Top 5 Steampunk Restaurants, Bars and Pubs in the World

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Have you ever wondered if there was, by any chance in the world, some steampunk restaurant where you could just hang around, or even grab a bite with friends from time to time?

We’ve all had that feeling when we look at our wardrobe and see our steampunk outfits hanging since Halloween. Well, it’s true, you just won’t visit your favorite steampunk bar with your monocles on. But the truth is, we all want more places where you can spend some time in a steampunk-themed environment.

In this post, you’ll find more about the top 5 steampunk restaurants, bars, and pubs that can be found in the world. These are:

  • Enigma Cafe
  • Shine
  • The Escapologist
  • Hooch
  • Steampunk Surfers Paradise

Now that you’ve got to know their names, let’s dig in one by one through our post. Keep reading and find out more!

Enigma Cafe



The Enigma Cafe is recognized by the steampunk community as one of the first steampunk kinetic design bars in the world. You might be wondering what have we just stated. Well, the place has earned its name due to its mighty steampunk interior design.

Designers have gone thoroughly through the steampunk theme, and have crafted several steampunk sculptures that are scattered through the bar. These sculptures and designs have been based upon gears, cogs and moving wheels.

As a matter of fact, one of the most interesting sculptures that are found is a gigantic steampunk moving clock located in one of the main walls in the bar.

But this is not the only one you’ll find out there. Take a look at the steampunk artistic style that has been engraved on the bar table, the chairs, and even the roof. Each and every steampunk detail has been precisely thought and placed in an exact manner. The result: One of the most impressive steampunk bars you’ll find around the globe.

FYI, the enigma cafe is located in Cluj Napoca, Romania. We hope that you get to know it is you’re planning a trip nearby anytime soon!

You can check their website at

Shine & Hooch



Shine on Wall Street is a steampunk bar located in Orlando that gathers several elements of the steampunk aesthetics and style and blends them into their interior design for a unique atmosphere.

Although Shine is not intended to be a steampunk venue bar from its core, we found that it is a great place to gather, have some drinks and fun in a modern industrial place. The most characteristic steampunk features that can be found are their dim Whiskey bulb lamps and their steampunk shuttle located at the corner of their dancefloor, where you’ll find the DJ stand.

All in all, it is a 10/10 in steampunk aesthetics and style. If you’re looking for something more of a dinner and disco style, we strongly recommend you to look for Shine on Orlando.

On the other hand, if your idea is to spend some time having a drink with friends in the outdoors, then we suggest you check out Hooch. Hooch has two unique steampunk features that must be recognized.

First, you’ll recognize a steampunk half mask faced moon having a cigar hanging from one of the side walls inside the bar. This sculpture is authentic in its kind, its nothing like you ever seen before on the steampunk world.

Also, you’ll find one of the most unique steampunk features of the bar in their beer station. Crafted in brass and copper, you will find at least ten types of beers to drink with friends in this wonderful place.

Check out their site here.

The Escapologist



Remember when we talked about different steampunk aesthetic styles in our posts? Well, as a matter of fact, we find a perfect example of a steampunk Victorian style in this London Bar.

The escapologist is a Victorian fashion styled bar located in convent garden in London that has combined additional elements of the industrial design that add up and qualify into what steampunk is.

If we had to put it in a simple manner, you’ll find the Victorian style in their wooden floors and bar table. But also, you’ll find the industrial design in their roofs, lights and several pipes that run across the rooms. All in all, a neat steampunk style and fashion.

Their main feature is the drinks. There is a wide variety of options to choose from. But if you wanna have something for dinner before going straight to the shots, then you can have some pizza as well, they have built an exquisite pizza menu with several options to choose from.

Booking is a must. This place tends to be crowded due to its fame. So, our recommendation is to book before trying it out in order to have a pleasant experience.

Check them out at their website here.

Steampunk Surfers Paradise



If you’re looking for a steampunk restaurant and bar to hang over in Australia, then steampunk surfers paradise is your next stop.

This place is simply amazing. Everything that can be found in this place is strictly steampunk oriented. The interior design that can be found in this restaurant cannot be found elsewhere. Steampunk color pattern is respected in each and every way.

Hop in, sit in one of the classic leather sofas, and take a look around. Right in front of you, you’ll see the marvelous steampunk style refined to a perfect state in the art deployed on the walls. Now take a look at the roof. Pipes and tubes going from one side to the other over the pitch black and some steampunk lights hanging from the ceiling.

What I love about the lights is that they truly took serious time in their design. They are everything we want as steampunkers to be: Edwardian lightbulbs + brass pipes + a red gauge.

Steampunk Surfers Paradise has a vast menu for lunch and dinner. You’ll be able to choose from pizzas and burgers to steak and ribs. Vegan options are included.

But what we must state is a must in this place is their cocktail menu. This place has some of the most unique signature cocktails that can be found in Australia. You cannot leave Surfers Paradise without having a zip of their insignia cocktail: Brass Vengeance.

As we’ve said many times before, we left the best for the last part. Steampunk Surfers Paradise is a 10/10 in the overall steampunk experience. If you are a steampunk lover, then you cannot leave the Gold Coast without giving it a go!

Check them out at their website.

Our Steampunk Restaurant Trip


First in our podium is steampunk surfers paradise. I can be a good place to go if you’re planning to do some Australia – NZ trip. You can get to know this place and Oamaru in a single trip. A good steampunk combination for the fans.

In our second spot, we find Enigma Cafe. The hours of effort placed on the steampunk interior design of this place are simply astonishing. And the result can be clearly seen as soon as you enter the place. A steampunk insignia from Eastern Europe, we must say.

Our third pick is the Escapologist. Now, I must confess that you will find much more of a pub style than what we’ve seen in the places before. But, it is reasonable in some manner, since it is located in London, and its a definite stop in our tour because this place stays true to its Victorian roots and style.

Last, we recommend you to cross right to the USA looking for Shine and Hooch. Our last experience is more of a hybrid but, nonetheless, its the sweetest steampunk spot you’ll find in Orlando, Florida.


Steampunk Restaurant

Our nº1 pick: Steampunk Surfers Paradise



Steampunk bars, pubs, and restaurants are an amazing experience. If you find some other places out there that you feel we have to include in our post, contact us and let us know!