Everything there is about Steampunk Lamps

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If you come to our post, then you are in a desperate need to know more about steampunk lamps. When do we consider that a lamp is steampunk? What are steampunk lamps made of? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about steampunk lamps.

Why do steampunk lamps even exist?

This question is quite rhetorical in a sense. To answer it, we have to go back to steampunk historical roots. Steampunk is a cultural movement born right after the Victorian period in the 19th century.

This means that, up to this point, the main powerhouse technology that mobilized the whole society was steam. As electricity began to develop a novel tech, the Victorian technological and aesthetic design adapted several changes.

If we have to state a period from which steampunk emanates in fiction, we could say that it ranges between 1850 in the 19th century and WWI. Right after that, Victorian and Edwardian styles shifted into sober designs due to the historical paradigm shift.

For this reason, there will be lots of steampunk lamp parts that are unique from a period. Let’s say for example Newtonian lights. A steampunk lamp wouldn’t be steampunk if it weren’t for Newtonian lights.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t place other lightbulbs to your steampunk lamp design. It only means that, in order to represent adequately the steampunk movement, there will be certain steampunk parts that we believe, are irreplaceable.

The same thing happened to other materials that bring steampunk lamps into life. Consider that every tool that took a place in the industrial revolution can potentially play a role in steampunk items.

Though this is the conceptual reason for certain steampunk lamps to be irreplaceable, we will dive deeper into our steampunk lamp parts description in order to learn the reason and what happens when you don’t follow certain steampunk rules.

Steampunk lamp with newtonian lightbulb

Lamp By Art Donovan. Licensed under CC.

The reason for certain Steampunk Lamp Parts

If we have to dissect our steampunk lamp into parts, then we would find there are a couple of basic elements that can be found. The lamp base, the red valve, the scaffold, and the Newtonian lightbulb. Additionally, steampunk gears and decorative items can also be attached.

Steampunk lamp base

One must be careful when picking a steampunk lamp base. Simply because of the fact that this particular item can be the motif for nobody realizing you have a steampunk lamp.

When we talk about steampunk bases, we have to take into account that they must be of an appropriate size.  They must be able to withstand the weight of the rest of the structure, which is gonna be crafted in heavy metals.

Besides, steampunk bases must be appropriately colored. We have seen around plenty of steampunk lamps that have light wooden bases. Take into consideration that wood is recommended because it reflects the materials of a vintage post-victorian period. But don’t varnish the wood until is light colored.

Light colored steampunk base lamps are often misdiagnosed as industrial lamps. The reason for this is that these lamp designs contain lots of other industrial components.

A great alternative to overpass this issue is to grab some steampunk decoration and attach it to the base. Place some brass pressuremeter, some rounded gear or cogs.

Also, try to get a steampunk base in dark wood colors. They will certainly match in a better way the post-Victorian aesthetics.

The red valve switch

The red valve has certain attributes that play a key role in the development of a steampunk lamp. First of all, your lamp will need a switch. There are many ways to implement your red valve as a light switch.

Also, it is cheap. It is usually affordable and you can buy it at any hardware store together with the rest of the materials.

We believe the red valve switch is, in the end, a great accessory that gives a true steampunk feeling to your lamp. Besides, it will create an atmosphere of realism. Your lamp won’t be just a steampunk prop. It’s gonna be crafted with original materials.

Steampunk Pipes and Tubes

This is the cornerstone in the development of your lamp. Pipes and tubes will account for your steampunk lamp scaffold. you have to carefully plan your lamp design, as you will need a couple of pipe couplings to give it shape unless you want a straight lamp.

Steampunk pipes are always made out of tin, brass or copper. Don’t worry, we don’t ask you to necessarily buy those made out of these metals. But what you will need is definitely golden, plated or copper tubes.

Try not to mix the colors. There is some sober side to the steampunk art. Hang on to your original color once you’ve started your project.

Tubes and pipes reflect the steampunk origins from a post-industrial period. This is why it’s recommended not to go with anything else for your scaffold.

Steampunk Newtonian Lightbulbs

If you weren’t certain about our previous advice, and you went for other designs, but now you wish your lamp had more steampunk than what it has, then consider placing a Newtonian light.

Newtonian lights give this dim illumination to interiors that resemble the way lights were employed right after the invention of the lightbulb.

