Inside Steampunk Goggles: Our review

You’ve come to the right spot if you wanna learn everything about steampunk goggles.

What are steampunk goggles really?

Do steampunk monoculars exist?

Can steampunk goggles be found in videogames?

The answer to all of your questions lies right below. Keep reading to find out more!.

The insignia of an era

If we would have to pick only one ítem that represents the whole steampunk movement, that would be the steampunk goggles.

Why is that? Steampunk goggles have been the most characteristic gear that spread throughout the steampunk movement.

Basically, every movie, every novel and every comic that is steampunk related in any manner will have a character with some sort of steampunk glasses. It might be even a monocular, who knows. But the fact is that this type of glasses is awesome.

Not only they have a particular design that is overwhelming to the common eye, but they also can be very useful when appropriately crafted.

OKIMG_3181 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Your solution for foggy air flights

Originally, steampunk goggles were developed as a solution for people that frequently traveled through airships during this retrofuturistic period.

Take note: Coupe airships seemed to be an attractive alternative for the future during the Victorian age.

We believe this is the origin of steampunk flight goggles.

Being this said, common sense shows us that there was no chance any character could travel through the skies at high speeds if it hadn’t had a unique crafted set of steampunk goggles.

Besides, how would they be able to see between all that steam fog this device produce?

Steampunk goggles were made for everyone

You can find steampunk goggles with high-quality brass and copper borders and leather straps, but you will also find other discrete glasses that will only have slight carved steampunk details.

It is up to you which one you find best.

Maybe you will get the first ones for a Halloween costume party, and the second one for your everyday activity.

Choose the ones that you feel will make J. Verne drop a tear for you when he sees you.

Or maybe you can get those classic aviator-themed sunglasses but with a slight steampunk detail this time.

Steampunk brass goggles: The classic


If you are looking for some steampunk fashion goggles, then this is your place.

There is no other artistic movement that employs amounts of brass as steampunk does. Brass comes in many ways.

You can find it in details such as coils, gears, and springs. But in this particular case, we are looking at whole body brass lenses. And we found them! You can check them up here.

These four picks that we made are 100% leather and brass. And that means two things. Quality and durability. You will find that these items are of high quality.

And you will find yourself using them not only in some once in a lifetime costume party but in everyday life. And that’s not only my word. Hundreds of steampunk lovers which have obtained these pair of goggles have stated the same.

We definitely recommend you these lenses for cosplay. We believe you can combine it in two ways. You could put them like a stripe wrapping around the body of your long tail hat.

Or you could just place them on and wear a bottom half steampunk mask if you wanna go the spooky way.

Our steampunk brass goggles from Amazon

Brass Steampunk Goggles with Leather Straps by BrazenDevice

Brass Steampunk Goggles with Leather Straps and Magnifiers by BrazenDevice

Steampunk Goggles in Brass and Leather by BrazenDevice

Wocst New Sell Vintage Steampunk Goggles Glasses Welding Cyber Punk Gothic (Brass)

Steampunk aviator goggles and steampunk motorcycle spectacles: Are they the same?


Steampunk bike goggles are getting pretty popular nowadays.

We believe that the main reason for this is that when you find particular goggles that are crafted in a rusty yet high-quality manner, then they have the capability of bearing any kind of design, as long as it accomplishes its goals.

As far as we concern, everyone is using steampunk aviator goggles nowadays for bike riding.

Why? Well, they achieve this purpose we talked about before. The steampunk aviator goggles have a sturdy and highly quality crafted design.

There are a couple of characteristics that bundle these steampunk binocular goggles together. If we had to pick one of them, is the tight fit.

In contrast with previous goggles, these are meant for high demand sports. And by high demand, we mean that air stopping must be an attribute.

Bike users love them!

These lenses have traditionally been recommended for motorcycle racers. But we’d rather use them for cruising. Is up to you which use you wanna give to them.

Another peculiarity is that these lenses share the same aviator form factor. It is awesome in some way.

This traditional design has been inherited from the first airplanes flown, and its design went massive in WWII.

There is no need to say that you can take any world war film out there, and you’ll find a couple of these wandering around.

The third bounding condition is the steampunk theme. They share a common gray – copper – brown – gold gamut of colors that are characteristic of the steampunk movement.

And of course, that is the reason why they have a spot on our webpage.

Our motorcycle steampunk goggles on Amazon

MUXSAM Helmet Steampunk Vintage Goggles Sunglasses Eyewear for Outdoor Sports Motocross Racer 

CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Goggle T08 T08SSN Silver lens, silver frame, brown padding 

4 Best Steampunk Party goggles


When we talk about steampunk there is a party bulb that shines in us. Why is that? Because steampunk is all about costumes, dressing, cosplay, and fun.

In the end, there are lots of this running around the cultural movement. You can be a little bit more enlightened in literature and movies, or you can just love to dress like a retrofuturistic templar.

And that is fine.

This is the passion that we share as steampunk lovers.

When it comes to party blinkers, we believe the most suitable for partying are the ones more colorful. And of course, our selection includes at least two of this type.

In here, you will see that they even have prismatic glasses. Who wouldn’t want to go on a rave with those on?

Take notice that although these glasses were built for partying, they have a good amount of effort placed on their details. And this talks about the quality design.

