6 Steampunk Watches That Will Make your Jaw Drop!

Variety is a form factor in Steampunk Watches

Steampunk watches come in different formats. You can purchase an original watch with steampunk details that will turn it into a sophisticated work of art. Or you can buy a pocket steampunk watch, like the ones that were used during the post-industrial period. It is up to you.

My guess is that most of you guys will take a glance at this page to grab some pocket watch and use it as an accessory for Halloween.

But deep inside, I know there are some of you that want just to wear a traditional watch that has certain tiny little steampunk details on it.

All in all, the idea behind this page is to keep steampunk alive. And to carry it around inside our steampunk watches

Gearing up by viviannedraper. Licensed under CC.

Fashion in Elegance or Fantasy. Your Choice.

Throughout our page, you will find that there are plenty of steampunk watches styles. From smartwatches to the sundial type, explore the whole gamut of clocks and take a peep at those which we recommend.

And if you didn’t find what you were looking for, there are different kinds of steampunk accessories you can attach to your classic watch. Try for example a pair of steampunk cufflinks.

As we’ve said several times throughout our pages, steampunk is an open and limitless cultural movement. This means that you will find certain hybrid designs that contain steampunk details. Take as an example goth. There are lots of goth items that have been crafted following this cultural wave but have included some gear or bolt in one way or another.

Take a deep look at western, Japanese or goth watches. I bet you will find some steampunk references in many of them as well.

Without further adue, let’s go down to the main part of the post: the different kinds of steampunk watches


Several types of Steampunk Watches

Sundial Watch


Are we talking about steampunk sundial watches? Indeed. This kind of watches only works with sunlight. They won’t be a great accessory for your steampunk costume if you live in London. Or at least that’s my guess.

Steampunk sundial watches can be a great deal for people who tend to go often to steampunk cons and expos. These need to be specifically calibrated in order to function properly according to the place you are on your globe.

This type of watches tends to be exclusively crafted on brass and come with leather cufflinks. Usually, they are created with high-quality materials. And the fact that they are meant to be used with sunlight turns them also into an interesting item to give as a gift for people that are long times overseas.

Despite all of these amazing attributes, one must take into account that this kind of watches come with a spike. Caution is advised when handling these devices with children and when going on a plane. These steampunk watches come with leather cuffs or stripes, which can also be something to consider for some people. We can’t be certain whether it’s leather imitation or not.

If you are still wondering what kind of steampunk watches there are out there, we will leave you here with a couple of links for you to check them out by your self. They are some steampunk sundial watches you can find on Amazon.

Find these Sundial Watches on the web

In here, I will leave you with basically two types, the one crafted by Neovivid, and the one brought to you by Hello Nauticals. Though there are plenty more, I found that these have better quality than the rest.

Both of them can be seen in our watches gallery right above.

Authentic Steampunk clocks and watches


If you are here looking to find original steampunk wristwatches, then in this steampunk corner for you. If you inspect these items closely, you will notice a certain pattern that repeats over time in different steampunk objects.

In this particular case, you will find that there is in steampunk a certain array of colors that is preserved throughout the different items. There are four main colors that compose the steampunk color palette. These are copper, gold, silver and brown.

You will recognize instantly that the designs on our photo carrousel are outstanding. You can find them a little bit eccentric too, but if authentic watches is what you are looking for, then these might just be the answer you were looking for.

Though you’ll see there is quite a variability between different designs, there are some that are more suitable for some situations than others.

Steampunk luxury Watches at the palm of your hand

Take as an example the first watch we are looking at. This a classy but stylish steampunk watch that can be used in everyday activities or even fancy events. This can be truly categorized as a luxury steampunk watch.

On the other hand, the last watch is suitable for steampunk sailors. Why? Well, mainly because it has a compass, a thermometer, and a timer. I find that sailors will find these attachments way more useful than average people.

The other steampunk watches have also been considered skeleton watches due to the combination between different styles, primarily goth and steampunk. The result are those incredible dark mechanical watches you can see on our picture gallery.

Steampunk Pocket Watch


Personally, I’m not a big fan of wristwatches. Mainly, because they tend to have a decent amount of weight. But they also have other related issues. For example, it is another gadget you will have to take off in order to cross customs in airports.

Also,  wristwatches are not a great gadget for your cosplay. They will be found under your sleeves most of the time.

For those reasons, we strongly recommend steampunk pocket watches for costume parties.

You will be able to take it to any place, whenever you want to. If you realize it is just not the right time to show it, then you can leave it on your purse. You can even replace your steampunk gun with one of this pocket watches, and the prop effect will be just about the same, but you’ll take one piece of violence off your costume.

Undoubtfully, steampunk pocket watches are elegantly designed. The Victorian style can be easily perceived.  And that unpolished raw brass in which these watches are crafted just looks amazingly beautiful. We suggest you get one for your steampunk Halloween costume. You won’t regret it.

Pocket Watches for Sale

In this section, we will leave you here with two types of pocket watches. The first vintage steampunk pocket watch we recommend is transparent. And it has a reason for this. By allowing users to see through their mechanics, the steampunk effect is obtained.

These steampunk pocket watches are suitable for men and ladies as well. I find there are no particular differences between them. If they are properly matched with the rest of the attire, these props should get the work done.

All in all, that is the whole idea about steampunk. By placing a couple more of details into this transparent pocket watch, you have a steampunk gadget.

For the second case, we leave you with a dual purpose instrument. Thanks to the imagination of its creator, we have a steampunk pocket watch that can also be used as a pendant due to its case. The octopus cap enables this clock to be placed as a necklace as well.

Because this is one of the coolest steampunk watches there is out there, we think that you won’t regret taking a look at it

Diorama by viviannedraper. Licensed under CC.

Conclusion: Steampunk watches are much more than crafty devices

Mechanics  inside of any watch express the true essence of the steampunk movement. Open a watch and you will see an amazing disposal of gears and coils in a harmonic and beautiful way.

It’s all about mechanics, gears, and precision. The result: the ability to tell the time. Simply fascinating.

Because of this, it is common sense that transparency in watches will be the cornerstone to provide a steampunk experience to the user.

Throughout the post, we’ve seen steampunk watches of many kinds. It is up to you to find out which one of these suit you best.