Greatest Steampunk Museums in the World

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In this post, you will find the greatest steampunk museums that have been created around the globe. Keep reading to find out more.

Online Steampunk museums

This is a pretty catchy topic. There are not many online museums that can be found on the web, but what we can recommend is

The steampunk museum is an online steampunk site that has been designed in the same way as museums are. In there, you will find internal links to other pages that act as “museum floors”.

So, in fact, this is a five-store high online steampunk museum.

On the main floor, you will find info for steampunk beginners. Questions such as what is steampunk are answered here. Seminars, documents, videos, and images can also be found.

The second floor is the hall of art and design. Steampunk artwork, design, fashion, architecture, games, and media can be found here.

In the third floor, you will find history and culture. There is a chunk of info about steampunk people, literature, objects, performances and social events.

The fourth floor is quite eccentric. Its named science and technology. In there, there are a couple of crazy steampunk ideas that have been developed throughout time. Its divided into automatons, transport, biological and machines.

Last but not least, you will find a steampunk gift shop on the fifth floor.

We believe that this site is pretty cool for steampunk lovers that already know something about the steampunk culture.

If you don’t know yet what steampunk is, then we suggest you check out our previous post. We find them a little bit easier to understand than other websites.

Once you are done with that, then we recommend you to check out this steampunk online museum.

Now let’s talk about physical steampunk museums.

Steampunk engine sculpture outside of steampunk museum.

Steampunk engine in front of Steampunk HQ by Pseudopanax. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk museums in the world

Steampunk HQ

Steampunk HQ is broadly known in the steampunk community. The reason for this is that Steampunk HQ was the first static steampunk exhibition of the world.

Steampunk HQ is located in a small town in New Zealand called Oamaru. The story behind the creation of this museum is pretty amazing. We have described it in our previous post about steampunk cities in the world. We don’t wanna be repetitive, so we suggest you to check it out if you wanna know more.

It is not a coincidence that this steampunk museum established in Oamaru. Oamaru is a small town located in the countryside in New Zealand. Oamaru was created under  Victorian aesthetic concepts. That is why it was the perfect place for a steampunk museum to be born.

Steampunk HQ established in “The Grain Elevator”, a Victorian fashion building considered by New Zealand to be a Category II historic place.

Actually, steampunk HQ exhibitions are about a visual and sound experience. Nowadays, steampunk HQ has six active exhibitions available:

Steampunk Workshop: Find the museum collection of art, literature, music, and sculptures. One of the original exhibits from the museum. Updated periodically.

The Portal: This is a unique audiovisual experience. You will find a blend of steampunk and abstract art. A one of a kind in steampunk exhibits.

Chris Meder Exhibit: Crabs, piranhas, and skeleton sculptures crafted in recycled metals such as tin and iron. It is fascinating to find how these traditional designs can be crafted into steampunk sculptures with just a couple of details.

Dress up booth: If you hadn’t had a chance of dressing as a steampunk gentleman or lady before, then here is your chance. Grab a couple of Victorian trousers or skirts, hats, and goggles and have your own steampunk portrait.

Gadgetorium: Remember, this steampunk exhibit is about art. In gadgetorium, you will find several gadgets that resemble the mechanization and absence of highly specialized technology that occurs in the steampunk era.

Pedal Punk bikes: An interesting project because it’s an interactive way to get to know the city by traveling with this four-wheeled steampunk bikes. A type of experience that is difficult to be found in other places in the world.

Steampunk HQ is open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. We recommend you to visit this museum during the steampunk annual festival that is held in Oamaru. It is a great opportunity to have two steampunk experiences in one shot.

Steampunk skeleton sculpture.

Steampunk vehicle at steampunk HQ by Pseudopanax. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk wonderland: A steampunk church museum

Perhaps this is one of the most fascinating parts of this post.  Who would have thought that somebody could turn a Victorian vintage church into a steampunk church museum?

This section is about Bruce Rosenbaum. He has been renamed to “the steampunk guru” by magazines. Bruce Rosenbaum and his wife, Melanie, bought an 1876 church in Palmer MA. Their idea was to transform it into a workshop and a habitable place.

And they did it! They also recorded the process, which can be seen in the Netflix series “Amazing Interiors” (Episode 8).

And if it weren’t enough, they started a bigger project called ModVic. ModVic ( short for Modern Victorian ) is a steampunk art and design company that focuses on the development of steampunk items for other companies and brands.

It also has an educational branch, that inspires people into crafting steampunk art through seminars and workshops.

But going back to the museum, in there you will find the craziest steampunk works of art that have been designed.

For example, you will find “Helioman”, a steampunk sculpture based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s aircraft designs. It’s astonishing how Helioman hangs from the main chamber in the steampunk church.

Other steampunk works of art created by ModVic are Mac Leod’s conference table, Steampunk Cannon, Brandillary, Hendricks Gin Grand Garnisher, Revere Hotel Boston common, MAST’s steampunks table kitchen viewer, and Springfield Armory.

As you might have guessed, not all of them can be found in the steampunk church gallery. Because of that, we recommend you to check their website out if you wanna know more. Their website is

Their website is amazing. They even have a 360º virtual tour into a steampunk house. We suggest you contact them through their website before planning any trip to their steampunk church museum.

Top Steampunk exhibits in 2018

Steampunk exhibits are common in museums all over the world. The only thing is that they don’t last long. So you must know exactly where to find them in order to see them. If not, they will be gone before you know.

Discover Steampunk –  Hands-on Adventure

This steampunk exhibit took place in 5/11/2018 at the Museum of Idaho. The whole concept behind this exhibit was to interact with innovative inventions that have been crafted according to J. Verne and I. Singer’s vision.

There were also other creations related to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

The Museum of Idaho has featured previously multiple steampunk exhibits too. We recommend you to check their website periodically to find out more about steampunk expositions.

Their site is

Steampunk with a retro twist

Steampunk with a retro twist was an exhibit that took place in San Diego automotive museum from June to October. It was a wonderful exhibit. You could find steampunk cars, display art, and even a Jules Verne book collection.

If you missed it, then go check out their image gallery at their website. It’s definitely worth it.

Their site is

Steampunk: An art invitational

Steampunk, an art invitational was a steampunk exhibit that was held in the Washington County Museum from July to August 2018.

This exhibit was interesting because there were many artworks created by renowned artists from Oregon Art Beat, and Steampunk’d. You could buy most of the steampunk art pieces that were exhibited.

We hope that the Washington County museum repeats this steampunk exhibition in 2019.

You can find more in

To conclude, we can state that you have two main places where you can go and contemplate steampunk works of art. These would be Steampunk HQ and the ModVic museum.

If you wanna know more, then you must keep in touch with the steampunk community, because steampunk exhibits are performed frequently on multiple museums but they don’t last long.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post. If you wanna know more about steampunk, we recommend you to check out our main page.



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