35 Best Steampunk Games in 2019: The Complete Review

From the twisted game to next-gen VR

Steampunk Games have a funny way to blend us into fantasy while taking action on the matter. And newest tech always provides us with awesome virtual worlds in which we can find almost anything that we can imagine. Steampunk style has an immersive that plunges us into universes rich in history. And in this case, it’s not only the Victorian dresses that matters.

For those who do not like display amusement, we recommend you the twisted game. Did you ever feel dungeons and dragons was just a little bit too fantastic for you? Are you into classic paperback RPG but not in that medieval kind of style? Well, if that is the case, then you have just found your fountain of youth. We recommend you to check it out in our link.

Paperback or video games?

But for most of you, you will find joy throughout our tablets and pcs. It is for you guys, that the key to this vast dimensions is here. There are several titles out there which are sprinkled in steampunk details. But were are going to present you here those games in which the steampunk atmosphere has no need to be looking for but will passively flow through your eyes throughout your journey. Because, as a matter of fact, when we play this games, this is what we look for. To stand for a little while in our 13-inch post-apocalyptic venture, and to see what faith has prepared for us.

How many steampunk games are out there?

You won’t find a number for this question. Each and every time you look around on the web, you’ll find more and more steampunk games.

This is fine, and even expectable. The steampunk community is constantly growing. You’ll find basically two places where steampunk games sprout every now and then.

The first place is crowdfunding pages. There are lots of entrepreneurs which start off their steampunk board game projects due to their love to the steampunk style. Actually, many of these projects are pretty interesting. The thing that might hold them back is that money tends to be an issue when you need to produce a board game. When you think about it, you have to produce from the board itself to cards and figurines. This sums up into a load of money.

An example of this is Ironrise, a Steampunk adventure board Game. You can check it’s Kickstarter page right here.

The second place is on free online web-based pages. Pages such as Kongregate, Armor Games, and Addicting Games. These pages tend to host these tiny little flash game projects and give them exposure. When these have enough traffic, they transform into something bigger.

Are we gonna reach out to all of the steampunk games out there?

If you come to think about it, this is practically impossible. For this reason, we will only review here what we find that are the best steampunk games you can get in 2018.

Steampunk rally and similar board games


Board games have this peculiarity. One one side, they were created for amusement, but on the other, they also are a good reason for gathering with family and friends and having a good time. What we brought to you on this webpage is one of the most valuable steampunk board games that were created. And in this case, we must accept that Steampunk Rally is our gold standard.

Steampunk Rally

Why are we into steampunk rally so much? It’s a dice game based on characters of the Victorian post-industrial period that we all believe would have been the founders of the steampunk era. Steampunk characters like Nichola Tesla, Marie Curie and Thomas Edison. Why it’s so fun? It’s a dice game with simultaneous gameplay between participants that include non-linear mechanics related to our transporting device that gives a special twist compared to other games.

If you had to choose one over the other, we would recommend steampunk rally as our nº1 choice. Check it out at out link here.

Other Tabletop Games

But there are other tabletop games that are fun as well. In our selection, you will find some titles like Dastardly Dirigibles, Smog on Her Majesty’s Service, Gear Works, Planet Steam, Steam Works, GearWorld: The Borderlands and Munchkin: Steampunk Deluxe. Excepting Munchkin, which is truly the original Munchkin game with steampunk theme adaptations, the rest have intricate but exquisite game mechanics, they include miniature pieces and are lots of fun.

To sum up, our overall recommendation for someone who wants to play some steampunk cardboard game but doesn’t know which one to buy, we’d suggest steampunk rally for the reasons we stated above. If you are an experienced steampunk board-game player, then we’d tell you to go for one of the rest.

Our showcase of steampunk RPG games (Paperback style)


Well, this collection is amazing. Why is that? Because the amount of steampunk RPG games that can be found out there is actually pretty scarce. What we found in here are the top four RPG paperback games you can find out there.

There are certain games that some can recognize at first glance. In our first case, for people who are familiar with the GURPS series, you’ll see that there is a steampunk version for all of us. But if you want to try something out we recommend Cogs, Cakes, and Swordsticks because it’s a pretty neat game. In fact, it has been considered one of our insignia games regarding steampunk.

But if you’ve tried it all and want more, then we’d tell you to go for Victoriana or ClockWork: Dominion Core. Why? Because they have a different plot twist that will draw you near to goth than before but offers a different gaming experience.

The best steampunk stealth games


Have you ever wonder what would it be if we actually lived in a post-victorian steampunk era? Would we live like kings or queens? If I had to take my chances, I’d say that overpopulation would be the main issue. The pseudo-feudalism structure that supports kings and queens would still lie there, and all we would have to make in order to survive is to play or silent card. That is why steampunk stealth games are great. Because they live up to what would have been.

In our collection, we picked mainly two award-winning series: Thief and Dishonored. In both cases, you will embody an outsider, a character that has to move beneath the shadows in order to accomplish its purpose. These four games allow lots of interactions with the environment and the decision-making tree is marvelous. The possibility of winning without the need of killing other characters in the game is achievable, though not easy. That is the main reason for us to place these two series in our showcase.

