Steampunk Toys for Kids and Adults

Who wouldn’t want one?

Steampunk has a thing for this tiny little pieces that ensemble together to form colossal structures. But also, in those tiny pieces, there is the magic necessary to obtain high-end tech: From laser guns to steam-powered submarines. I mean, everything is possible in the steampunk universe.

That is why we can rejoice in steampunk toys. They are not only fun to play with, but they have also this awesome look that will make your kid look back in the toy store just to say: I want that! Why is this? Because is full of brass copper tin, coils, and gears everywhere! Anyone who passes by might say that those are the most advanced gadgets ever crafted? And why is that? Because that is, in fact, steampunk: It is the capacity of creating great advanced tech stuff by means of steam and mechanical upgrades.

From steampunk guns to pirates

So what is it then that you are waiting for? Grab on some steampunk nerf guns, transform your kids’ pirate costume, and go for it! In this toys, you will find something different, that kind of toys you know have been crafted with purpose. Besides, steampunk craftsmanship is always of high-end quality.

Expect your kids to hold on to this sturdy toys and to give away to your future grandsons. But in the meanwhile, let them have the adventure of their lives!

The dream gift for your kid: Steampunk Toys for sale

We believe that steampunk toys are a great gift for your kids. Why? Because they have all these tiny details crafted in metal and look so modern that they will catch your kids’ attention. Your nerf gun will turn from a simple soft dart gun will turn into a hyper SteamBlaster.

Steampunk wooden 3d puzzle toys in 2018

Steampunk robots

Well, in this case, what we bring to you are the best steampunk 3d puzzle toys on the web. Three of these four picks are wooden puzzles to stimulate your creativity and test yourself with the kids.

Steampunk wind up toys

These items are not only puzzles but also steampunk wind up toys! They have a magical musical box in the inside! When you turn the handle, you’ll be pleased to hear their songs. No need to use glue in order to assemble these puzzles. They are a great gift for children, and they will give you plenty of time to bond with your kids.

Steampunk 3d puzzle toys on Amazon

ROKR 3D Wooden Music Box Machinarium with Light-Laser Cut Craft Kit-DIY Robot Toy –

E2С-Loft Handmade Lamp- Steampunk Industrial Style Pipe Desk Robot Light with Dimmer –

ROBOTIME 3D Laser Cut Wooden Puzzle Music Box Kit Robot Dog Seymour DIY Puzzle Toy –

Ugears Robot Factory 3D Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser –

Which would be the ideal steampunk car?


In here, you will find that car that best represents the steampunk era. Yes, we could say that this particular theme is pretty though because there were no cars built during Victorian times. But if we had to take a guess, then we would say that definitely, that kind of cars would be what we use to call “vintage”.

And here, what we find is these type of cars. In this case, vintage cars must include a peculiar array of colors. Cream, copper, gold, silver and brown are the main colors of our steampunk flag. Therefore, what you will want to find in a steampunk car is this type of decoration.

We would say that the style that suits best is the 50’s cars. They should be long, whale-like if you ask me. And the reason for that is that steampunk is about what happened right after the industrial revolution. I mean, we will see the Ford T and Ford A fooling around, but the true splendor of the post-victorian era would come only 20 or 30 years later.

Steampunk cars on Amazon

Escomdp Antique Vintage Car Handcrafted Collectible Vehicle Metal Kids Model Toy –

1910 Ford Model T Automobile Tin Lizzie by Newray 1:32 Scale by Collectable Diecast –

Black 1957 Chevy Bel Air Die Cast Toy with Pull Back Action –

LW Vintage Cars Retro Style 1:32 Hard Top Vintage Cars Scale Diecast Car model Collection –

Steampunk Batman: A spin-off for our known hero


Who doesn’t love Batman? There are shared roots with some legendary comic heroes. If you think about it, Batman lives in Gotham city. Goth-am. There are clearly shared origins between the gothic aesthetics and steampunk. That is why people at DC Comics decided it was time to blend these two artistic movements together.

