Top Ten Steampunk Hat Ideas and Accesories (Check #8 out!)

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When we talk about any steampunk hat, we are talking about a universal idea in the steampunk culture.

Why is this? Well, basically because almost everyone has seen once in a while someone wearing a steampunk hat.

And we all have asked ourselves, what kind of hat is that one?

Our main idea is to present you the top ten steampunk hats that you can find online nowadays.

You can buy them or even take ideas for your steampunk hat DIY project.

Also, we will leave you with a couple of short tutorials to make your own steampunk hat as well!

Steampunk Hat Ideas

We’ve found several types of steampunk hats spread across the world. In fact, they are quite interesting. We will try to do a categorization in the best way we can. Let’s start off with the first one.

Steampunk Hat History

Before we dive into this matter, you must know beforehand what is a steampunk hat.

To place you in historical context, you will find two to three classical steampunk hats. All of them bring you back to a time in the XIX century in which you weren’t born yet.

The concept behind this is that each and every steampunk hat born has roots that go deep into the XIX century post-industrial historical period.

From there on, you’ll see how the Victorian design and modernism influence each and every steampunk design.

Steampunk Hat Designs

Steampunk Leather Aviator Hat

In this case, the aviator hat was a successful accessory worn in the late XIX century period right after the invention of airplanes.

If you read our steampunk airships post, then you’ll realize that this kind of accessories was a must for air traveling, because there were no closed compartments on the airships at all.

So the idea behind this design is to be protective in some form.

And this result is particularly achieved by means of using leather as the main component.

Leather is a noble material.

It’s durable and will withstand low temperatures and swirls of wind. Besides, leather crafted items are always a good start point for steampunk designers.

Not only because of the period that they represent, but also because its a well-defined color that is usually used in other steampunk costumes.

You will note that these elements do not have the steampunk insignia in themselves.

I mean, this is that one kind of steampunk hat that you will need to compliment with other steampunk accessories.

In this case, we leave you with a WWII replica aviator pilot leather head cap crafted by Rothco.

We find this one to be greater than others because of the build quality. Place some steampunk hat goggles on and you’re ready to go.

Steampunk hat and goggles

OKIMG_4496 by taytaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk hats and goggles

If you’re keeping in line with us, then you’ll realize that this is an obvious consequence.

Anyone who would wear this head cap should probably wear a couple of goggles as well.

Well, there are a couple of designers that sell similar head caps with attached goggles in a single bound package.

And that is fine because we understand that reaching after piece by piece is not always the right way to go.

We recommend you to look for some steampunk hat and goggles design like the one that is created by ililily, because they comply with any steampunk lover’s expectations

Also, you’ll find there are steampunk top hats and glasses, but we’ll talk about them later.

We will give you a couple of examples as well.

Steampunk Top Hats

Perhaps this is the juiciest section on the whole post.

Why? Because Steampunk top hats are the true insignia inside the steampunk fashion and design.

These are what everybody knows and loves.

Also, it is in this section where you’ll find lots of different designs.

Top hats can be modded in several ways, you can add belts, stripes, gears to decorate.

You can even change the basic theme, going from leather to velvet while preserving the steampunk design.

Steampunk Belt Hat

There are two different types of steampunk hats in this section.

The first one is what we originally know as a steampunk hat and belt.

The top hat is usually velvet black or brown. It can have certain carved victorian figures if desired. And surrounding the top hat part, you’ll find a brown leather belt attached to it.

Gears and bolts decorate as well.

This type of hat is classic. If you don’t know what to put on for your steampunk party, then try this out and some steampunk goggles or an appropriate Victorian suit and you’re ready to go.

You can check this model out crafted by Kangsanli right here.

On the other hand, there are certain designs that can be truly considered steampunk women’s hats.

In this case, I found this Victorian styles top hat that has two blue belts that hang from the back of the hat.

This type of hat has a distinctive design, with some burlesque style in some way.

Of course, this by itself won’t be enough to fulfill a true steampunk cosplay or design, but it will work if you just combine it with some gears or even jewelry.

This model is crafted by MUMUWU, and is a pretty nice piece of art to look for.

Steampunk Bowler Hat

This is another interesting design.

