Five Ideas for a Steampunk Interior Design

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You will find lots of posts about steampunk interior design in the web. But are they really about steampunk? Keep reading to find out more!

Differences between steampunk and Victorian design

To start off our post, we have to make a couple of assumptions. First, the Victorian design is not the same as steampunk. This is because the Victorian style and fashion have a specific role in art history.

When we talk about steampunk you have to remember that is a fiction cultural movement. Yes, it is also true that it comes real as soon as somebody applies a steampunk.

But the actual difference with the Victorian design is that you will actually find historical places where there are plenty of real examples of it.

On the other hand, take steampunk interior design. There are truly no boundaries out there.

But you must know there are certain rules. Well, maybe not rules as such, but some sort of guidance. If it wasn’t for this rules, steampunk couldn’t be defined.

Want a graphical difference between them? Then take a look at these places

Yes, you could say that they have something steampunk style going on. But they are definitely not steampunk.

So what are the key five components to a steampunk interior design? Keep reading to find out.

Five ideas for your steampunk interior design in 2018

1- There must be brass, copper, tin or iron in your steampunk design

This is our golden rule. And we will explain to you why.

Steampunk has a historical background. It is situated in the 19th century right after the industrial revolution has taken place. There is practically no technological development rather than steam power.

This is the basis for our nº1 rule. These four metals represent the industrial revolution at its peak.  There are rustic, there is no refinement in the design. And that is the idea, after all.

In fact, we believe that in a steampunk interior design you could apply this rule in two ways.

First, you can place some canvas, drawing, painting or flat piece of art containing assemblies between copper brass and iron plates. These unions could be reinforced with bolts.

These metal plates represent human effort and technological development of an era.

Besides, if you already have a Victorian design in a room, you can turn it easily into steampunk with one of these.

Also, remember that these metal panels are usually polished, they will reflect light. And this is super important because steampunk design is far distant from the gloom that can be found in Victorian Goth. This is an interesting way to bring a shed of light into your steampunk place.

The second option is to add some metal through sculptures and accessories. But for that, we would recommend you to check our steampunk art section and see what could fit best.

Truth coffee is a steampunk cafe located in Cape Town

Truth Coffee Interior by Haldane Martin, Photo Micky Hoyle. Licensed under CC.

2 – Steampunk floor: Go for a wooden floor

This is also important. You can choose other floors too. It’s not prohibited. But, if you are not sure about the steampunk theme and you don’t wanna miss, then a dark wooden floor will do the trick.

There is also lots of wood in steampunk design. This is due to the time in which steampunk is inspired. And also, because in steampunk there are some devices that are categorical, such as the airships, which are mainly crafted in wood.

A dark wooden floor will give a smooth feeling of steampunk airship or Victorian design. And we believe that it will give space to contemplate other structures in the room. If the floor is too striking, then it will catch everyone’s attention before they realize through other items that they are in a steampunk room.

That is why our 2º rule comes together with the advice we are going to give you. Never place victorian flower tiles in your room. They are too catchy, and they also are a 100% victorian resource. This is one of the things that differ between Victorian and steampunk rooms.

Henredon chesterfield sofa and industrial floor lamp by Paris on Ponce & Le Maison Rouge. Licensed under CC.

3 – Combine leather and wood for steampunk furniture

As you might have realized, these rules come in with certain licenses and restrictions. The idea behind this rule is that if you are not certain, and feel that your room is getting more Victorian than you’d wish for, you should avoid certain elements.

And what we are talking about here is lace. It is not that we don’t want you to use it. As we’ve said before, if you feel comfortable with it, then go for it.

But lace furniture and Victorian flowers on a floor carpet will assure you a 90% Victorian room. And this is what this post is mainly about. It’s about going 100% steampunk in interior design.

If you feel comfortable, then go for the leather and wood furniture. In here, we recommend you basically two types of furniture:

  • Chesterfield sofa
  • Queen Anne chairs

These two are our top picks because they are  100% 19th-century designed. And that will be the way to keep you in line with the steampunk track.

The Chesterfield sofa must be dark brown leather. If buttons and ribbons are made from brass, then better. Queen Anne Chairs must be made from dark wood.

If you feel that this is too much victorian for you, then we suggest you go for something more modern. Only use these principles as a guide for your steampunk interior design.

Steampunk bar, Göteborg by Per-Olof Forsberg. Licensed under CC.

4 – Need to place some tubes? Use copper pipes

Copper pipes are an amazing accessory for a steampunk kitchen or bathroom. Running low on ideas? Then replace your bathroom shower with one made out of copper. Use some red valves for hot and cold. Bam! Now you’re heading the steampunk direction.

Copper tubes can also be easily used to create handles, hangers, and even shelves.

They are easily combined in the kitchen with saucepans and cutlery.

But if copper is so good to recreate a steampunk interior design, why not use it in everything?

If you go too far with copper, then the essence will be lost. You need to find a perfect balance for a steampunk interior design to be astonishing. People must recognize that there is a steampunk theme by the details.

If you go to a room where everything is built with copper, there is nothing about steampunk in it.

That is why a couple of copper tubes are enough for a kitchen or a living room. This, together with a crafty pick of other colors and elements, will be sufficient for a steampunk interior design.

Newtonian lights by karishea. Licensed under CC.

5 – Steampunk lights: Go Newtonian

We could always say that steampunk is about dim lightning. But it’s not always the case.

If you are into a room with dark wood floor, a chesterfield couch, a tin and copper wall canvas, then we are already talking about a steampunk interior design.

In these cases, you must watch out for the lightning. As we said before, you don’t want to run out of light in your room. You don’t want to fall into the Victorian goth style.

But if this is not the case, and you achieved a good balance between colors, then you should try Newtonian lights.

This kind of lights will give some sense of vintage to your room. And they have long strands that will become ocre when the lights are turned on.

If you are in a need of a couple more of steampunk accessories, Newtonian lights can be a good alternative. You can place them in some steampunk floor lamp and you’re ready to go.

We believe that this last recommendation is useful for people who wanna have a modern living room, but also want some steampunk from now and then. In that case, one or two steampunk floor lamps will do the trick.

Turn off your regular lights, turn on your Newtonian floor lamps and there you have it! If you followed our recipe for a steampunk interior design, then this will be the last steampunk touch to complete your project.

Conclusion: The fine line between steampunk and everything else

Our final thought is that steampunk is about balance. Find your balance in colors, in furniture, in lighting. Find the equilibrium between tin, copper, brass, iron, leather, and wood. There is where you will find your perfect steampunk interior design.

If you feel that there are a couple of items that you might purchase for your steampunk interior design project, or you need more ideas, then go check out our home-decor section through our main page. Lots of great ideas await you!

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