The result is our steampunk batman! It’s a fantastical work of art. This steampunk Batman has lots of delicate details that were placed due to steampunk influences. Look at that steampunk crossbow. Simply marvelous. It’s unique. These type of toys are limited collections. We believe you can find two places for this art-piece: If you feel like so, you could give it as a gift to your kids. If they are Batman lovers, there is no doubt they will appreciate it.

But our second guess is that you feel more like buying one and keeping it in a showcase.  At least that is what we would do. Because you know these limited editions soon won’t be anymore. And because you wouldn’t want to break anything from this little guy. Am I right?

Steampunk Batman on Amazon

Square Enix DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Batman Action Figure (Steampunk Version) –

Square Enix DC Comics Timeless Batman Steampunk Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure –

Square Enix DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Batman Rogues Gallery Joker Action Figure –

Funko Pop DC Comics Super Heroes Steampunk Batman Exclusive Vinyl Figure –

Our steampunk toy guns: Your ideal prop


This is another pretty neat section. Because there is way too much influence about steampunk guns out there. In fact, we can even say that you can recognize any steampunk movie just by looking at their guns. Do they have brass and wood? Check. Does it have complex engines and gears on its side? Check. Then you’ve got yourself a steampunk gun.

These pistols are a great accessory for your steampunk costume. We think that these attachments can be easily placed under a belt or inside a purse. And, when you place this kind of steampunk costumes, there is a time when you’ll need some flexibility.

If you take a close look, then you will see that these guns are mostly decorative. You will find meticulously handcrafted details on every model. If you want something more playable, then we advise you it’s gonna be tough to get a precise answer. If you take a look, then you will see that there plenty of DIY tutorials on Youtube about steampunking a nerf gun. In this case, we would say particularly that steampunk’s mostly for cosplay rather than to play with.

Steampunk toy guns and props on Amazon

Colonel James Fizziwig – The Annialator MK. II Steampunk Disruptor –

Forum Novelties Inc – Steampunk Revolver –

Steampunk Toy Gun Theater Prop Revolver with Spinning Lights Cosplay Costume Accessories –

LCM Steampunk Polyresin Collectible Decorative 6 Barrel Pistol Silver Gold & Bronze 7.5″ SW06 –

International Steampunk Day: Revoltech Fräulein No. 004 Pocco, by davidd. Licensed under CC.

Steampunk Soft Toys

Steampunk soft toys are a great way to introduce your kid to steampunk in a mild manner. As a matter of fact, these are cool steampunk toys. You can even have one and use it as a bed pillow.

The idea behind steampunk plush toys is that you will be able to handle them to anyone without getting into trouble because of little pieces and stuff. It’s a great relief for parents when they are able to hand over something to their kids without having to worry about nothing,

If you think the same way we do, then this the perfect moment to consider a steampunk soft toy.

Steampunk Plush Kiwi Doll

This amazing steampunk stuffed soft toy is an amazing present for your kid. The steampunk kiwi is made of polymer clay, fur fabric, painted with acrylic paints. The eyes are made of glass. Its height is 14cm.

This item can be considered a steampunk baby toy, because it doesn’t have any gadget or trinket that could harm anybody. Your baby will be able to drool all over it without any hassle!

This item is handcrafted by Evgeniya Barshay. We suggest you to check out the link here.

Steampunk Owl Soft Toy

If you find that the previous model is a bit too artistic for your kid, then you might consider this steampunk plush owl. It is 8 inches high, and its eyes were crafted to look like gears.

This steampunk owl will survive anything. Does your kid throw toys up in the air? Never mind, this steampunk soft owl will handle it with ease. Take a look at this link.

Steampunk Chutlu Plush Toy

This one is for Lovecraft’s lovers only. Or maybe not. Maybe you wanna gift something a little bit more interesting. Or maybe your kid just wants steampunk octopuses. We just don’t know.

What we know is that this Chutlu steampunk octopus is carefully woven. It comes with a gear monocle and the steampunk hat as well. Take a look here.

If you find you need a steampunk toy for yourself, check out our gadgets and gears section. Have a piece of steampunk for you!

We are steampunk! This is our nature!