Bowlers hats are always sober in some way.

But in this case, and if you take a look closer at it, you will find a couple of gears right around the leather belt.

That is awesome. This is the way to go for steampunk hat accessories.

This kind of decorating style in steampunk hats enables you to carry your bowler hat to your everyday activity without anyone taking much notice.

These are the kind of steampunk items that we love.

Things that you will be able to carry around without making too much fuzz about it.

In this case, this design is crafted by Conner Hats. I wouldn’t go for anything else, because there are not many bowler hats with steampunk accessories out there.

This is a classic brown steampunk hat. I advise you not to go for the black type in this design because they don’t particularly feel steampunk at all.

Also, this would mean that hat accessories should be replaced by other colored gears and trinkets.

Steampunk Bride Hat

Is there truly a place for this? Has somebody thought of crafting a sincere steampunk bride hat?

Well, to tell you the truth, we found only one steampunk top hat that fits my definition of bride hat.

Let me tell you why.

First, its wrapped up in a luxurious lace. The white curtsy band that wraps around the topper and hangs from the back is similar to what brides find in their long-tailed dress designs.

Second, the design that is used on the lace is also respected for the rest of the details in the top hat.

A perfect balance between the black and white elements is found.

We are talking about a premium hat out here.

This top hat cannot be compared with what we’ve talked before. These are crafted by American Hat Makers.

This is a recommendation for everyone who is looking to buy or even craft their own steampunk wedding hat and didn’t know where to start from yet.

Check it out at the link we left you right above.

Steampunk Cowboy Hat

Although you can find lots of steampunk top hats out there, there are not much that falls into the cowboy hat style.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to solve the lack of steampunk in some cowboy design.

And one of them is by decorating your hat into a steampunk style.

Anyway, there are a couple of cowboy hat models that are suitable to be steampunkized.

And, of course, if what you’re looking for is truly a cowboy hat, don’t go for any item that is not leather crafted.

The same principles that we talked about on our steampunk leather hat section apply as well.

Take as an example this cowboy hat crafted by American Hat Makers. This is the type of hat you will want to turn into steampunk with accessories.

You already have a steampunk feel on it, so it won’t be hard at all to push it all the way to the steampunk style.

Steampunk Derby Hat

Once again, what will turn this type of hat into steampunk are the accessories. In this particular case, the goggles are the ones that gonna do the trick.

If you go out and buy a derby hat, you won’t find it steampunk at all in itself.

So I found two types of derby hats you can wear around.

Personally, I believe that both of them were intended to accompany a proper steampunk attire.

Nothing else. Don’t expect to wear these type of hats to work.

The first one is crafted by Arsimus.  Details are subtle, and an overall sober style predominates.

But I find it interesting especially if you are intending to recreate a steampunk mime of some sort.

If so, then this will fit perfectly into your steampunk cosplay.

The second one is created by GRACEART. This is an interesting steampunk hat in itself.

Its appropriately decorated, and accessories on the topper are well balanced. Its a great fit for somebody who’s wearing some kind of steampunk makeup as well and wants to cheer it up a little bit.

Steampunk top hat

OKIMG_6674 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Draco Hat

This is probably one of the most eye-catching steampunk hats we’ve presented.

We know it’s not for everyone, because is has a quite eccentric design.

Nevertheless, this can be considered a true steampunk art masterpiece.

The steampunk Draco hat is an American Hat Makers – Steampunk hatter creation as well.

This creation is a true steampunk hat craft that has been laser engraved and airbrushed for a proper embellishment.

It has a unique scalded dragon pattern on its sides which you won’t find anywhere else. As we’ve said before, this piece is unique.

You can take a look at it right here.

Steampunk Deerstalker Hat

Unfortunately for you guys, I haven’t found anything out there that even approaches a combination between deerstalker hats and steampunk.

But where somebody sees disgrace, another guy finds an opportunity. It’s a great chance to think about some creative way to steampunkize your deerstalker hat.

Think about gears, stripes and all that sort of stuff.

Even if you were not able to turn into steampunk your deerstalker hat, it’s fine.

You can always mix it with a steampunk mask o pair of goggles and you’ll be good to go.

