our second place.

Steampunk Lightbulb USB drive

Our third pick is also wonderful. It’s a lightbulb arising from your laptop! This gadget is fantastic in its design and that is why we chose it. But we gave it a third place for a couple of reasons. First, it is crafted inside an old bulb, and this might not tolerate encounters with the floor. Also, if you buy two of them they are a little bit wide to be together in two USB ports next to each other. Nevertheless, the design is unique. There is nothing like these boys out there.

Cold Encrypted USB drive

The fourth place on our podium is for Cryptex USB drives. This is a clever device. The outer password protected structure holds the USB drive inside. This means that in order to get to your info you have to hard-unlock your mechanical password. It’s a great USB drive for people with sensitive information. At least, you know that your data is safely locked under this adapted security lock.

Steampunk USB drives for sale on Amazon

Handmade 16GB USB 3.0 Baltic birch wood Flash drive with brass incrustation by Slavatech –

Handmade 128GB USB 3.0 WHITE Amethyst Stone USB Flash Drive with wood stand Steampunk Style by Slavatech –

64GB RED Porthole Pentode Radio Tube USB Flash Drive. Steampunk/Industrial style by Slavatech –

Special Edition Cryptex USB Flash Drive 16 GB, USB 3.0, Cool Grey Edition by Smart Decisions international –

Steampunk Lighters

Lighters are a vital piece of steampunk. This is because we find fire in lighters, necessary to create steam. Otherwise, without ignition devices steampunk could not have been created.


Handmade Brass Lighter

Our first pick is a masterpiece. There is a great amount of detail in this lighter. Brass coated, this blue flamed gas lighter crafted by MRSLY is truly a steampunk gadget as a whole. It has twelve gears carved in bronze, and the skull is perfectly placed to open it easily. Take into account that you blue flame lighters need to be charged with benzine relatively frequently.

Petrol Lighter

Our second pick is great. Overall, it looks like a steam power machine. But its really an open lighter. It’s open in the sense that components are not covered at all.  It comes with the SEAL team six insignias at the bottom, but you can check out other models with different logos. It has pocket sizes. You will want to change the wick from time to time.

Wheel Oil Lighter

We chose our third pick for several reasons. First, it’s an open lighter similar to the one we reviewed before. But this one is even more minimalistic. It’s even a little smaller than the previous one. Besides,  it uses Zippo replacement parts and fluid lighter. It’s a good choice if you want something steampunk but classy.

Nine Gear Heavy Armor Lighter

Our last pick is a piece of art. You might wanna buy this to use it or to place it as decor at home. This nine gear lighter is meticulously crafted. The gears at the sides have been reinforced with glow in the dark paint. That is also very clever. You’ll easily find your lighter inside your purse at night. We know this one is not for everyone. But we think that it had to be included in our collection.

Steampunk lighters on Amazon

Pure Handmade Steampunk Brass Skull 12 Gear Joint Running Welding Blue Flame Gas Lighter by MRSLY –

Vintage Lighter Petrol NSWDG Steampunk Handmade by Handmade VG –

Yibao Metal Mini Portable Pocket Flint Wheel Oil Cigarette Lighter –

SLDL Brass Handmade Steampunk II Luminous Lighter Nine Gear Running Heavy Armor Lighter by no!no! –

Cool steampunk gadgets: Steampunk Canes

Steampunk canes are one of a kind gadget. There is a particular style in them.

Also, they are a symbol of greatness and are easily combined with steampunk clothing for awesome cosplays. Besides, they are functional in some kind of way.


Brass Nautical Cane

Our first pick is quite innovative. Its design is based on the submarine subtheme that the steampunk novels include. The unique feature that we can find in this cane is the telescope. This antique telescope is great for two reasons. First, it can be assembled and used as an artifact in steampunk cosplay meetings. Second, if you turn it sideways, you can use it as a handle. These two features make this steampunk cane a unique gadget.

Steampunk Prop Cane

Our second pick is purely about design. Take a look at this cane. Its a skull surrounded by gears. Copper and brass everywhere. How cool is that? We think this design is exceptional.  And we believe that is a great accessory for cosplay. Take into account that the handle was crafted on soft material. We recommend it for costume occasions.

Modular Cane

Our third pick is a three-segment cane with a beautiful steampunk handle. Take a look at that steam-powered mechanism! This replica has a gorgeous design but we think it might be too hard for some people. If you want to use it as cosplay purposes, we recommend keeping it away from the kids.

Three-piece Telescope Cane

Why did we choose our last pick? Because its an alternative to our first product from another manufacturer. And cause we believe that in this case, the spyglass is a little bit better. This walking cane also comes in three pieces. Its crafty in design, and we believe is a good compliment for any steampunk attire.

Steampunk canes on Amazon

Brass Nautical Telescope Folding Walking Stick Antique Finish Wood Cane Replica Steampunk –

California Costumes Men’s Steampunk Cane –

Roorkee Instruments India Walking Cane Stick With Working Steam Engine Model –

Shiv Shakti Enterprises Nautical Collectible Antique Finish Brass Telescope Spyglass Walking Stick Cane by Shiv Shakti Enterprises –

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