Twelve Steampunk Hairstyles for your next Steampunk Con

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Are Steampunk Hairstyles important?

Perhaps this is the most important question we have to answer ourselves. And the answer, as you might have guessed, is arbitrary: It depends. It depends on several things for many reasons.

Think about your next steampunk cosplay or attire. Does it contain a certain hairstyle or not? Are you wearing a wig or a steampunk hat for some reason? In this way, you can see that steampunk hairstyle can be much less important than what you’d thought of.

But there are certain cases in which it can be transcendental. Take as an example a steampunk costume that includes binoculars and no hat. Or even a steampunk mask.

In those cases, you will have to take into account the steampunk hairstyle.

For that reason, we bring you this post. In here, you will find lots of steampunk hairstyle ideas to finish your steampunk cosplay costume in a neat way.

Steampunk male hairstyle

When it comes to men, you’ll be certain that a steampunk hairstyle will be needed when using steampunk goggles or masks in Victorian suits. We will go over a couple of steampunk male haircuts that will suit your steampunk outfit

Steampunk men hairstyles for short hair

Short Hair + Cropped Fringe

This steampunk haircut has certain features that turn it into an appealing haircut. If you cut your hair short on the sides, but ask your barber to leave your upper top a little bit longer, then you’ll be getting a degradee on which you’ll be able to work your hair.

This steampunk hairstyle goes great with steampunk attires that include goggles, monocles or masks. The long hair on top can be combed with any hair product to fit your face cosplay.

Besides, it is a neat haircut for your working days after your steampunk party is over.

Steampunk men hairstyles for medium length hair

Short sides + medium hair on top

This would be the continuation of the idea we talked about previously. By keeping it short on the sides you won’t have trouble with putting on an off any type of steampunk accessory during your party.

Now we leave this choice here because we believe that some of you might wanna leave your upper top hair a little bit longer. It goes great with steampunk as long as you treat it accordingly with some hair product.

We believe that these two last men hairstyles are intended for every type of hair. These could be perfectly transformed into steampunk hairstyles for curly hair.

But from now on, you’ll find a couple of haircut designs that are intended to be complemented with combing. If you have curly hair, we suggest you to restrain your choices to our last two recommendations.

steampunk male hairstyle

OKIMG_3454 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC. Short sides + long top are a good combination for steampunk hats.

Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour is another great alternative. The key elements to creating a unique pompadour hairstyle are to have buzzed sides, crisp edges, and the most important requisite is to have your remanent top hair long enough so that it can be combed backward.

Classic pompadour fits well with steampunk goth outfits.

Steampunk men hairstyles for long hair


Long hair undercut + Viking style

We chose this type of steampunk hairstyle for long hair because this will confer a unique combination between sturdiness, modernism, and elegance to your whole attire.

Imagine yourself with some good steampunk biker goggles on with this haircut. There is no place in the world where this haircut won’t fit a steampunk costume.

The only tricky part is that you might find it not so friendly to go on carrying this haircut around once your steampunk event is over. But anyway, you could just trim it down further it this was the case.

Steampunk dreadlocks

If you are into post-apocalyptic steampunk outfits and designs, then dreadlocks are the deal!. There is something futuristic in the dreadlocks. We don’t know why but that is the way it is.

We think that this has something to do with The Matrix movie maybe?

We don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. We find that if you place a steampunk demon mask and wander around with your dreadlocks, there is not a single chance that anybody doesn’t notice your steampunk attire.

As we’ve said before, they are not the greatest steampunk hairstyle to live with after your party. But you can always get a steampunk wig, and problem solved.

Steampunk Female hairstyle

This might be a longer section in our post that what we would have thought of when we started. The reason for this is that steampunk female hairstyles have a little bit more of history than men haircuts.

Steampunk female hairstyles are direct derivatives from the Victorian era. This is completely understandable, as steampunk is born in the XIX century.

In this section, we will review steampunk hairstyles for short, medium and long hair. Also, we will make a special place for steampunk hairstyles with hats.

Steampunk women hairstyles for short hair

Small Short bob with  long side swept bang

If you are into steampunk goggles, and you are checking out our short hair subcategory, then this is your choice. This type of haircut will give you versatility with anything you need to place on your face, whether is makeup or masks. It will also fit into steampunk costumes that include top hats.

The only thing to take into account is that these haircuts are really short. So you might skip if you want to preserve a longer hair.

OKIMG_7688 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Twisted Topknot

The twisted topknot is an elegant way to solve you steampunk hairstyle in a neat fashion. Your face will be appropriately exposed, so be prepared to add up some more steampunk elements to your costume.

The topknot is compatible with steampunk glasses, masks, and makeup.

Besides, your original haircut won’t even be touched.

This is our nº1 choice for steampunk hairstyles for women.

Steampunk women hairstyles for medium length hair

Wavy ponytail and side bang

This steampunk hairstyle is great because it will fit appropriately your costume, it will match any type of steampunk half mask. You must take caution when trying to combine it with steampunk goggles. You will find yourself in a middle between the ponytail and the strap from your binoculars.

Besides, its a pretty nice hairstyle you can further use in your corporative meetings.

Steampunk women hairstyles for long hair


If you have a long hair, then we suggest you check out the Chignon hairstyle. There is much Victorian in this fashion design. But you will need a certain amount of hair before you even try to do it.

If your steampunk costume is not post-apocalyptic and wanna go for something neat and elegant, then we suggest you do your own chignon as steampunk hairstyle.

The chignon also plays really well with steampunk hats.

Steampunk long hairstyle

OKIMG_4084 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

High and low buns

This is another way to go. We place it right after the one we talked about before because you will find it much easier to create than a chignon. Yes, it might not be as elegant as the Chignon is, but it will do the trick as well!

Steampunk women hairstyles with hats

Double-sided ponytail

This is an excellent resource if you wanna add up a steampunk hat to your cosplay design. Very easy to reproduce, and not expensive at all compared to other types of haircuts.

This type of steampunk hairstyle won’t damage or change your original haircut as well.

Double side braids

Double side braids are a variant of what we talked before. Obviously, nothing changes much from what we’ve been talking, but in double-sided braids, there is a little bit more of design than in rather just plain ponytails.

Stemapunk hairstyle for women

Steampunk idea by Stephane. Licenced under CC. Double-sided braids are another attractive choice.

Steampunk hairstyle tutorial

If you were wondering how to do a steampunk hairstyle, and you haven’t found your answer yet, we recommend you to check out this section.

In our steampunk hairstyle tutorial section, you will find three different type of steampunk DIY hairstyles that will suit your needs.

In our first one, created by A Vintage Vanity, we will learn how to perform a big curly high bum steampunk hairstyle from scratch. This type of haircut can be mixed with long top hats if the bum is placed slightly lower than what can be seen. Check out her link here.

Our second video is brought to you by zeerBumpi. This video follows the same concepts we saw in the previous video. She performs a double braided low bum hairstyle on a middle length hair.

It can also be combined with steampunk hats. We find it difficult to blend it in with goggles, but you should try it out.

Check out the link here.

Our third video we will see how Krynomia Q creates a twisted topknot + curly bangs steampunk hairstyle. This is another great alternative. Curvy hair goes really well with steampunk hats as well. Check out the link here.

We hope you enjoyed our post. If you wanna learn more about steampunk, then we suggest you check out our steampunk store main page.

If you feel we missed something or feel you want us to add something more let us know through our comments below!

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