Top 20 Steampunk Makeup Ideas for Men and Women

Steampunk makeup is the perfect companion for any costume you want to put on.

Do you have your steampunk hat? Check.

Do you have steampunk clothing? Check.

Then all you have left is to grab some steampunk makeup ideas, go for it and rock it on Halloween!

We created this post with the idea that you can grab a couple of steampunk makeup ideas, bring you some tutorials, and buy some female and male kits and supplies in order to achieve your makeup look.

Keep reading to find out more!

Top Steampunk Male and Female Makeup Ideas

Face Makeup

Makeup colors

Include copper, and gold in your makeup base. These two are the main colors of the steampunk culture.

You can be certain of one thing: A tin, copper or brass base applied to your face englobes entirely the steampunk concept.

This is true in several ways. As we’ve reviewed several times in another post, there is a specific steampunk array of colors that predominate over the rest in each and every steampunk item you will see.

This is basically metalized dark and light brown, gray, black and gold.

These metallic colors represent the main elements that have been used throughout the XIX century: Leather, wood, tin, brass, and copper.

Straight in line with this previous thought, you will see that most steampunk ideas even come from the combination of these elements.

So if you were looking for something more colorful, maybe steampunk makeup is just not right for you.

But if you come to think about it, you’ll see that incredible designs can be done in this color gamut. We will talk about them later.


You should look for gears and coils stickers. Though they are plastic-made, they will give you much more precision in these kind details you might just wanna skip the drawing phase and go straight to it.

Steampunk decals are very easy to place. They are neat and tidy, you won’t be struggling with the possibility of staining your disguise.

Also, if you’re planning to go to a place that’s gonna get hot, such as disco, you won’t have to worry about spoiling your makeup if you sweat.

The least that could happen is that these decals will fall off your face.

But for the price, I wouldn’t mind even if they fall off. You could have your decals bag in your pocket or purse, and reattach them every once in a while during the night.

There are lots of eye decals to be found out there on the web, but we recommend the eye decals by AVSP shop because they are subtle, they fit the purpose and are on sale right now. Check them out at the link here.

Steampunk costumes and makeup: Cool cosplay looks

Now that we have a little intro about the topic, we’ll go down for some special steampunk makeup fx that we’ve found.

I will also give you some advice and will tell you what I believe about each one.

Steampunk clown

Sincerely, I am skeptical of the idea that clowns and steampunk can be combined in such a way.

There is no apparent association between clowns and the XIX century whatsoever.

Besides, I would be careful with the idea of using our clown makeup nowadays.

There are several videos out there that show Psycho Clowns all over the US. I know that this is not the rule, BUT, I would personally avoid trying to mix these things up.

There is a small video about Party City in which they show how a steampunk clown would be. It doesn’t get more silly than that. Take a look by yourself in this link.

My nº1 recommendation is to avoid mixing clown and steampunk for your next makeup.

Steampunk circus makeup: The mime

This situation is quite different than what we talked before. And it’s pretty interesting too.

Mimes do have a certain relationship with the XIX century.

There is a discrete french like-concept about this characters that is much closer to the origins of steampunk than what we thought of.

Mime makeup is subtle. It respects the steampunk color pattern.

If you wanna mix the mime theme with some steampunk disguise, then be my guest. On the bottom of our post, we have a picture by osseous where you can see that these two ideas are great.

We also find that the mime theme can be considered a steampunk goggle makeup, because of the incredible way that they combine.

Also, this is a relatively easy steampunk makeup to perform. You just need a white base, some black lines, and squares placed near the eye, and you are ready to go.

Steampunk mime makeup tutorial

Though it’s pretty easy to perform, perhaps you need some advice.

If this is the case, then we recommend you to check out this tutorial by Eliana Rush.

Remember, you’ll need to grab your steampunk details from your accessories rather than from your makeup in order to steampunkize it.

Steampunk cyborg

This is one of those special steampunk fx makeups that you can see all over the internet.

Despite the fact that there are a couple of DIY tutorials that can be found out there, and that ordinary people have achieved it without further trouble, what I’ve seen is that it’s more common to see these by people that are skilled makeup artists.

This type of hybrid steampunk-cyberpunk robot makeups has certain details that must be taken into account.

The color pattern is not wide, it usually includes white, shades of gray, and black. The thing is that it’s not as easy as it looks to place them together in one neat piece.

You must be meticulous when creating the lines that divide the tin layers. Thin lines won’t be seen at all. If lines are too bold, then you will lose the effect you’re looking for.

