10 Authentic Steampunk Jewelry Designs and Ideas

Steampunk Jewelry is an enormous world to explore. In here, you will find rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, trinket boxes and even DIY tutorials. Hopefully, we’ve reviewed the topic in a vast manner. I hope you find our page useful and find what you’re looking for!

Steampunk jewelry is a definite must for people who are wearing steampunk outfits. There are many types of jewelry pieces that can be worn.

These are usually worn by women, but it’s not unusual to find a couple of items that can be worn by men as well.

Though steampunk jewels might not be the cornerstone to steampunk costumes, they definitely add some value.

Steampunk jewelry can also be perfectly worn for everyday activities. Not every piece is crafted for mere cosplay purposes.

How could we define steampunk jewelry?

We’ve started talking about steampunk jewelry, but what is it really? Well, it’s not that easy to give a straight steampunk jewelry definition per se. Let’s deconstruct that question for a better explanation.

As we’ve talked several times throughout our post, in steampunk jewelry the steampunk basic rules apply in the same manner as in every other object. There is an array of colors that must be respected.

I mean, it’s not mandatory, but as soon as you modify these tiny aspects, the overall steampunk jewel design will start to fade away.

An easy way to go for it is by crafting jewelry based on metals such as brass, copper, and tin. This is an easy way to keep in line with what we just said earlier.

Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk Collection by Picara. Licensed under CC

Steampunk Copper and Brass Jewelry are the way to Go

Once again, brass and copper lead our way. They will be our key element in which we will find our socketed stones. Or perhaps they will contain all of the beauty in themselves.

There are plenty of steampunk jewels that were easily crafted with every day or even upcycled materials. And, sincerely, they have not lost a dime of design because of it.

When you buy steampunk jewelry, you will receive glamour and design. These accessories tend to blend amazingly well with the Victorian style that comes together with the steampunk movement.

Imagine the combination between a red velvet corset and a steampunk necklace and earring. This is what I’m talking about.

When gathered together, style and design are achieved.

Rings or necklaces?

Whether is in a ring or a necklace, steampunk jewelry is always a sign of good taste in fashion. Take a look at our recent selection, and let your imagination fly for a couple of seconds.

Imagine your whole steampunk outfit. I’d take my chances that necklace is the right that would fit!

Now that you’ve had a glance at our collection, we suggest you check out our fashion and costumes section. In here, you will find the perfect outfit for that marvelous ring of necklace you just found here.

Whether is for cosplay or for everyday stylish looks, there will be some outfit that will enhance the beauty of those jewels you just got.

Steampunk rings for men


As you might know already, there are certain things that are hard to reach out on the web. In this case, steampunk rings is a peculiar category. You won’t find much throughout the main sites. But we have performed our research. It’s kind of a curated work in some sense.

Anyway, we have gathered here those rings which can be considered a true authentic steampunk jewelry piece.

They have their original personality, something that is quite interesting and not common in other designs.

Biker Jewelry ring

You will find quite opposite designs in those rings we leave you here. There are some rings that have original steampunk features.

Designs vary between motors, a geared mechanism or a voltaic generator in your finger, you have steampunk in your hands.

Check the designs by GemMart, Alchemy Gothic, And OnlyLove. You will find what you’re looking for.

Steampunk fashion ring

But you will find that our last pick goes in the opposite direction. Refined and discrete in design, this ring is crafted for people that need to carry a sober style but do not want to lose their steampunk soul.

In this case, this light brown wood and tungsten carbide ring manages to complete the goal in a peaceful way. Crafted by Elope, designed to last.

Steampunk Body Jewelry: Bracelets for the Steampunk Girl


There will be times when your costume won’t be fit for you to carry a steampunk bracelet. But when it does, you shouldn’t think twice about having one of these bracelets.

The reason behind this is basically that steampunk has something about hiding our identity in its nature. It can be easily seen in the masks section.

Copper Jewelry Bracelet

Of the four choices that we present, we think we’d go for the full brass bracelet first.  Why? Well, it has a superior built quality overall. Besides, it has a pretty neat design.

But if you feel that your cosplay is running low on gears, then we would recommend you the other ones. Simply because of the fact that they are packed full with steampunk accessories.

You can check out the copper bracelet by Elope right here.

Lace metal steampunk Jewelry

In this particular case, we will leave you with two particular designs. One is brought to you by Charm. L Grace. The other one is crafted by MEIySH.

Both of them are exquisite lace bracelets, embellished in metallic alloys and lace. They are built out of high-quality materials. It’s a definite choice if you are out of jewelry accessories and wanna add something up to your steampunk clothing.

These lace can be considered in some form part of the steampunk gothic jewelry style. You will find them in tune with any type of goth costume. Try it out!

 Top steampunk necklaces to combine with your corset


As we’ve talked before in the bracelet section, there will be certain costumes that won’t permit a necklace.

I mean, if you place yourself a steampunk armor, thinking about steampunk necklaces is nonsense. But if you wanna wear a corset, then a steampunk necklace would be a great accessory.

