Six ideas for your Steampunk Gifts

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Christmas is around the corner huh? After you’ve read this, you’ll embrace the concepts you were looking for. And your steampunk gifts will be much more than you would have thought of.

Steampunk gifts are for everyone. Not only for your close relationships. Think about your nephew, your grandfather, or your cousins. In this post, we will go through a couple of steampunk gifts ideas for anyone you could think of.

This of steampunk gifts as an original theme any gift. It can be for a wedding, your valentine’s day, somebody’s birthday, or Christmas. Keep reading to find out more.

Steampunk ideas for him

If you are looking to buy something steampunk-themed to your boyfriend, your husband, your kids or friends, then you must think about his hobbies. For example: If you wanna present some steampunk toy to your kid, we recommend you to look at the steampunk Batman section. It has all of that steampunk you were wishing for. And it’s Batman! This is the perfect combination for comic lovers and film fans. It’s a great way to introduce your kid to the steampunk culture.

But if you need to give a more fancy present, but you are in the move, then we suggest you check our watches section. In there, you will find the exact combination of style and design embedded into one piece.

Going back to your kid’s present, we suggest you check “steampunk rally” at our games spot. It’s a fantastic board game that will make your brain flow in a creative manner. Besides, board games are pretty neat at gathering family around the table. If you read our review, you’ll see that this game is highly reviewed. Who doesn’t wanna be Marie Curie or Tesla just for a little while?

Let’s say you have to make a gift to your grandpa. Well, it’s gonna get tough cause old man is probably not into the newest fashion stuff. Then I’d say you get him a writing machine. A writing machine? Do they even exist nowadays? Well, recently, there were a couple of news articles which talked about the revival of the typewriter. There is actually a guy in NY that has a business committed to typewriter restoration. He has sold lots of them. Famous artists such as Tom Hanks are frequent customers at his shop. We recommend you to check on the web a couple of them. Just check they are fully functional, and not for decorative purposes.

Underwood No. 3 by PhotoAtelier. Licensed under CC.

The marvelous steampunk universe and gifts for her

There is, in fact, lots of stuff that can be given as presents to women. If it’s your fiancee, our your wife, we definitely recommend you to check the corsets on the fashion section. These corsets are premium built. The thematic Victorian Jackard is a constant in all of these models. They serve two main purposes:

  • Steampunk cosplay and costume parties.
  • Steampunk sexy night.

It is up to you to choose what will suit your woman best. It’s a pretty nice present, especially if she is not expecting it.

Another gift that never fails is jewelry. Almighty jewelry. There are practically no women which do not love rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Now we would say you go for the sober designs. Why? Because there is a lot of fantasy bijouterie for your cosplay. If you’re gonna make a gift, then its better be good. Take a look at our earrings, and pick the one it fits her best. Just a quick tip: If you’re buying her a couple of earrings, be sure you come up with something more in your hands. Pick something else! Never take the chance of falling on short with a woman gift.

Our last recommendation is also a home run. Boots. She will love the boots. Any type of shoes, in fact. But what is amazing about steampunk shoes is the craft quality and design. Subtle steampunk details are the key to a great gift. Why? Simple. She will be able to use them as everyday footwear. And that is relaxing because a gift that is used every day is a gift that is not forgotten.

Other than that, there will be always home-decor and art. This is really personal because there are many people out there that are not into art or decoration. But you can find really interesting stuff in our store.

Steampunk 4 by counse. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk anniversary? We’ve got you covered

If it’s your anniversary gift and you’re planning on going full steampunk, then you must keep reading. Wait! Before proceeding, you must know that anniversary gifts mean a lot to each other. It is not simply another present. It must have a meaning. This is why we will try our best for you to pick the best option.

For him, we’d try some watch.  Again? Yes. In fact, watches have these two features that we are expecting:

  • They are crafted to be used in every day.
  • Stylish equipment that can fit steampunk design with elegance

For that reason, we would highly suggest a piece like the GuTe steampunk watch. It has the best of both worlds. You can check it out in this link.

If the gift goes the other way around, and you are thinking about her, then the same concepts apply. You need to get something that is high end in quality and design, yet it supports some steampunk feature. That is why we recommend earrings. But now we change rules. It’s not as we told you before. Now you need something that is stunning by itself, and it keeps the steampunk essence in its style. We recommend you to check out this Dragon Moon Earrings by Harem Royal Jewelry. They are astonishing. These will give you the impact you need for anniversary gifts. Check the link out here.

Steampunk dirigible by .dh. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk love for valentines day

Do steampunk and valentine’s day get along? Well, the answer is Yes! And how is that? You’ll see it in lots of mechanized hearts running along through the web. Here are some of our tips.

If you are planning on a gift for him, then you should try out with some object that is unique but priced accordingly. Why do we say this? Because gifts also tend to have a value according to a situation. And in valentine’s day, you’ll see that certain prices are about fair. What we would recommend you is to get him a vintage steampunk shaving kit. This is quite an original gift. And you’ll be sure that it will be used throughout the days. If you wanna add up a little bit more to this present, you can include the shaving soap and aftershave by Tabula Rasa.

But, if the gift is for her, then you have to go for a heart. In any way. At least it is what we think they’ll be expecting on valentine’s day. And if you are going to go for a heart, it better be a necklace. And here, in contrast with the presents for boys, the bar is raised when we talk about “fair prices”. Our recommendation is exquisite. And you’ll see that no woman won’t get stunned after they get this piece. Take a look at the Steampunk Heart pendant necklace. If your target is to succeed in this Valentine’s day, then with this gift your victory is sealed.

Steampunk gifts and wrap-paper

This section will be pretty short indeed. But it’s funny, because we’ve been talking lots about steampunk gifts, but we never talked about how to wrap them. There are many choices for wrapping out there. In fact, if you take a look on YouTube, you will find some pretty funny tutorials about fast wrapping boxes and gifts.

There are not many steampunk wrapper papers out there. We can recommend you this one by Graphics and More. But in the end, if you are making a steampunk gift, it seems natural to wrap it around with something covered in gears and coils. Well, as we told you, here is our solution for that.

Steampunk Gift Boxes for your presents

Gift boxes are practical in many ways. They give us the possibility to give away many presents in a single shot. Besides, they are always good looking, and they can be used for much more things. Steampunk heart-shaped gift boxes are pretty cool for valentine’s day presents also, because they anticipate what is going to come next. Check the link here.

But if we are aiming at other stuff, there are squared boxes as well. The only fact that we have to add up is that these boxes are quite small. They are usually used for storing small devices or pieces such as figurines or jewels. But if you realize that your steampunk present will fit, then we suggest you go for it. They are usually 5” long. You can check one of those models right here.

If you find that these steampunk gift ideas are not enough, you must check out our steampunk homepage. In there you will find lots of ideas for an ideal steampunk gift!