We’ve left you the Thief link right above. You can check as well Dishonored I and II in their links here.

Some amazing steampunk titles to replace your kid’s Halloween games

Steampunk Based Legendary Games

This section englobes the best titles you must play if you are into steampunk gaming. Besides, you could replace your kid’s horrifying Halloween games for these. What would you prefer for your boys? Horror or science fiction? That question has already been answered in my head.

Bioshock Infinite

The Bioshock Collection is a must. This multi-award-winning FPS game takes you back into post-apocalyptic victorian future, where technological development has a spin-off respect to what we know. In this particular case, Bioshock Infinite is pure gold. Black and gold. On the one hand, expect steam-powered aircraft, submarines, revolvers, and lots of brass. On the other hand, its ESRB rated for +17.

If you had to pick one from all of this post, then we suggest you go for this one. Why? Well, it’s the one that has been mostly centered on the steampunk theme during the last decade or so. You won’t find any game that is embedded in steampunk in this kind of way anywhere else.

You can check out Bioshock Infinite at the link here.

The Order 1886

Another ESRB +18 game is the Order. This fascinating game takes place in a post-victorian era. Your character will be this time a secret agent, which thrives to accomplish its objectives in a world filled with fantasy, aircrafts, and innovative technology. Expect violent scenes in this game.

The Order 1886 – https://amzn.to/2QIHnzc

Rise Of Legends And Machinarium

And if you want some titles without that amount of violence, then we suggest you check out our other titles. Machinarium and Cogs are 2d puzzle games with amazing steampunk aesthetics due to an amazing job performed by various artists. And in Rise of Legends, you will find an alternative to the classic Rise of Nations game with alternative steampunk-like tech advancements.

You can check out Machinarium and Rise of Legends right here.

Steampunk Rally (3) by yoppy. Licensed under CC.

Top Steampunk Online Free Games

Best Steampunk Browser Games

If what you’re looking for is a casual steampunk game to play in your spare time for free, then you’ve come to the right place. In here we will leave you with a couple of alternatives that will suit your needs.

Steampunk Airship Games


I found that there are a couple of pretty good steampunk titles out there. The first I recommend to you is Steambirds. This dog-fighting airplane style game is inspired by the steampunk theme and provides an overall interesting experience to the gamer.

It is true that perhaps it’s not the most refined plane – shoot em all fusion that there is out there. But you can find it online, it’s free, and it’s constantly updated. Expect new versions to be released soon.

Steampunk Tower Defense

Tower Defense by Addicting Games

There is basically two type of steampunk tower games you can find.

The first one is brought to you by Addicting Games. . This is perhaps the weakest of both.  The concept behind this game is a tower defense game with a steampunk feel to it. The thing is that, even though many people find it ok to play, there are several negative comments about the actual gameplay.

After all, you’ll need to try it yourself in order to find out. You will be able to play this free online steampunk game on your web browser from this link here.

Tower Defense by Armor Games

This is a true pearl that I found on the sea. Armor Games has placed tons of effort in improving this game, turning it into an amazing gaming experience.

Tower defense by Armor Games should be your nº1 pick from all of this kind of steampunk online casual games. People have commented that they keep on falling into this game as time passes because they find it good as hell for casual playing.

Although you can find some caveats, overall it’s a worthwhile experience. Check it out here.

Top Steampunk PC Games you can find on Steam

Steampunk Building and Strategy Games


Rated 9 out of 10 by reviewers, this steampunk game situates you in a post-apocalyptic period that occurs in an ice-age like era. You are responsible for the last city that survived on earth. The thing about these cities is that they are all driven by steam-powered machinery.

Frostpunk is a complex game in which you’ll have to take care of each and every aspect of your society, from heat distribution to your R&D for the years to come.

This is also a star pick from our post. Check it out at steam from our link here.

ClockWork Empires And Lethis: Path of Progress

These two steampunk building games are quite different from the one we’ve reviewed before.

Basically, these two are situated in a post-industrial victorian period. Clockwork Empires is more of a western-like steampunk RTS game. On the other hand, Lethis is more steampunk focused. It looks like a 2018 SimCity steampunk game.

Both of them are recommended. Overall, they do not have that amount of detail that was placed on FrostPunk by 11-bit studios. But they have good overall qualifications from reviewers and they are classic cute steampunk games to play.

You can check them out here. Clockwork Empires, Lethis: Path of Progress.

They Are Billions – Early Access Steampunk Stragey Game

This is another amazing steampunk strategy game you can find on Steam.  You can get your early access from this link right here.

They are billions is situated in a post-industrial retrofuturistic period. Your mission is to keep your colony safe from an infected population who is coming at you throughout the game. You will encounter LOTS of infected humans trying to take down your barriers.

Basically, that is where the name: They Are Billions, comes from.

It’s gonna be launched on Dec 12, 2018. We recommend you to grab your early access right now!

Steampunk Tower II

Due to the great impact that steampunk tower has produced on gamers, DreamGate released Steampunk Tower II. Much more action. New turrets and designs. You will find even a great solo play quest mode. Check it out on steam here.

