15 Steampunk Sunglasses you can Wear Right Now!

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Bring style and design to your outfit with steampunk sunglasses. They are not only stylish but also original in their fashion. Check them out at this post!

There are at least fifteen types of sunglasses you can wear. In what color should I buy them? Do they have to include side shields? What about polarized glasses? In our post, we will show you all the possibilities you have to choose from for steampunk sunglasses.

Fifteen types of steampunk sunglasses

Steampunk Sunglasses by Type

With Side Shields

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting features when talking about this topic. The truth is that side shields were invented for a reason. They are meant to protect you from the glitter you can receive in a lake or even side wind.

Nowadays, there is kind of a revival wave that brings these steampunk glasses with side shields on to the table once again.

Of all of the steampunk side shield glasses you can find, we find that this model that we will show you is the one that fits our expectations. The key relies on their colors: copper and light brown, and brass details.

Sunglasses with side shields perform amazingly well in outdoor hiking and sports. We encourage you to try them out!

Steampunk Side Shield Glasses

Side Shield Glasses


How much polarization is too much for a sunglass of this type? We believe that you won’t find the right answer for that in our post. They can be light or heavily polarized, but it depends mainly on the way you are gonna use them.

What is your idea behind these glasses? Are you going for a midnight costume party? Then you better be sure to get some light polarized glasses because otherwise, you won’t see a damn thing!

Are you using them as we talked before? Some pretty neat steampunk side shielded polarized glasses for hiking? Then go for dark polarization.

Try not to wear faded sunglasses. These are not truly the steampunk style we want you to have.

There are many options you can find out there. But of all that we’ve seen so far, we can recommend you this pair of steampunk sunglasses from Ronsou for many reasons.

They are side shielded, and dark polarized but they keep a neat balance between structures. The designers have kept this model thin and stylish. This is good because it’s not easy to have a full equipped pair of lenses and design in the same piece.

Also, there is a little coil attached to both sides of the sunglass. That is the true steampunk spirit we are looking in a pair of sunglasses!

To end up with the story, this pair of glasses respect our steampunk pattern of colors rule.

Steampunk Polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses

Arjun Reddy Steampunk Sunglasses

If you don’t know who Arjun Reddy is, we recommend you to check out his movie at Amazon. As you can see in the movie, Arjun Reddy has a characteristic pair of round sunglasses.

Yes, something similar to what can be found in John Lennon’s pictures too.

There is nothing steampunk about round sunglasses, except for a couple of details that can be found. All in all, the true steampunk style relies exclusively on these type of details.

Anyway, there has to be always some kind of sunglass basic style in order to start from. In fact, each and every one of this sunglasses subsection relies on how designers have started from different original designs and turned them into some way of steampunk style.

In this case, we bring you this pair of round sunglasses by Zoogen. Not only they respect the steampunk color gamut, but also they have a pretty cool design.

Steampunk Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

There is a place for aviator sunglasses in steampunk. And there is an explanation too. It has to do with the historical point of view of the birth of steampunk as we know it. Ready for it? Let’s go then.

Steampunk is a fictional genre that was crafted in the XIX thanks to the works of renowned artists such as J Verne and KW Jeter. These cultural roots are closely related to the development of airships. So, it is pretty common to find early XX century aircraft in steampunk novels.

If you remember, this type of airplanes was not always closed the way they are now. For this reason, people needed these type of aviator sunglasses to protect their eyes from the temperatures and winds throughout their flights.

As silly as it sounds, steampunk inherited this type of sunglasses for these reasons.

But now, they are an insignia of modern design.

So what does a steampunk aviator sunglass mean? Well, as a matter of fact, what we mean is that the classic aviator design you can see in movies such as Top Gun will now have embedded some steampunk details.

Still don’t know what we are talking about? Well, then check out this design that we bring you. As you can see, you have the classic aviator design, in a unibody brass frame, and side leather shields. This pair of sunglasses is what we’ve been talking about.

Steampunk Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

Biker Style

Steampunk biker sunglasses are also an upcoming trend nowadays. They have certain features that make them quite unique as well.

What is the difference between a normal biker sunglass and a steampunk one? Well, basically, there are differences in design.

In fact, there are plenty of biker sunglasses that have their own steampunk fashion designs that are sold every once in a while.

