9 Best Steampunk Shelves (#5 Will Blow your Mind!)

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Steampunk Shelves are a great way to transform your home

This post is intended for you guys, who wanna place some steampunk shelves and do not know where to start from.

For this reason, we bring you here our in-depth review of steampunk shelves. We will handle you over some precious ideas about shelves. You will find them drifting between the Victorian and industrial design. And it is there where you will find your inspiration for you to place an amazing steampunk shelf out there.

As we told you before, there is some steampunk style in shelves that are industrial and Victorian in essence. But, as we’ve talked along lots of other posts, the key to finding the right style is the perfect balance between the two sectors. Let’s cut off with this boring stuff and start reviewing our steampunk shelves right now!

These Steampunk Shelf Ideas will Knock You Out!

Pipe Shelves

Pipes are naturally a primordial element in the steampunk blockchain of design. There is practically nothing that’s not contained or made out of plain pipes and tubes in this aesthetic pattern. The truth is, you must take care when choosing pipe shelves for one main reason: Industrial modern design is right around the block.

But, what am I talking about? What I am trying to say is that if you go too far with black pipes and light wood trays such as maple or oak, it won’t be understood as steampunk at all. Though in this case wood can be almost forgivable, black pipes are the true deal.

You must try to stay on the steampunk color palette. And what’s that? Well, basically, for metalized structures such as pipes and tubing, it consists of three metalized colors: copper, bronze, and tin.

For this reason, you will find it much easier if you start from scratch with some steampunk pipe shelves containing those materials.

If you just can’t figure out what do we mean when we talk about this subject, we recommend you to check out our steampunk pipe shelf picture right below. It is crafted by Ferrero. As you see, dark colors from the base and pipes blend to find just a perfect combination for your room. And in this case, it comes ready to be placed on the floor!

If you wanna check it out on Amazon store, here is the link https://amzn.to/2DBtXT8

Steampunk pipe shelves.

Steampunk Pipe Shelf by Ferrero. The link is found above.

Wall Shelves

Though you may think this a straight and up continuation from our subsection below, we find that is quite interesting to split things apart. And if we have to go even deeper, we will split wall shelves from bookshelves.

Why? Because they are different in nature. Bookshelves are almost perfectly designed to be stuffed in with lots of reading material. On the other hand, these wall shelves are crafted to contain ornaments, and to take part in your interior design because of the beauty in its nature.

In this case, we believe that the item that represents best this idea is the wall shelves that are crafted by Ferrero. Though it does not strictly comply with our metallic color rule, look at the color gamut: You’ll see that, after all, its about blending dark colors into the spot.

The link is here: https://amzn.to/2B3etoC

Steampunk pipe shelf

Steampunk Pipe Shelf by Ferrero Art And Design. The link is found above.


A steampunk bookshelf is a true masterpiece in terms of art. I love that they are simple. I find minimalism to be a spectacular idea. Place a dark wooden ledge contained with a couple of pipes and you are ready to go. Now it’s time to place your KW Jeter and J Verne’s books on top.

This type of wood shelf is combined exceptionally well with bricked backgrounds. Find it hard for you to imagine? Take a look at the one we place here below.

Steampunk wall shelves

Steampunk wall shelves by Ferrero.

As we’ve told you before, these wall shelves comply with our golden rule: Brass and mahogany for a perfect steampunk masterpiece. You can check them out in the link here. https://amzn.to/2JXRrlP

Industrial Shelves

As we told you before, not every single industrial piece is steampunk in its way. In order to be steampunk, it takes not only courage but also a strict balance between elements.

For this particular case, not every industrial shelf will blend in as you would want with your steampunk bedroom or living room. And the reason for this is quite simple: Industrial design is a gigantic genre in itself.

So we could be talking hours in this blog post about the whole concept that lies behind the industrial steampunk decor. But, as a matter of fact, we should even create another whole blog post talking about this particular flow line.

We leave you here with a perfect example of what we think it represents industrial furniture that can be blended in. It has to be sober, aligned in the array of steampunk colors, and neat in design. When we find something that meets our criteria, then it is when we recommend it.

