Sixteen Impressive Steampunk Masks in 2019 (#6 is Crazy!)

Who doesn’t love to wear a steampunk mask every now and then? And if its steampunk themed, even better! You’ve come across thousands of websites looking for some high-end quality masks.

And that is why you ended up here.

And we believe, that in here you will find the perfect steampunk mask that suits you best.

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From plague doctor to the phantom of the opera

Masks have an intriguing concept inside.

People will always incline to think that masks are useful from hiding our true nature to the eyes of society (especially in parties).

But we can also state that through masks, what we show is a different reality of what we really are.

Steampunk masks give us an amplitude of expression through victorian aesthetics that is hardly achievable by other means.

And that is why there is an interesting concept behind all of this.

Metal, steam, and coils under one same concept

Based on the steampunk culture, you will find certain characteristic kinds of masks.

In relation to a post-apocalyptic era, gas masks are always a one of a kind experience.

If you feel a little bit claustrophobic behind all that latex, then maybe a steampunk half mask will do the job.

But if its Halloween, and you feel like frightening a couple of souls, then we recommend you a plague doctor mask. Now go get your Candy young man!

Steampunk Masks offer a massive range of possibilities

Steampunk masks offer a variety of potential experiences. It is our responsibility to choose the one that will take me through the most immersive experience I can get.

At least for Halloween or my next costume party.

Or who knows, maybe you’d go to work next Monday with your plague doctor mask on. It is up to you!

Steampunk Mask Ideas

Steampunk bird beak masks: Steampunk Plague Doctor


Steampunk Doctor Mask History

What do plague doctor and steampunk have in common? Plague doctor masks come off as a tradition that was born in Poveglia, Italy.

This island is close to Venice.

This place is called the “death island” because it was in times of bubonic plague when infected persons were carried to the island.

The island itself has inhabited by quarantined people.

Doctors from that time used this type of plague masks because they believed that the plague could spread through the air.

The mask has that long beak because it could contain herbal medicines, which supposedly could filter the air, keeping the doctors safe at the island.

Steampunk doctor is a whole new character.

We are talking here about the fantastic idea of a continuation in this type of rites. It’s not so crazy to think about it in this way.

Plagues were big phenomena during the industrial period. Any kind of post victorian alter-future would include plague masks and plague doctors in it.

It is not until the development of newer antibiotics that plagues ceased to exist.

These masks are fascinating. The steampunk bird beak mask style is a bit terrifying though.

But they are a great disguise for Halloween or costumes parties.

You have just to place your doctor mask on and combine it with some goth like attire and you’re done.

Or you could just mix it with some light leather vest and try out. You’re not gonna be the classic Batman or Ironman of the party. That I can guarantee for sure!

Steampunk Plague Doctor Masks on Amazon

We will leave you here with four of the most fascinating steampunk plague doctor mask designs we found over the web.

You can check them out by clicking on the link attached to their names, respectively.

The companies that bring us these designs areArsimus, Kayso, Hibiscus, andKBW.

Steampunk gas masks: Another classic


This selection is unique. These steampunk gas masks just rule. Take a look at them. They look amazing.

They are true steampunk metal masks. And they are spooky as hell.

Gas masks come from the era in which biological agents for death were created.

When we see one of this masks, we think about world war II. Why? Because we know that during that time, these substances were utilized.

That is why we associate gas masks with horror.

The connection with steampunk lies deep in the literature phenomena that has developed.

As far as we concern, horror novels can always include some kind of air poisoning in the plot.

If you read our ideas about steampunk doctor masks, then you will infer that in the steampunk era, there is something wrong with the air.

Let me rephrase. When you see someone in a steampunk movie wearing one of these, know that they are living in a postapocalyptic era.

The gas mask is another excellent resource for those who need a quick cosplay but are not into steampunk DIY stuff. Then you might consider this option.

Place this on and you are ready to go.

We recommend you to go only to adult parties with this kind of stuff. It can be horrifying for kids and that won’t go as expected.

Steampunk gas mask tutorial

If you’re interested in crafting your own steampunk gas mask then you should check out our steampunk DIY mask post at our blog page.

We’ll leave you the link right here.

That is a pretty interesting gas mask DIY tutorial because it will allow you to craft your own breathing mask from simple elements that can be obtained from any hardware store.

Anyway, the link is here: steampunk gas mask DIY tutorial

But if you’re interested in buying one of this for your Halloween, then go straight next to our gas mask sales section right below.

Buy Steampunk gas masks for sale

These are some steampunk masks you can buy right out from the web.

We’ve chosen these four types because we think they are the most representative of all that there is out there.

The models can be seen in our pictures right above. You can check them out right here. They were crafted by Hibiscus, Zeckos, Ghoulish Masks, andVeil Entertainment.

We have two comments to make about two types.

The gas mask created by Zeckos has a pretty impressive design that combines the steampunk respirator mask concept with the gas mask.

It’s worth taking a look at.