Steampunk Syndicate

Another recommended steampunk tower game that includes certain card game elements that make it much more customizable. With pretty cute steampunk aesthetics, this game is a definite must for your kids if you wanna introduce them to the steampunk world.

Check it out here.

Top 5 Steampunk Xbox One Games

In this section, we will review only those games that we haven’t reviewed before.

  • Dishonored saga ( Dishonored 2, Death of the Outsider, Definitive Edition )
  • Frostpunk
  • Flockers
  • Clockworld Tales
  • Steamworld Dig


Flockers is a classic steampunk puzzle game that is brought to you by the same creators of the Worms Saga, Team 17. In this case, you will be working around pathways and machinery to get your sheep to their freedom.

This game is packed with 60 levels and will put your brains to work in no time. Game aesthetics are quite similar to the one you’ll find on the Worms Saga. And there is something about the gameplay that will remind you of the classic Lemmings.

This is a definite recommendation for those of you who are looking for some casual puzzle gameplay.

Clockworld Tales

Clockworld Tales is a classic steampunk adventure graphic novel game. The whole idea behind this type of games is that the player dives deep into complex story plots in a stepwise manner. In this sense, clockwork Tales achieves this goal in a spectacular manner.

This game is repleted of steampunk machines, figurines, and mechanics. The graphic novel gameplay is enhanced by several action add-ons that have been embedded in quite an interesting way. Reviewers have acclaimed this game, particularly for its story plot. A definite must for Monkey Island gamers that want to find a revamped steampunk adventure game in a similar style.

Steamworld Dig

Steamworld Dig is a classic 2d action game with interesting features. In this case, the game is held on a Western Like steampunk World. Your main character is Rusty, a steampunk miner robot who will try to solve the problems of his city by digging deep down into their lands to find out what mysteries they unveil.

Steamworld Dig was a great success in the Nintendo 3DS. For this reason, it has been adapted to much more consoles and even PC. Also, it has its successor: Steamworld Dig 2. You can find them for Xbox One and at the steam store.

Top 5 Steampunk Ps4 Games

  • The Order: 1886
  • Dishonored saga
  • Frostpunk
  • Guns Of Icarus: Alliance
  • Sunless Sea

Guns Of Icarus: Alliance

Guns Of Icarus is an extremely sophisticated Steampunk MMORPG online game that focuses on the air combat between factions that command steampunk airships. This game is played by teams. You will need to tune up with your friends in order to pilot your steampunk airship through the skies, repair your airship damaged parts, and point your cannons towards your enemy, all at the same time.

It is a well-known game for this type of gameplay and dynamics. People who have started playing it usually tend to get hooked on and take it to another level.

It is a good recommendation if you’re looking for something to team up with your friends.

Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea is a unique 2d indie adventure game that is developed by Faibetter Studios. In this case, you will impersonate a submarine steamship that sets off into the deep waters of Fallen London in search for answers.

Though we find it’s a pretty unique idea, you can catalog this game as a dark steampunk game as well. While you command your ship throughout the dark waters of Fallen London, your front flashlight will be your only guide.

This game is recommended for people who are looking for something different. You’ll find it in here.

Top 5 Steampunk Game Apps (Android & iPhone)

  • Steampunk Defense
  • 80 days
  • Steampunk Tower
  • Steampunk Racing
  • Steampunk Syndicate

Steampunk Defense

This is another steampunk tower defense game that you will find on the Android App Store and iOS. It’s is pretty good though. And it has been acclaimed by several reviewers.

Though you’ll find that in-game mechanics are quite simple, there are lots of weapons, levels, and enemies. You won’t find a great story plot in this game. It is all about killing your enemies and advancing levels with tougher ones.

People have found it quite better than the rest of the steampunk tower games we reviewed earlier. Check it out by yourself and leave us a reply on the comments below.

80 Days

80 Days is a steampunk epic adventure game based on J Verne’s novel “Around The World in Eighty Days”. This is not a classic game that we can categorize into action, FPS, or RTS. It has several elements that account for the graphic novel type of games, but with a particular in-game dynamic that doesn’t leave you that exact taste.

What is pretty interesting about this game is the spectrum of choices that you are allowed to choose from. It has also a multiplayer type of match in which you’ll race against others and try to finish your world tour before them.

It’s a great game for kids, as there are no violent scenes out there.

This game has been acclaimed by critics and won several awards. Our nº1 recommendation for steampunk lovers who are looking for some adventure time on your IPad or Android Tablet.

Steampunk Racing

Are you looking for some Mario Kart-like game but with several steampunk in-game attachments? We found what you’re looking for.

In steampunk racing, you’ll feel what is like to place Mario Kart, Moto Racer, and Steampunk Cartoon Like aesthetics into the blender. The game is pretty amazing indeed. I believe it is the only steampunk racing game there is out there up to date.

Conclusion: Steampunk games are one kind of experience

If you enjoyed our games collection, but you wanna know where does steampunk ideas come from, then check our steampunk store homepage. In there, take a look at our steampunk culture and blog section to know where does all of this come from.