These type of necklaces are crafted in fantastic forms. That is pretty neat since steampunk always has an open window for mystic stories.

In this sense, you will find all sorts of creatures that can hang from your necklace. From butterflies to skulls, pick the one you feel most comfortable with!

Gold Steampunk Necklace

This particular type of gold steampunk jewelry can be handmade as well. If you keep reading our post, you will find out our tutorial about this particular topic.

Anyway, if you are not in a mood for struggling with your own DIY project, we recommend you to go out and buy this necklace for yourself.

There is no straight line dividing gold from brass. It can be considered the same way. The fact is that this type of steampunk necklace can be considered a classic. You won’t miss if you wear one of this. Check out the one crafted by Q&Q on its link.

Gothic steampunk Scarab Pendant

Perhaps this is the other boundary when talking about steampunk jewelry. You will always find certain steampunk items that have blurred away with some goth designs. And that is ok, as long as the whole attire makes sense.

In this case, you’ll find that this pendant is astonishing by its looks. WeiVan has created a great effort in creating this masterpiece. Take a look at it right here.

Steampunk earrings from our culture


Steampunk earrings and necklaces are close relatives. There are lots of things that they share. But there are a couple of details that aren’t quite the same.

Figures in earrings will be much more about gears and coils than creatures. Why? Well, mainly because the spatial references are way different.

Artisans must consider weight in their creations. Earrings must have smaller figurines in order to succeed.

That is why you will find lots of charms in steampunk earrings. And that is fine. In the end, these earrings have only one purpose: to enlighten you during your costume party.

We would be glad to see someone walking down the street with a couple of these hanging from their ears. But we doubt such a thing can happen.

Triple Clock Wheel Earrings

We find this design quite impressive. It’s simple and also straightforward at the same time.

The three gear color degradee is simply perfect. The three parts are properly aligned. This is an amazing steampunk jewelry piece of art.

If you are doubtful about your earrings and you’re heading to a costume party, grab one of these and problem solved. Check them out here.

Steampunk Pirate Compass Pendant Charm Dangle

This is by far the biggest an earring can get. If you find something bigger than this, simply don’t wear it because it can harm your ears.

These pirate compass earrings are crafted in brass, and they reflect the whole steampunk art in one piece. Simple as they are, they can be an excellent accessory especially if you are planning to dress up as a steampunk pirate! Check them out here.

Steampunk jewelry

Steampunk jewels by Jessa Slade. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Jewelry: Necklace DIY tutorial

Have you ever wondered if you could make a personal steampunk jewelry easy? In this section, we will give you some essential tips to start making your own steampunk jewelry DIY necklaces.

Steampunk Jewelry Supplies and components

First, you’ll need to stack on some supplies. These are not hard to find though, you’ll find them in any hardware store.

The essential steampunk components you’ll essentially need to start off with this project are:

1- Steampunk gears and charms for jewelry

You can choose from any type you wish. After all, these are gonna be your main decorative parts of your steampunk jewelry.

We recommend you not to go for any other gear than gray, gold and light brown. These are in line with the steampunk array of colors. You can check some at our link here.

2- Solder Wire

Lead solder wire has a certain flexibility, which will allow you to craft your piece without too much trouble.

You can use other types of wires as well, but you’ll eventually find yourself struggling in order to place it properly throughout the gears.

0.8mm is an acceptable wire size for your project. This one is an example of what we’re talking about.

3-  Copper chain package

This will be essential for your steampunk necklace. The chain will hold all the decorative elements hanging around your neck. You can choose from several colors, but I recommend you to go for the copper one.

You won’t fail in your steampunk necklace mission if you go straight for the known steampunk colors. This model we leave you here comes also with the right amount of jump rings you need. Check it out!

Easy Steampunk Jewelry Necklace Tutorial

Create the base of the necklace

Cut the chain into two exact halves. These will go down into the steampunk gears and cogs and will have to engage each other at the back of your neck. If you wanna mix it up a little bit, you can add additional chains in the same pattern but with different colors.

In order to do so, you will need to attach each chain end to one each other. For that, you can always add a jump ring. Be sure to do so for both ends before advancing to the next step. Solder the tip of the jump ring with the lead wire to avoid it from opening in the future.

Start adding up steampunk gears and cogs

Now it’s time to start chaining up your steampunk gears and cogs.

Look for a tiny hole in one of your steampunk gears, and slide another jump ring to it. Now engage this new jump ring to one on the ends of your chain.

Congrats! You’ve started your steampunk necklace.

Keep placing gears one next to each other bonded by jump rings. Seal those rings with a microscopic drop of soldered lead wire.

Add the other side of the necklace

Now attach both jump rings ( one from the gear side, one from the other chain side) in order to finish the main part of your necklace.