And the mask created by Ghoulish masks is a full face steampunk mask that has been uniquely designed. It can be categorized as a steampunk horror mask as well.

Half face steampunk masks

A combination of Steampunk and Phantom of the Opera Masks

Yes, we do find these half-masks delightful. They represent the other side of Venice. We talked earlier about the origin of the plague masks.

Now, these steampunk half masks are pretty common in Venice because they were originally crafted for its carnival.

Maybe you’re wondering what would have been Venice if the steampunk culture had flourished.

Well, at least we can recreate that with these type of masks, from inside and outside of the island.

What brought these half-masks back into the game was the Phantom of The Opera. We have to admit it.

If it weren’t for that, we would have abandoned this type of masquerade years ago.

But since that, they turned into relics. And that is awesome because it means that now you can take a piece of steampunk art into any party.

In contrast with previous ones, these can be used in kids parties. They will just catch their attention.

Masquerade masks properties

Half masks have another particular attribute. As half of the face is seen, one can partially notice the other person’s identity.

And that is what these masks were meant for.

You can take it to any ballroom, party or even Halloween, and you won’t need to let go who you are.

This is a quite interesting feature since knowing who everyone is in a ballroom adds a little bit of responsibility to the fun, ain’t I right?

They are not only ladies steampunk masks

If you think that these are steampunk female masks exclusively, then I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong my friend.

Half masks are stylish and unique.

They have a meaning and a purpose.

And they have been used by men and women in the same way throughout each and every Venetian Ball you’ve ever heard of. Try them out!

Steampunk Half Masks on Amazon

These are some steampunk half masks we found on Amazon.

You can check them out by clicking on the links attached to their names, respectively.

These are the models that can be seen in our photo carrousel right above.

The enterprises that crafted these masks are Luxury Mask, Maskit, CCuFO, andZeckos.

Steampunk cat face: A new tendency that arrives on 2018


Is there a place for this kind of steampunk cat masks? In fact, there is.

These kind of beauties are extremely detailed. They look amazing. And they have a couple of good reasons for you to buy them.

First, they include the goggles.

Second, cats have a positive impact on our psyche.

A cat wouldn’t hurt anyone. Neither someone wearing this masks (except Catwoman, of course).

There is something about becoming Catwoman in this type of masks though. These masks leave your whole jaw free.

As crazy as this might sound, this allows you to eat or drink without issues during an event.

Besides, you can place some steampunk makeup on and you’ll have a perfect cosplay for yourself.

Steampunk cat masks for sale

In this section we will leave you with four types of steampunk cat masks we found online.

You can check out these different models by clicking on the name of Arsimus, Costume Accessory, Paradise Treasures, and Kopper Tops,respectively.

Crazy masks: Templars, ghouls, devils and more


Yes! there is a place for imagination in steampunk. In this section, you will find those crazy steampunk masks you were looking for.

They are so weird that they are gonna catch everyone’s attention.

Who would have thought of a steampunk demon mask or a steampunk templar?

Well, that’s the result of going back to the renaissance and taking another pathway.

In this way, anything that happened before or during the industrial period can be carried to a futuristic steampunk world.

Think about anything. Angels, demons, ghouls, mystic creatures. The fantastic part of steampunk is quite fascinating!

Steampunk devil mask

There is not quite a straight relationship between devils and steampunk unless you dive deep into the fantasy novels.

Overall, devils have been related deeply to other types of fictional subgenres.

As steampunk derives from the XIX century, this is not a common link between these two.

Nevertheless, you can see that this steampunk devil mask is overwhelming. It’s incredible the amount of detail that has been placed on it.

Also, these type of masks are crafted in  pure metal. This means that its an item that will probably have for years in your steampunk costume wardrobe.

This is a serious steampunk death mask crafted to create impact.

Steampunk Bunny Mask

This is not an easy request. It’s not an easy task to find a proper steampunk rabbit mask out there.

There is, in fact, one type of metallized bunny mask that fits all my steampunk criteria, but you’ll need to upgrade its steampunk style with additional accessories.

It’s interesting how this mask is based on a bunny but spooky at the same time.

It reminds me of the bunny at Donnie Darko’s film. Yeah, there is something quite similar between them.

Anyway, you can check it out right here.

We recommend you to combine it with a proper steampunk costume and some goggles.

Steampunk Batman Mask

This is also another marvelous design. It’s not easy to recreate a steampunk Batman mask: it needs a great amount of effort to be placed on it.

This would make it heavy and uncomfortable.

But we found a great solution for that.

This mask has the right equilibrium between metal and plastic due to its two-piece form factor. Or, we could just say that is necessary to combine the two parts in order to achieve the batman look.

The first part is where all of the steampunk styles can be found. Its the main face of the Batman mask.

This part must be combined with the original rubber mask for a steampunk Batman original design. The links for this two-piece mask set are found here and here.

Steampunk Domino Eye Mask

This can be considered a part of steampunk half face masks as well, but we’ve made a different subsection for them because we find that there are quite straightforward and easy to be used when needed.