What do you expect of steampunk biker focals? You need a couple of lenses that can withstand weather and wind from high-speed runs.

For this reason, this is what we offer you. This motorcycle vintage aviator sunglasses are not only comfortable to wear but also crafted with the best supplies out there. The chromed frames are distinctive. The lenses are lightly smoked and have antifog properties.

This type of biker sunglass is what anyone who frequently rides a bike needs. You can even try wearing them out in competitive sports.

Steampunk Biker Sunglasses

Biker Sunglasses

Brass frames

As you might know by now, brass is our favorite steampunk metal. But why is that? Basically, because it represents the time of steam-powered machines. In fact, in order to move steam from one place to another to produce energy, you need pipes and tubes.

And it is during this time that these pipelines were crafted in brass, copper, and iron.

For this reason, you will find that brass plays the main role in the design of steampunk art and crafts.

Regarding steampunk sunglasses, you will mostly find brass in their frames. Now the thing is you need to be crafty enough to create a brass frame with steampunk details in a tiny scaffold.

This is not easy to achieve. But fortunately, we have found someone who has nailed it.

Check out the steampunk brass sunglasses created by ShadesOnParty. They found a way to compile steampunk and brass frames in a unique manner. We recommend you to go for the pair of glasses that have dark smoked lenses because you will find them, even more, steampunk due to the contrast between colors.

Brass Frame sunglasses

Brass Frame Sunglasses

Black Sunglasses

In this section, you will find certain coincidences with some other artistic subgenres such as goth. Nevertheless, we have split up this type of sunglasses into two different subgenres because we believe they are not exactly the same.

In this case, steampunk black sunglasses that can be found are pretty much the same as the previous models, with the only exception that they tend to be dark polarized and black-framed.

This might sound obvious, but there are some caveats. For example, you won’t find steampunk style black aviator sunglasses. Why? Well, because as far as we know, if you turn your classic aviator pair of glasses into black, they won’t have a single steampunk detail on them. And if they don’t have anything steampunk related, why should we categorize them as steampunk?

As you can see, steampunk black sunglasses need to have something different. It’s not only about colors. There must be this particular detail that makes them steampunk compared to other models.

In this case, we bring you the black design of a steampunk Black Raven sunglasses. What is it that it makes them steampunk? They have preserved the side coils in the frame.

Though these type of glass designs are minimalistic in some ways, you will find that the guys at Black Raven have achieved what we were looking for: to keep the steampunk soul despite going full black for this pair of sunglasses.

Steampunk Black Raven Sunglasses

Black Raven Sunglasses

Brown Sunglasses

As we’ve said in the black sunglasses section, there are also some principles that apply for this section. What does this mean? That there is not quite a brown steampunk pair of sunglasses design as such, but rather the variation in colors.

Also, one must be careful with designs. Once again, turning your sunglasses full brown is an easy way of blowing away your steampunk style. One must be careful and precise when preserving certain elements that will keep the style alive.

There are a couple of designs that will fit well into the steampunk scheme in black, brown and gold. But we will leave you here with what we think it represents best the brown sunglasses subtype.

This steampunk sunglass from Historical Emporium is brown polarized, brown framed, and has a couple of interesting side shields. Despite all of this, it keeps a discrete but original design. They represent a great alternative for those who are fed up with a traditional pair of glasses.

Steampunk Brown sunglasses

Brown Sunglasses

Steampunk Flip Up

Flip-up sunglasses are probably the most original ones that you will see in our post. The flip up technology can be a bit odd at times, but they are useful in situations that you need dual lenses.

Take as an example fishing. Place yourself on a boat in the middle of a lake. You are fly casting. The sun reflecting on the water. You won’t see anything unless you have a pair of sunglasses. But here is where the real deal kicks in. If you wanna prepare your fishing rod inside your boat, you won’t see a thing with your traditional dark sunglasses on.

This is where flip up sunglasses come in handy. You can just flip them over to do everything you need on your boat. Once you are done, flip them down again and stare at your bait in the middle of the fishing pond.

Flip up sunglasses are a cool accessory for steampunk cosplay too.