Use a Lobster Claw

Lobster Claws are an easy way to solve the issue of closing a necklace. Attach it to one of your chain’s end right after one jump ring. If you wanna give it a little bit more steampunk feel, then attach a gear to the other chain end. Use this gear as the main receiver for the lobster claw.

Steampunk DIY necklace tutorial on Youtube

If you feel kinda lost with this tutorial, we suggest you check out this video from Cousin D.I.Y.

They have created this amazing tutorial in which everything is explained in the same manner we talked about it in our post.

They have even included a steampunk DIY earring tutorial within this one. Feel free to take a look at their video right here.

I find that this tutorial is a great way to get to create your own steampunk handmade piece of jewelry.

Steampunk jewelry making kit

There are a couple of jewelry making kits that will save you the effort of searching for piece by piece. Thanks to SunnyClue, all of the pieces have been gathered into a single package in an efficient manner.

If you buy this steampunk jewelry kit, then you’ll have all you need to follow our necklace recipe right below. Check it out here.

Steampunk Polymer Clay Jewelry Charms

Perhaps you were wondering if you could even create your own steampunk gears out of polymer clay. You can indeed! The only thing you’ll have to think of is the molds.

Fortunately, we have the answer for you. Take a look at the silicone molds by UIE. You’ll be able to craft your own charms in no time.

Also, as they are made out of straight silicone, you can even do some chocolate gears for your kids!

copper steampunk jewelry

Copper steampunk by Leah. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Jewelry images on Pinterest

As we’ve told you before, we launched our own Pinterest account a couple of days ago! It’s full of amazing boards with true photographic relics that can’t be found anywhere else.

You can take a look at our steampunk jewelry Pinterest board at our link right here. It’s totally worth it. You’ll find much more steampunk jewelry design ideas to stimulate your creativity!

Steampunk Jewelry Box: Buy or DIY?

I’ve been asked a lot about this issue. Should I go down for a steampunk jewelry box or should I craft it with my own hands?

My recommendation is that you’d better go straight and buy a steampunk jewelry box from a professional.

Why? The reason is simple: Jewelry boxes are not hard to craft. But you will find that there is a lot of hard work under each and every jewel box created.

You’ll have to take into account these before embarking into one of this projects.

Besides, there are times where its not easy to accomplish a pretty design. And this can be a tough one because crafting one of this boxes requires a lot of time.

If you wanna go down the tough road, then we’ll leave you here with what we considered “the easy” steampunk jewel box DIY tutorial.

Just remember what we told you: These are meant for experienced or skilled people. If this is your first steampunk DIY project, then we’d suggest you change it for an easier one.

You could try something out from our steampunk costume DIY guide.

The link to this tutorial is here. Thanks to Alexandra M, in this tutorial you will be given all of the theoretical tools needed to pursue your goal.

If you are having second thoughts, then we recommend you to check out our steampunk jewelry box models crafted by pros

Steampunk Jewelry Boxes

Steampunk Heart Trinket Stash

If you checked our previous tutorial, you’ll be convinced by now that steampunk jewelry boxes are not easy to craft. Now imagine yourself trying to do this steampunk heart model.

Personally, I can’t. I’d rather buy it than try to craft it because I find cold resin designs too hard to be reproduced.

I find that this type of ideas can be performed exclusively by artists.  And I don’t consider myself one.

Dragonfly Trinket Box

I find that these type of trinket box is by far much more discrete. I would think of it as a cool present for your kids, especially if they don’t know anything about steampunk at all.

Why? Well, because it’s a trinket box that is well balanced in design. If your kid doesn’t like that steampunk design, nevermind, it can slide as an industrial modern style and that’s it.

Anyways, I don’t believe your kids won’t love it. Although there are quite a bunch of designs out there, we found that this one is perhaps the most interesting one. Go and check it out by yourself.

Dragon Stash Box

This is another completely different concept. A big dragon lies on top of your stash. As if it were protecting your precious jewels.

Personally, I find it a bit fancy. But I must admit that crafting these designs take a lot of effort and time. So, hats off to the creators of this design.

Take a look and tells us what you think about it right below!

Submarine vs Octopus Jewelry Box

I bet you can find single submarine or octopus trinket boxes on the web. But this design is outstanding. It’s a true piece of art.

There are certain elements that can always be brought into scene to give a steampunk feel to an object. You can create that feeling with colors, gears, and stuff. But this is at another level.

This trinket box is a whole J Verne’s Nautilus scene. That kind of items that leave you speechless. Take a look at it by yourself here. But I mean it, you won’t find this kind of item anywhere else.

This is our nÂş1 recommendation overall.

Owl Stash Box

Perhaps this is a more classic recommendation. We all know that the owl resembles steampunk in many ways. It is one of those classical figures you can find out there.

In this case, this plated stash box has a certain steampunk feeling to it, though it doesn’t fully respect the color rule we’ve talked about. Check it out here.


If you already have your steampunk jewelry, maybe it’s time to think about your steampunk mask. Have you considered it? Take a look at our steampunk masks collection.

You will find the right one to combine it with your necklace.