Perhaps you are not looking for a full half face mask but rather a domino mask to place on an off whenever you want.

The hard part is to find those domino masks that have some steampunk style on them.

We’ve found one domino masquerade that can be worth your money. It has everything you need.

It’s quite colorful and that is a pretty interesting attribute for steampunk items.

In fact, I believe that this is the first of its kind that doesn’t respect strictly the steampunk color pattern.

Its quite an interesting possibility for a steampunk twist in your costume!

Steampunk octopus mask

OKIMG_0945 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk DJ Masks

This is a crazy idea. But they are fun as hell! Steampunk DJ Masks are also filled in colors, LED lights, and synthetic Dreadlocks.

These masks are one of a kind experience.

They are meant for RAVE parties.

The main question is where is the steampunk style in all of this? Well, these masks tend to have their steampunk soul in their goggles or their gas masks attached.

But that’s it. We recommend them for anyone who’s heading to some rave costume party but wants to wear a slight different steampunk style.

Steampunk Fox Mask

Once again, this is where steampunk masks get spooky as hell.

Why? I don’t know the reason for it, but all we can say is that when somebody tries to convert animals into steampunk masks, things get scary.

Well in this case, I bring you a steampunk fox mask that I’ve found on the web and that is pretty spooky and amazing at the same time.

I find it hard to achieve a balance between colors, the animal design, and the steampunk attachments.

Well, these people have got it the right way. This would be a crazy mask to be worn with a tuxedo, don’t you think so? Go for the copper metallic one.

Some will consider it a steampunk wolf mask rather than a fox mask. Are we talking about biology here or what? I Hope I made out my point.

Steampunk Skull Mask

This is way more common than what you would think of. There are several points in which steampunk converges with goth elements.

And probably that is where the steampunk skeleton masks come into play.

These are quite interesting masks as well, especially to be worn on Halloween. They will achieve the purpose you are looking for.

There are several designs out there, but I found one that might be the best one I’ve seen. Check it out here.

Go for the brass type. I believe that is the most representative of steampunk overall.

Steampunk cyborg and templar masks

There is a combination between science fiction and a relative anachronism in these two masks. And that is awesome because there are no true boundaries in the steampunk culture.

The steampunk cyborg and templar are two fascinating out-of-the-box designs that are unique in their styles.

In fact, I haven’t seen anything like this before. I bet you won’t find anyone else wearing the same masks as you do if you go for these ones.

Check the cyborg and templar masks here.

Steampunk Owl Mask

This is a hybrid between half faced masks and an animal style. And that is what makes them so interesting.

The steampunk owl mask has each and every attribute needed to be considered a true steampunk masks.

The color pattern is respected. Accessories such as gadgets are properly placed.

The design is well achieved.

You can take a look at this mask in the link right here.

Once again, we feel these type of masks could perfectly fit into what we’d say a steampunk tuxedo mask! Make an impact on your spectators!

Spiked Masks

Spiked steampunk masks are definitely another blend between different styles with the steampunk design.

I do not enjoy these type of masks as some people might do, for several reasons.

First, I find that the spikes can be dangerous for kids. I mean, I wouldn’t wear it in cases where kids are running around me.

Besides, there are not essential to the steampunk theme.

Anyways, I’ll leave you here with a steampunk spiked mask I’ve found on the web. Check out this steampunk respirator spiked mask here.

Steampunk Half Face masks

OKIMG_0045 by taymtaym. Licensed under CC.

Dust masks

We left this one for last because dust masks have a much more functional purpose than the ones we’ve talked about.

And that is fine, but the truth is, they still are steampunk masks.

There are several designs out there. We’ve seen some with mouths uncovered. Others with spikes.

I believe that the whole idea behind dust masks is that they must protect you when traveling on your motorcycle. And that’s it.

Anything that won’t suit this purpose must be discarded.

For that reason, I wouldn’t go for decorative dust masks.

Just pick up a plain dust mask with a nice steampunk design that will fit your purpose, like the one we leave you here.

Also, there are a couple of leather dust masks that I think that will do the trick just as well.

Steampunk Mask Images on Pinterest

If you’ve searched through all of our posts but you’re still looking for some vanguard style steampunk masks and you didn’t see them around, then we recommend you to check out our Pinterest steampunk mask boards.

We’ve recently created our Pinterest board, and we’ll keep on updating it with the latest steampunk masks we can find on the web.

Check it out! our link is here.

Steampunk mask DIY tutorials and ideas

If you’re looking for a whole post that talks about how to create your own masks and attires, then we have the answer for you.

We’ve created a whole new different post that is filled with steampunk DIY masks ideas.

In there, you’ll find tutorials to make several steampunk mask types such as plague doctor, gas masks, and much more.

Check it out at our link here: Steampunk DIY costume guide.


Steampunk masks are creative and great in design. But wait, are you gonna use your old watch at the costume party? Take a look at our steampunk watches. You will find one that will suit better!