There are a couple of models that can be found. We bring you here a low-cost deal, with dual lenses, and a sleek design. They will do the job just like you want to, the flip-up style

Steampunk Flip Up Sunglasses

The Flip Up Style

Steampunk Hybrid Sunglasses

Gothic Lenses

As we have said before, there is not much difference between certain types of steampunk sunglasses.

Nevertheless, you will find that there has to be something different in the design in order to be able to categorize them in a different manner.

So what does it distinguish steampunk gothic from black sunglasses? The answer is simple: there has to be something different in the design.

You saw before that there is this tendency to place side shields on sunglasses in steampunk. Ok, so you will have that in steampunk gothic sunglasses.

There is also a certain color gamut that is used. You have that here too.

The true difference relies on the frame and side shields crafting.

For example, take a look at this model created by Arctic Star. It is a classic steampunk side shield round sunglass but, it has three types of inscriptions that are goth in style.

The heart, the sand clock, and the black whirlwind are definitely three images that do not belong to the steampunk culture.

Steampunk gothic sunglasses

Hybrid Steampunk Gothic Style


Steampunk Iron Man Sunglasses

What? Is this serious? This is perhaps one of the craziest subsections we ever wrote. But there is a reason for it.

In fact, there is a type of sunglass that perfectly fit with our standards, and have been used recently by Tony Stark in his latest movies!

This type that we bring you has a slight variation in colors compared to the original Iron Man sunglasses. In the original movie, you can see Tony Stark wearing a dark metalized side shield sunglasses with red lenses.

In this case, this pair of sunglasses have light brown polarization, and red side shields and frames. These glasses have some feel of vintage retro 50’s style as well. But I think they are amazing to blend into your steampunk costume.

And if you are an everyday sunglass user, then you’ll find them hot as well! The merge of pastel colors adds up for an exclusive steampunk vintage style.

Steampunk Iron Man Sunglasses

Iron Man Sunglasses


Steampunk Sunglasses by Brand


There are some concepts that are repeated throughout the steampunk sunglasses subsections. And this is natural because there is a common pattern shared between them.

In this case, we bring you a pair of Gucci Sunglasses that fit our expectations. Crafted in brass, with black surrounding frame lenses and brown details, this pair of Gucci sunglasses represent one of the highest standards of fashion in the world.

Gucci brings us the opportunity to wear high-end fashion in a steampunk manner.

You won’t find these glasses cheap. But because of this, you won’t be struggling with materials, design, and durability. Everything is high end in this pair of sunglasses.


Steampunk Gucci sunglasses

Gucci Sunglasses


Another top-notch steampunk sunglasses series from an nº1 brand in fashion and design. The consistency in the design relies on the bronze and black frames and the slightly polarized lenses.

These sunglasses are one of the most expensive ones you’ll see around here. They are not meant for costume parties. These are the type of gifts that will last forever.

Perfection is found on the design. Find yourself driving your Mercedes down Manhattan with your pair of glasses on. Be VIP.

In this edition, color tones are the key to preserve the steampunk identity. Dior Steampunk Sunglassess are a must for High-end steampunk lovers.

Steampunk Dior Sunglasses

Dior Sunglasses


In this section, we bring you a couple of Giorgio Armani lenses that we found outstanding. Why? Because of their design.

In fact, each and every section we’ve covered so far rely on certain minor details that add up for uniqueness.

In this case, Giorgio Armani brings us a pair of sunglasses that will leave you jaw-dropped. Built-in solid black frames, with smooth black smoked lenses, compounded into a sleek biker style, this sunglass has found the perfect equilibrium between the parts.

Armani is well known for its marvelous designs. Here, we have nothing we wouldn’t have expected from them.

Steampunk Armani Sunglasses

Armani Sunglasses


Least but not last, Dollger enterprise is one of the best companies that have steampunk sunglasses and designs.

There are many different styles to choose from, but we will leave you here with a special clip-on edition we found. This round steampunk mirrored sunglass has several details that account for a great overall design.  Exquisite framework and finish, this sunglass can be perfectly combined with a steampunk suit and hat.

Steampunk Dollger Sunglasses

Dollger Sunglasses


Steampunk sunglasses are a world in itself. In our post, we’ve reviewed fifteen types of steampunk sunglasses you can wear today! From outdoor activities to everyday stuff, these are the best glasses you will find that will carry some steampunk detail with you!

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