Steampunk Captain Hat

There is a clear association between navy captains and steampunk.

As a matter of fact, there a lot of steampunk fictions in which airships are commanded by captains, which tend to be the main character of the story.

In this case, there is nothing fancy about captain hats.

The true steampunk spirit relies on the combination with a couple of steampunk goggles as well.

Yes, somebody could definitely think of crafting a special leather captain hat, but that is not what can be found out there.

This can be a great idea for your next steampunk DIY hat project.

Anyway, if you wanna buy a steampunk captain hat, you can check out the one created by Hat in the link right here.

It’s another fancy way of solving your costume dilemma before your party.

Steampunk Engineer Hat

Do you know the classic steampunk engineer costume? Those with different brown banded suits and white shirts beneath?

Well, there will be certain hats that will be more adequate for this costume than others.

In this case, I think that you’ll get the best result by using one of the most common steampunk hats we’ve talked about.

In this case, I recommend you to wear the classic Burning Man Hat.

This is a middle sized top hat that is properly decorated in copper gears and that include some steampunk goggles as well.

This is the perfect fit your any type of steampunk engineer cosplay.

Check them out at the link here.

Steampunk Explorer Hat

In this case, explorers hats are radically different.

These are the classical long top hats that are extensively decorated. They are pretty amazing as well.

But these are definite eye-catchers.

You’ll notice that everyone will make you comments about your steampunk hat in some way.

And that is fine by me. If you approached your steampunk costume in the right manner, then there is nothing to fear of.

You’ll find yourself wearing a great suit and a fantastic steampunk explorers hat.  Take as an example this one from Tiny Top Hats.

Cautionary note: These types of hats are roughly 5” tall and 5” wide.

Make your own appreciations from the data we serve you.

Steampunk Fascinator Hat

OKIMG_7886 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Fascinator Hat

Have you ever seen those girls that are wearing those tiny hats on the side of their heads? Well, they are called fascinator hats.

And you can find the steampunk type of them as well. All in all, this is a classic steampunk girl hat.

They are interesting in many ways. It’s a simple hat that offers a neat steampunk style but also allows the user to show their hairstyle.

In this way, if you’re looking to go for a Kato cosplay, then my suggestion is to pick one of these if you are into steampunk hats.

You won’t find much more possibilities unless you adapt your hairstyle to the hat.

What we leave you here is with Vic Grays steampunk fascinator hat design. Check it out.

Steampunk Hat Accessories

There are quite a few accessories and supplies you can use for decorating your steampunk hat.

Foam and Felt

Perhaps these are one of the most basic elements you’ll find when making your own steampunk hat.

Foam panels are a great alternative to create different structures and surfaces for your hat topper.

For example, imagine you wanna recreate a copper hat.

Then what you’ll need is to cut your foam panel into tiny pieces that will resemble tin parts after you’ve colored them in metallic copper.

The same goes for polyester felt. You can wrap your whole topper with felt for a Victorian feeling.

If you are going for these deep changes to make your own steampunk hat, then we recommend you to check some foam panels and felt sheets from your hardware store.


Feathers are also an impressive alternative for certain steampunk hat designs.

Especially if you’re looking to make some steampunk hat for your women, then we suggest you grab a pair of feathers.

When placed appropriately, they offer style and do not distort the steampunk design.

I would use the same that are used to build dream catchers, like the ones I show you here.

But it is up to you really.


Gears are and will be the essence. You can always grab a bag of steampunk gears from Amazon and save yourself from starting to do your own gears by yourself.

Check out the gear supply bag that we use at our site right here.

Steampunk Hats in Cakes

We’ve written an entire post that talks about steampunk cakes and their designs.

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Also, you’ll get lots of tips that will come in handy when trying to make your steampunk hat cake.

You can even take a look at some steampunk hat ideas at our Pinterest board at our link here.

In there, you will find lots of ideas for your steampunk top hat cake topper.

Steampunk Hat Images

If you’re looking for some inspirational steampunk hat pics, then we recommend you to check out our Pinterest Board.

We are updating it frequently with the most wonderful steampunk Hats we find on the web.

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How to make a steampunk hat?

This is another exciting topic we’ve covered in a previous post.

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