If you feel that this is too hard to pursue, then you can go for the original steampunk mechanical makeup: The tin man. Yes!, this character from the Wizard of Oz can be your base model.

You can keep on creating your steampunk costume with the rest of the stuff: Steampunk hats and goggles.

Steampunk cyborg DIY makeup tutorials

If you wanna try out something hard, then check out this steampunk cyborg tutorial by Jess Heath. This is an adaptation that resembles a zombie horror movie blended with steampunk elements.

Therefore, we could define it as a steampunk zombie horror makeup.

If you wanna go for something for an easy steampunk makeup tutorial, then check out this one by Mery Mt.

Steampunk Skulls and Skeletons

There is a kind of space to blend steampunk and skulls in one way or another.

There are many steampunk outfits that when combined with skull makeup add up for the whole costume.

I’ve seen that the combination fits really well between each other. This is an exciting combination for every one of you who is looking for a Halloween makeup but wants to have something different.

It is also very common to see skeleton makeups with hats and suits during the Day of The Dead.

If you want to give it a twist, you can place your steampunk hat and goggles on.

And you’ll see that they combine amazingly well.

Steampunk Skeleton Makeup Tutorial
Steampunk Prosthetics makeup

We will leave you here with two skeleton makeup tutorials.

The first one is quite complex indeed, but the results are amazing. But be warned, you’ll need a couple of supplies such as prosthetics.

Pinkstylist will leave you the links right below for everything you need.

This is one of the most extreme and dramatic steampunk makeups I’ve seen out there!

We recommend you to go for this one when you have enough experience in makeup. Go for an easier one at first, and then think about this one for the future.

The link is here.

Easy steampunk skeleton makeup

This one you’ll find it easier. Since it doesn’t require prosthetics, its gonna be a lot easier to achieve.

This makeup tutorial by AngieMayhem is an easy but amazing way to achieve your steampunk face makeup without any hassle. Check it out right here.

Steampunk Goth Makeup


This is also one of those types of makeup designs that can be easily combined with some steampunk goggles and a hat.

So, if we had to choose between all of what we talked about, this could be considered an easy steampunk makeup.

All in all, it’s about a good lipstick, a white base, and some teeth prosthetics.

We will leave you with this steampunk vampire makeup tutorial by Victoria Lyn right here. It’s a good choice if you are just starting with makeup tutorials.


The same can be stated about the steampunk witch. It’s an easy one for you to start with.

Check out the link for the tutorial by Steamfairie right here.

Victorian Gothic

A steampunk victorian gothic makeup is perhaps one of the most standard ones you will find out there.

As you’ll see, once again there are certain rules that apply as well.

There will be a primary white faded base. Details will be placed upon.

The white base is the main component that offers that Goth Victorian steampunk look.

Check out this tutorial by Blackat CvLT right here.

Kato Steampunk

Kato steampunk makeup is another relatively easy alternative to go for, especially if you’re looking for something quite a bit easier than the previous we talked about.

There are not plenty of elements that must be used during the makeup process.

The final result is a well-balanced face makeup that needs the rest of the steampunk attire in order to achieve the right result.

If you’re going to some place where the traditional Kato steamgirl might not be recognized, then we recommend you not to go for this makeup, because it’s subtle, and people might fail to recognize the main character behind the makeup idea.

If you wish to create your Kato steampunk makeup, then you can check out this tutorial from ashtonxtaylor right here.

She has even placed the list of makeup supplies you’ll need in order to recreate it.


OKIMG_0954 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk makeup and hair: What is out there?

If you are interested in steampunk hairstyles, then we suggest you to check out our blog post about it in the link we’ve provided you.

Nevertheless, we will make a little attachment to our blog post right here.

Steampunk Kato Hairstyle

This is perhaps one of the best-known steampunk hairstyles you can find out there.

It is a definite must if you are looking for a steampunk Kato makeup.

It is important to achieve this as well because it’s just not the same to go for a Victorian hairstyle when wearing this makeup.

Check out Kato at 2014 Steamfest in this link right here. You will see what we are talking about.

It’s not necessary to go out and bleach your hair. But you need to keep it straight, simple, and place your steampunk goggles and ponytail in the exact same way.

You can always add up some hair clips to your hairstyle if you feel that some decor is missing.

Check out this clock hairpin by Graceart in this link right here.


Dreadlocks give this post-apocalyptic feeling to spectators when appropriately combined with certain masks.

Can you imagine yourself with a steampunk robot makeup and a mono-dreadlock hairstyle hanging from your head?