At first, these light bulbs wouldn’t produce as bright as what they do now. Thus, this is the feeling anyone would have had at a post-victorian period.

You can choose from tiny to big Newtonian lights. Any kind will do the trick.

Besides, there is a coppery feel on the warm type of lighting they provide.

Steampunk accessories

There are many potential steampunk accessories to choose from. They can be placed at the base or at the ends of the pipes. Steampunk accessories can vary from pressuremeters and water meters to tiny cogs and bolts.

Steampunk accessories will be great to turn to steampunk any other lamp you have at home. The only thing that we recommend to you is that if you’re gonna pick a lamp for a steampunk DIY project, then you should try to grab one the most Victorian style possible.

For these reasons we mentioned above, we believe that these are the irreplaceable parts that compose a steampunk lamp.

Steampunk Lamp Parts List

  • Lamp base.
  • Red Valve.
  • Gold, copper or plated pipes and tubes.
  • Newtonian lightbulb.
  • Steampunk accessories.

Steampunk lamp DIY project

If you are planning on starting your steampunk lamp DIY project, we recommend you to check a couple of youtube videos first. It’s not a hard achievement to pursue, but you will need some specific tools in order to get to the goal.

We suggest you check out this link at Banjo Show channel on Youtube. He has three steampunk DIY tutorial about lamps which are great. In 15 minutes he will make a summary of the key actions that have to be done in order to create a steampunk lamp.

Just a couple of thoughts to add up: Be sure to add up a ground wire and a euro connector to your device. There will be no major issue with your steampunk lamp wiring through this tutorial. Nevertheless, we should try anyway to place safety first on our users.

Also, consider the pricing of the steampunk lamp parts. Your project can get expensive if you account for several pipes. Just watch out.

Here we leave you two additional steampunk DIY lamp tutorials. The first one is from Chris Chavers. You can check their Youtube link here. In this tutorial, Chris will guide you into a step by step transformation of a simple base lamp from his kid into a steampunk lamp.

With the use of the fast forward in the video, Chris Chavers is able to summarize the key elements needed to compose the lamp. From the painting to the wiring, take a look for yourself. The result: An awesome steampunk bed lamp.

The last steampunk lamp DIY project that we recommend is from The_Jedi. You can find the link here. In this case, you will find our main character, Eloy, gliding through the steps of creating a steampunk lamp in an easy way.

A good steampunk DIY lamp tutorial if you are in need of both a lamp and a USB slot at the same time.

Cautionary note: If you are going to hop into steampunk DIY projects, we suggest you two things. The first one is to read something about wiring. You’ll need some sort of knowledge in order to place the wires as they should be. It’s not hard, but it ain’t easy either.

Our second advice is to be equipped. You will need to hammer, to trim, to saw, to glue. We feel that this job is not for everyone. Though is not contraindicated, it might get tough going for a steampunk DIY lamp project at an apartment.

But if you still are into creating your own steampunk lamp, then we recommend you to check out the steampunk lamp kit.

Steampunk Lamp Kit

There are not much steampunk lamp kits that can be found on the web. One of them can be found on the website steampunklampfactory.com. To be honest, it is twelve bucks steampunk DIY lamp kit that basically consists of some brass holder and a Newtonian light. We wouldn’t recommend this kit because we feel it does not express the essence found in the steampunk art.

If we had to recommend, then we say you go for the steampunk DIY lamp kit that is delivered by MKLOT on Amazon. Why? Because this kit comes with all the items we’ve mentioned before that add up for a steampunk lamp.

In here, you will find tubes and pipes, wires, and a Newtonian light bulb. This steampunk DIY lamp kit is intended for the creation of wall lamps.  But it’s not difficult to get a dark wood base and combine it to have a steampunk floor lamp.

The package weighs around 7.7 pounds. And it comes with a 40w light wiring.

You can find the link from Amazon here. Steampunk DIY wall lamp kit.

Steampunk lamp sockets and switches

When it comes to steampunk lightning, maybe you don’t want a whole steampunk lamp for your room. Maybe you just want to add up some more details. Here is when steampunk switches come in handy.

Steampunk switch DIY projects and plate covers

We’ve previously talked about our red valve and how to transform it into your main switch for your steampunk lamp. If you are interested in DIY for your steampunk lamp, there is a whole independent tutorial that can be found on youtube.