And this is what happens with this industrial shelf and coat rack. It can be combined perfectly without major issues. Check it out in this link. https://amzn.to/2FhfBcv

Steampunk industrial shelves

Industrial shelf cubby rack by Echo Peak design

Bathroom Shelves

What is the difference between a regular shelf and a bathroom shelf? To start with, your bathroom shelf will need to be able to store certain items, such as toilet paper and towels. And some air freshener, of course.

This is the main reason why bathroom shelves are not quite the same as regular shelves.

Take a look at this design by Nature Decor. OMG! Not only beautiful but also so original! We haven’t seen one of these types of unique furniture in a while. As a matter of fact, if we would have to choose between all of the stuff we are talking about, then we could definitely state that this should be your nº1 pick.

You can choose to change the type of wood colors. Our suggestion: go for dark walnut of carbon gray.

Check it out here. https://amzn.to/2DinziY

Steampunk bathroom shelves

Steampunk bathroom shelf by Nature Decor


Shelf Brackets

When we talk about steampunk shelf brackets, we are basically pointing out to modified pipes and tubes that will withstand your wooden ledges.

Shelf brackets are great to start your own DIY project. As a matter of fact, you will find spread across the web a couple of steampunk shelves DIY projects for sale that basically consist of a number of shelf brackets and several ledges. That is all you need to have in order to create a steampunk shelf. No big deal.

Anyway, you will find that there are two main types of shelf brackets: the pipes and the tubes. You will feel that one might suit you best than the other. Pipe brackets are quite similar to the ones that can be seen in our wall shelves section.

On the other hand, the tube brackets are quite unique and harder to explain.  We are gonna leave you the links down below if you wanna check them by yourself.

The true advantage of this accessory is that you will be able to pick from any type of wood type you want from. Or you can even try out with metalized trays if you wish for. It’s up to you.

Steampunk Shelf Brackets on Amazon

Industrial shelf brackets by Pipe Decor – https://amzn.to/2Fjsq66

Steampunk iron shelf brackets by Michaellarsen – https://amzn.to/2RRlIWq

Corner Shelf

If you are looking for something that is just about what we are talking about, but cannot fit it properly on your corner, then this is the right spot for you.

Take note: There are not much steampunk corner shelves that are sold out there on the web. We believe the reason for this is due to the difficulty that corners bring in terms of sizes and measurements. This means that you will need to be precise about dimensions before even thinking of buying one of these.

Though you might find it quite simple, it is a pretty straightforward solution if you are in a need of a steampunk corner shelf.  Check this design crafted by DIY cartel on the link below.


Floating Shelf

Once again, you won’t find magic in here. We’ve already talked about the different types of steampunk shelves there are. In this case, we recommend you only a straight variation of what we’ve been talking before.

Floating shelves are not easy to craft. There has to be a perfect balance in the cantilever engineering. Otherwise, you’ll end up with your stuff in the ground.

What we find in this design by Ferrero is not only sturdiness but also an embedded steampunk industrial design. Perfect placement of the steampunk pipe bracket is what it needs to achieve balance.

Check it out in this link here. https://amzn.to/2B2gGAN

Steampunk floating shelf

Steampunk floating shelf by Ferrero.

Steampunk Shelf Lamp

We left this one for last because we find amazing how artists can get creative with these types of interior designs. In this case, blending a couple of Newtonian lights, some red valves, and a bookshelf creates a masterpiece.

If we said before that if the world was burning and you had the chance to take just one piece of furniture from this post, then you’d go for the Bathroom triangle first. Well, this should be definitely your second choice. This is a wonderful combination that creates a perfect steampunk harmony in any room you choose to place it in.

Take a look at the picture. If you wish to check out the price, we’ll leave you the link as well.

Steampunk shelf lamp

Steampunk Shelf Lamp by Hines.

Steampunk Shelves DIY projects

If you still wanna go down for some crafty steampunk shelf DIY tutorial, then we recommend you to go for this one, by Chad DIY. Why? Well, he has an easy and straightforward way to explain things in a step by step technique.  Besides, it’s a seven-minute tutorial. Who wouldn’t want a DIY tutorial that is short but complete at the same time?

Check out the link here.

Conclusion: Steampunk shelves are a new world to conquer

Colors, design, style. There are a lot of attributes for you to pursue when buying steampunk shelves. Indeed, there was much more to find about than you would have imagined right?

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