So we believe that this goggles will fit great into your steampunk costume.

Our Party Steampunk Goggles on Amazon

Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles with Compass Design, Colored Lenses & Ocular Loupe 

Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles Steampunk Glasses with Rainbow Crystal Glass Lens 

Handmade Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles with Vintage Filigree Decoration, Costume Novelty Accessory 

Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Crystal Lenses Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk monocles are overwhelming


And if we thought that party goggles were high quality, take a look at these ones! They are truly unbelievable.

The amount of detail placed on this tiny works of art is amazing. How can you fit a loupe, a mechanism of coils and gear, a monocle and a strap in a whole piece?

Well, we should ask them because they have accomplished the mission flawlessly.

Monocles will get along with long hats costumes. Masks will be a particular issue in this case. And half masks won’t do the trick.

So if you are running on a low budget, you could try out a fancy monocular rather than a mask.

You could even use it without anything on your hair, and it would still look great. You still need to compensate with your attire.

Steampunk Monocles pick links

Gold Steampunk Costume Goggle Eyepatch Monocle by elope 

 Steampunk Monocle Goggles Victorian left Side with Double Clip on Loupe 

Steampunk Monocle Goggles Victorian with Double Clip on Loupe BBB 1X 

Men’s Steampunk Victorian Monocle Clear Lens Left Eye

OKIMG_3604 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Goggles on games

Steampunk Goggles on AJ

If you haven’t heard about Animal Jam before, its an online video game developed by WildWorks.

After you create your main animal character, you’re ready to explore a big world full of mini-games and shops.

Animal Jam has a big online community. The game is intended for young kids due to its aesthetics and style.

Steampunk goggles on AJ have been released in 2011 and were sold in Jam Mart Clothing. These steampunk goggles are a members-only clothing item. It has nine variants, with one rare type released in 2012.

There is also a spring recolor version released in 2018.

You can also find steampunk monocles in AJ. They were released in 2013 and came back in 2015. There are eight different monocle types.

Steampunk Goggles in Terraria

The steampunk goggles in Terraria are a vanity item that is sold for 3 gold coins by the steampunker during  Halloween.

They perform in the same manner as a social helmet. It is considered a white item in terms of rarity.

Check it out during this days cause we are a few days away from Halloween!

Steampunk goggles for dogs

This is also another pretty interesting section. Who wouldn’t want to place some steampunk costume to your dog every once in a while?

Steampunk goggles for dogs are a pretty awesome way to disguise your pet during Halloween time!

We recommend you to check out this steampunk goggles by Umbrella Laboratory. Why? Because they are crafted in light materials, their strap is adjustable, and they are on sale.

We believe you will find them to be a great choice for your puppy. Don’t leave your dog without his steampunk doggles for this Halloween!

You can take a look at them at the link right here.

OKIMG_7644 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

5 tips for your Steampunk goggles DIY project

If you were wondering how to start your steampunk goggles DIY project, then you’ve come to the right place.

In here, you will have as many details as we were able to get for your “how to make your steampunk goggles” project.

1. Materials

You will need some kind of safety goggles as your base. Get this from practically any hardware store. You will also need a couple of locknuts, coils, and springs for decoration.

As you know, steampunk colors are quite dim. We suggest you get spray paint for your base coating and then acrylic and a couple of brushes for the rest of your decoration.

Try to get gray, gold and brown acrylic paint. You’ll also need a hot glue gun. You can get all of this at the hardware store.

If you want to add up a little more of steampunk to your design, we also suggest you get a leather strap with a brass buckle from a leather shop.

If you got to this point, then you’re on track for your steampunk DIY goggles.

2. Steampunk goggle design

Now it is up to you whether you wanna have your basic color to be brown, gold or gray. Start applying your initial acrylic coat to your safety goggles.

You will need to place between 3 to 4 coats before you get a neat cover.

Once the paint coat has dried, you have to place your gear locknuts. Try to glue them in a way that they fit all the circumference of the goggle.

Let them dry for 30 minutes. You have to be sure that these gears will stay in place after you’ve glued them.

3. Steampunk trinkets

Now it’s time for placing the coils and springs. You can place as much as you want all around.

Everything must be hot glued to the safety goggles.

If not done this way, the decoration is prone to fall.  You can get a bunch of gears in the steampunk gears section.

4. Spray paint

Now its time for spraypainting. You can use it in two different ways.

You can paint all your gears before you place them into the safety goggle.

Or you can give an overall glimmer to your steampunk goggles if you put a slight spraypaint coat over them. It is up to you!

5. Steampunk strap

We’d recommend you to go to a leather shop and grab a leather strap with a brass buckle. This will be much more steampunk than the traditional plastic strap that safety goggles come with.

You can also glue it over the plastic one.

There you go. After you’ve read our guide you’ll be on track on how to make you steampunk goggles. Complete step by step and you will have your steampunk DIY goggles in no time. If you wanna take a better look at our recommendations, we suggest you check this YouTube video.

These steampunk goggles won’t be effective as long as you don’t have your whole themed attire. If you don’t know yet how to make your steampunk goggles and costume match, then check that out at our steampunk costumes section. And get ready for your party!

Because steampunk googles exist, we love steampunk.