The steampunk dread-heads are definitely a combination of steampunk modernism and design.

This is definitely not one of those hairstyles you’d go for if you’re looking to achieve a classic Victorian makeup style.

If you wanna have some dreadlocks for your Halloween makeup but don’t wanna carry them to your work the day after, we recommend you to wear some kind of wig.

We recommend you to take a look at this one right here.

Gothic – Victorian

If you don’t wanna miss, then you could try some goth hairstyle. It never fails.

This will always score because goth has deep roots in Victorian fashion.

This keeps goth and steampunk in the same railroad despite the fact they have had different frequencies.

Once again, in order to achieve this type of steampunk hairstyles, you’ll need a couple of hairpins.

You could try out this butterfly wings hairpin in order to fit your purpose. Check them out right here.

Steampunk eye makeup

There are a couple of steampunk eye makeup ideas that are interesting.

If you don’t wanna go for a full face makeup for several reasons, then you must check out this part of our post.

I think you will find pretty interesting ideas.

Steampunk Clock Makeup

There is a tight relationship between clocks and steampunk for many reasons.

The concept of time has been a topic of interest in the XIX. And as a retrofuturistic movement that steampunk is, I find that time is a cornerstone topic as well.

There are not much steampunk clock makeup tutorials out there.

What we’ve found is a steampunk clock inspired makeup, that is pretty well achieved.

The DIY tutorial was created by Denean Dale, you can check it out at her link right here.

Steampunk glitter makeup

It’s not easy to place glitter on your eyelids in an appropriate steampunk manner.

Fortunately, we’ve found a glitter makeup tutorial created by tutushka that explains it in a step by step manner.

You can check it out right here.

Steampunk eyeliners

We’ve made a spot for this topic because not every eyeliner there is out there will be suitable for your purposes.

You must take into account that there are some eyeliners that can be more irritating than others.

For that reason, we’ve made our research, and found out that there are a couple of eyeliners that were created specially for steampunk purposes. They are also vegan, and waterproof.

They come in liquid forms, and that is cool because you’ll be able to place them with a brush and have no further issuues.

We recommend you to check our these steampunk eyeliners at the link here.

And if you have an extremely sensitive skin and don’t wanna even go down to liquid eyeliners, then you might consider adhesive eyeliners.

They have the same advantages that we talked about decals. They can be interesting, even for people that need to go to two places in a same day, and have no time to take their makeups off their face.

For those guys, just place some steampunk makeup adhesive eyeliners and take them off when the event is finished.

If you come to think about it, it’s a pretty cool solution for this type of situations.

Check them out at the link here.

Steampunk Makeup by osseous. Licensed under CC.

Top 3 steampunk makeup kits on Amazon

Makeup kits with tattoos

There will be times when trying to recreate a gear or a coil with your pen and brush won’t be easy.

That is the reason why Woochie has built an excellent steampunk makeup kit that covers all that you need.

In this kit, you will find a couple of peel and stick tattoos that contain these gears and steampunk decor that you need.

The set also comes with liquid latex, a sponge and a brush.

It’s a complete makeup for your Halloween. You can check it out  in this link 

Makeup kits with 3d appliances

But if what you wish for is only to have some coils and gears but you don’t want anything related to Henna tattoos, then we recommend you this second design.

Brought by Fairienicethings, this steampunk makeup kit comes with the 3d trinkets placed over a latex rubber.

So there is no need to use glue at all. Besides, it comes with sponges and brushes too. This set comes with three colors: green copper and silver. You can find this kit here

Makeup kit color stack

If green, copper, and silver won’t do the trick for you, then you have to go for more colors.

In this steampunk kit, you will find four colors: gold, light brown, dark brown and grey.

This kit is great to combine it with the couple we’ve talked about above, especially in cases where you’ll be using your kit for two or more people.

You can check it out the color stack in here

Steampunk Makeup Images

We’ve opened our steampunk Makeup Pinterest board!

You can check it out and follow us on our link right here.

We’ll be updating our board with each and every new steampunk makeup we come across in the next Cons and gatherings.

Check us out routinely for more info!

In our board, you’ll find each and every type of steampunk makeup we’ve been talking about.

Conclusion: There are lots of steampunk makeup ideas out there

As you’ve seen, there are lots of steampunk makeup types you can choose from. It is up to you what you wanna go for.

As we’ve said before, I will always recommend you to start off with easy ideas, and then go for the complex prosthetic designs.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our post. Feel free to check out the rest of our website!