This DIY water valve light switch tutorial was created by  Roman Biller in 2015. In there, you will find those details in the wiring that are essential to transforming your valve into your main switch.  You can find his Youtube video in this link.

There are lots of steampunk switch plate covers that can be found. When it comes to this particular topic, we recommend going straight forward to the best quality that is out there.

Why is this? Simply because of the fact that steampunk switch plate covers are quite similar between each other. Thus, you will need the one that suits you best with an appropriate cost=quality equation.

If you are going for something pictorial, we recommend you to check out the 4.25-inch resin steampunk plate cover provided by PTC.  It is a high-quality piece of steampunk ornament.

However, there are two things you must know before purchasing. First, it doesn’t come with screws, so you’ll need to grab some gold or gray bolts from your hardware store in order to place it. Second, it can be a bit thick for some light switches.

Anyway, if you like to take a look you can check it out in this link. Steampunk resin switch plate cover.

If you are looking for something even better, then you should go for the metal painted plate covers. We believe the best out there is the model Keys crafted by Sci-Collectables. It has a unique aesthetic design. As as far as we can tell, is a flawless plate cover. You can check the design in this link. Keys by Sci-Collectables.

Steampunk lamp sockets

If you are unsure about your lamp socket, and you don’t wanna miss, then we recommend you to go for a blackguard. This is probably the simplest form of steampunk socket that can be found.

Besides,  it resembles the classic oil lamps previous to the discovery of electricity. Remember, in steampunk, there is a vintage feeling that marauders between Victorian and Edwardian styles.

If you are going for a blackguard, you can find some type that includes even some brass on it. We suggest you check the guard from Newhouse lighting at Amazon. They are simple. Yet they are efficient to accomplish their purpose. Check them through the link here.

But maybe you thought it might be better to have an industrial design in your steampunk lamp. After all, steampunk can be easily combined into a modern industrial interior decor. It’s all about how much steampunk details you wanna add to your decoration.

If this is the case, then we suggest you check out two sockets. The first one is the E26/ E27 steampunk lamp socket by INNOCCY. It has an amazing industrial design. We recommend you to place it in any type of steampunk lamp that already has too many gears and cogs, and you wanna transform it into a  more sophisticated and subtle. Check it here.

The second steampunk socket is brought to you by Fantando. It is a single copper socket with a vintage style that can be easily assembled with steampunk lamps. If you wanna keep it simple, then we recommend you to place a Newtonian big round lightbulb and to hang it from anywhere you want.

There you go, you’ll have steampunk style in no time. Check the link here.

Steampunk light bulb

Newtonian Lightbulb by Josch13. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Lamps for Sale

Last but not least, if you’ve come through our post, and you didn’t catch any of our previous tips, then maybe you are thinking it might be easier to buy a whole steampunk lamp rather than trying to build your own design.

And this is true in some way. I mean, if you can find a steampunk lamp that is not so expensive, then it might just be a better option.

In this section, we will leave you with three choices

Steampunk desk lamp

Our recommendation for a steampunk desk lamp is called “The Professor”, and its built by Y-nut. This is simple. This steampunk desk lamp has all the attributes needed to be steampunk. Wooden base? Check. Pipes? Check. Newtonian light? Check. Red valve switch? Check.

Perfect. Find it in this link.

Steampunk wall sconce lamp

Here you can get it a bit tougher because there is much more to choose from. Nevertheless, our suggestion is to go for this steampunk wall sconce lamp. Once again, simple designs are steampunk and beautiful when the parts are placed correctly.

This sconce lamp has again all that it takes to be a steampunk lamp. It is beautifully arranged and can be easily placed in any industrial living room.

Check out the link here.

Steampunk floor lamp

This isn’t gonna be cheap. When we mean that steampunk lamps are “for sale”, we understand that they are cheaper than what you can traditionally find in stores.

And if you think of it that way, then you won’t find them expensive either.

But when it comes to this particular floor lamp, the thing is that you are not only buying steampunk lightning, but you’re also getting a marvelous piece of art.

O’thentique has crafted an exceptional steampunk floor lamp that combines natural branches with rustic metals that wrap around the lamp at several places. Combined with an Edison light bulb, and it’s ready to be placed next to your couch.

This floor lamp has a beautiful design.  Check it out here.

And with that, we end our steampunk lamps post. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you feel that something is missing or you would add something else, please leave us a comment below.

Found our post helpful? Check out the rest of our posts at our steampunk main page.



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